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February 9

2004: Manuel and Remy have a confrontation in the hall, and Manuel almost brings out Gambit. Later, most of the students end up out clubbing, under fake ids and with rented limos. Doug drunkenly confesses his love to Marie, after which Kwannon uses her powers to determine that Scott has suspicions and enlists Doug's help.

2005: Amanda becomes Moira's personal assistant during the pregnancy. Jubilee apologizes to Maddie. Moira pays Cain a visit to check up on him and promises that he'll always have his friends for his recovery. Catseye gets high off of Dani's tea. Morgan wakes up and has a chat with Nate.

2006: Bobby seeks out Nathan to offer his services with paperwork; Nathan accepts, with a word of warning. Sam finds a sleep-deprived Jay in the kitchen and manages to work out exactly what's going on.

2007: Charles Xavier announces Cain has gone on sabbatical, travelling the world as a bequest to the recently-deceased housekeeper who helped raise both of them. Nathan takes a group of students ice-climbing, and it is a successful outing.

2008: The Shadow King (plot): Scott updates the team on the situation in Madripoor; Yvette keeps the comatose Cain company; Kyle slips whilst talking to Jeannie and she goes to confront Scott about them being married; Kyle emails Scott about impending Jeannie, but Scott doesn't check his mail; X-Force arrives in Madripoor, and the junior team run into Jubilee, who has been investigating a slavery ring operating with the hospice/clinic; Remy texts Marie-Ange to tell her he and Pete are meeting with bad people and will be out of contact; Rahne goes to see Nathan, but runs into Jack instead and is warned against it; John goes to see Nathan, not realising the situation, and when Angel gets involved, things get scary; Laurie tries to insist Jack eat, going so far as to threaten to use her powers, and Jack very quickly sets her straight with some home truths.

2009: Walking Ghosts: Nathan discusses his next steps with Jean-Paul and decides to return to Muir Island for a little while to decompress; Nathan returns to a most unhappy Angelo and explanations are given. Omikami no Isan: Scott and Garrison confer with Shiro on a series of killings of mutants in Japan and it's decided it's worth investigating; Scott summons the team. Lil and Tabitha discuss cars and Lil decides to borrow Logan's motorcycle. Callisto becomes the new self-defence teacher and Morgan runs her through things. Laurie calls Manuel about the conversation with Morgan and they fight; Laurie texts Morgan later, outraged. Angelo and Lil meet in the gym and discuss her mentoring Inez and maybe Yvette. Yvette discovers Logan is back and welcomes him home in an uncharacteristic fashion.

2010: Kyle comes by to replace Jean-Paul's window and they chat, pizza is offered. Call of the Wild: A training accident with Nick sees Julian in medlab with a wound to the butt; Catseye sms's Kyle a little later worried about not finding Nick; Kyle and Catseye go to find Kurt who also has not seen him, and then Lex. When he also turns out not to have seen Nick, they decide to broaden their search; Julian posts about being in the Medlab. Callie lets Fred know she's going to Brazil, and they agree to still be friends. Jane posts about moving to the Elpis office in Tel Aviv. Julian gets a visit from his good friends Dori and Monkey Joe, he also receives visits from Nico and Crystal. Suzanne e-mails Professior Xavier and Kyle about moving to Chicago.

2011: I'll Be Home: While accompanying Julian to the airport, Kurt spots Nick who seems to have lost his memory and is now going by the name of John; They talk and manage to convince him to come back to the school; Julian cancels his trip to LA. Crystal invites her friends out to dinner in order to celebrate her birthday. Jan wants to get together for some fun and creates a poll to generate some interest. Vanessa and Lex get into a fight. Vanessa sends Amanda a text asking to reschedule their meet up on account of her foul mood. Vanessa then goes out to a pub with Jean-Paul in order to vent while Lex lets off his anger at the rock quarry. Needing to do some violence herself, Tabitha joins Lex and lets off some steam. On a trip to the mansion, Wanda meets Wade and takes him to Harry's for drinks... and possibly more.

2012: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Moira contacts Xavier to inform him Muir Island is able to receive the newest additions to the Xavier household. Angelo helps Sharon pick out a new (used) car.

2013: Tandy texts Clint a picture from backstage of an NY Fashion Week event. Jean leaves a present for Wanda outside her door.

2014: Clint and Maddie discuss Namor and acknowledging the assets he was blessed with. Wade offers Namor some constructive criticism and help in the gym. Cecilia and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's work with X-Corps and gossip.

2015: Jubilee emails Marie-Ange, Amanda and North from Australia. Clint meets with his Director, Abigail Brand, and gets permission to investigate the odd occurrences in the city. Jean brings North to Warren’s apartment to sweep for bugs, and things are awkward; Jean and Warren go to talk to Charles about what to do next, and meet Scott; Scott checks on Warren after the meeting; Jean introduces herself to Scott. Bobby makes an ice slide to distract Roxy from her powers issues. Bobby makes a journal entry about how pumped he is for Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Jean makes a journal entry introducing herself. Cecilia e-mails Arthur and Wade about Jean. Clarice texts Cece about Jean’s appearance.

2016: Old school friends Everett and |Wanda bump into each other, surprised to see one another and yet happy at the same time. Clint texts Molly about her seeing his his ex-coworker. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Sue, Julian and Hope watch the Hammer Industries press conference and try to figure out what's next.

2017: Hope posts about needing some help in researching a business. Sooraya and Ev have a break through in her powers training. Sharon emails her students about the exams and when she is available for extra practice.

2018: Sooraya announces a visit to Muir Island. Hope tells the mansion she's heading to DC. Marie-Ange offers Clea a job. Doug informs X-Force of the offer. Marie-Ange asks Topaz about an art commission for Amanda.