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February 2 - Groundhog Day


2005: Brood: Remy staggers back to Tante's and shares the news of what's going on, Marie-Ange and Amanda use their powers together to locate Cardin; the group heads out to stop the Brood. In an email to Moira, Nathan discloses the fact that Colin MacInnis was a director for Mistra, one of the original six. Madelyn sends an email to the team leaders giving Lorna the okay to go back to training. Madelyn lets everyone know that the Salem police force may not be on the up and up.

2006: Terry emails Alison begging for help with a sound that's hurting her ears and won't stop. Alison goes looking for whatever the sound is, finds it in the form of a slightly malfunctioning clock, and calls in Forge to fix it. Ororo and Haller catch up and talk about the weather. Paige is terrified by her exercise class.

2007: Jennie applies to colleges. Marie and Amanda go out for dinner and gossip. Lorna and Alex talk about his new relationship with Shiro. Rahne teaches Crystal about being a medlab helper.

2008: Marie apologises to Farouk for nearly drowning him, and he apologises for being an ass. Laurie tries to get gossip out of Forge concerning his date with Crystal.

2009: North and Morgan introduce themselves on x_snowvalley to their new co-workers; Amanda meets North in the kitchen and feels him out about magic. Doug reflects on passport hacking. Walking Ghosts: Kyle comes across Nathan and provokes him into snapping. Jane and Yvette are doing Red X work in New York when Jane is trapped in a collapsing building and taken to hospital; Yvette texts Scott from the hospital asking him to come; Scott lets the school know what happened. Cammie finds her way to the library and meets Tabitha. Garrison comes by and sees Morgan. Nathan visits Jane in hospital.

2010: Manuel catches Crystal coming back from the West Coast Annex, the anniverary with Forge cut short and the relationship ended due to their long separation and he escorts her back to her room. Jay walks into John's room to find him hungover and presents hangover remedies before John shows a sign of affection. Jay tells John about Angelo's car being impounded from their fun the night before. Tabitha runs a rain simulation in the Danger Room for Lex to train with and they discover he is still 'bleeding' lethal energy at places other than his intended target but Lex pushes himself too far and essentially tasers himself into unconsciousness; he wakes up in the Medlab and Hank announces that he will not suffer lasting damage. Catseye visits Cammie with a present of new bleach and tries to get Cammie to stop hating herself, but Cammie deflects her with massive amounts of sarcasm. Yvette apologises to Fred - again - and they establish that they're still friends.

2011: Vanessa (wearing her James persona) visits 64 Square for updates on how Adrienne is doing and runs into Amara, who she of course flirts with. Dinosaur Bugaloo: A resident of District X comes to Bishop to ask for an investigation into the death of his boyfriend, also a mutant; Bishop announces the new case on x_factoragency. Kyle gets Hank's coffee maker to make him Italian soda and is gleeful. Megan explains Gŵyl Fair y Canhwyllau, the Welsh Festival of the Candles, marking the end of winter, and is curious about Groundhog Day. Julian announces he's going to LA to visit his family.

2012: Doug finally goes to see Jubilee to discuss their relationship, and they break up. Jubilee texts Sofia about moving their session up, and Marie-Ange and Amanda to ask them to take her out. Amanda texts Garrison to invite him along. Terry posts about Bobby moving to the West Coast Annex and hints at a break up. Angelo texts her about kicking someone's ass for her, and Doug emails her to tell her about the breakup with Jubilee. Doug also texts Kyle about finding people to beat up. Adrienne texts Terry to see if there is anything she can do to help. Laurie texts Jean and Jean-Paul about taking her out. Sam runs into Angelo and Joyita while returning home from a shopping trip. They catch up for the first time in awhile. Wade texts Marie-Ange about taking Doug out drinking, and drags Doug out. Bishop surprises Scott in his suite and drags him out to get his mind off his relationship troubles. Amanda and Marie-Ange take Jubilee out to do the same for her and are joined by Garrison and Johnny.

2013: Maddie and Billy exchange kisses and declarations of love, dramatically speaking. Matt drags Topaz out of the library and makes good on his promise to teach her gymnastics.

2014: Matt explains why Cecilia isn’t funny, and Cecilia explains why she's back at the mansion. Matt and Namor meet at a West Pace party, and their personalities clash almost instantly. Clint stops by with leftover pizza for Matt and notices something's not quite right. Clint texts Namor about wanting to throw stuff at him.

2015: Clarice sends Marie-Ange a pair of haut couture shoes. Rogue bumps into Kurt and is comforted by his presence. Rogue sends her new boss, Adrienne, coffee and flowers. Julian and Angel talk about the need for something other than the New Mutants program in the new world and ask Jessica for her help running Generation X. On her third date with Warren, Jean obtains the information on mutant bioweapons she’s been searching for, and her conscience gets the better of her and she flees, leading Warren to think he came on too strong. Matt reveals to Warren his alter-ego, Daredevil.

2016: Jess posts song lyrics. Rogue and Garrison chat. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Sue and Julian pay their suspect a midnight visit.

2017: Jean leaves a bottle of wine and a mini birthday cake at Kitty’s door for her birthday. Miles admits that since no-one came for the cake he ate the rest of it for breakfast. Quentin and Gabriel spend time together.

2018: Family Reunion: The Destine Clan corners Topaz on campus and takes her under threat of killing everyone around them; Tandy texts Topaz asking why she ditched their lunch date; Miles posts upset about his week and the fact that his porg has stopped moving; Topaz discovers the person who orchestrated her kidnapping — Taboo, looking to put his family back together, complete with Topaz’s dead mother; Amanda texts Topaz asking why she didn’t show up to teach magic class; Tandy texts Hope asking if she’s seen Topaz; Amanda posts to her journal asking if anyone has seen or heard from Topaz, and gets negative responses all around; Maya texts Topaz demanding to know where she is. Ready or Not: A news article drops about a new game coming out in April.