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January 28


2004: Something Wicked: Logan agrees with Scott that something is wrong with Betsy.

2005: Nathan discovers Haroun's mindscape is being effected by too much testosterone. Doug talks to Nathan about not becoming an X-Man. Nathan goes to Muir Island. Madelyn tells Jubilee the Triad members who killed her parents were themselves killed five years ago by a rival Triad after giving evidence against them. Angelo considers becoming a police officer upon finishing school.

2006: Haller goes to see Charles Xavier, but it's Davey who begins the meeting. Dani is working on Saturday, to Scott's surprise and mild annoyance at his job being usurped. Clarice is impatient to hear back from her colleges. Alex has his twentieth birthday.

2007: When It All Goes Wrong Again: Amanda Sefton, German exchange student, arrives in New York as Laurie and Tommy meet at a party and meet Bob the talking seagull; the group splits up in New York, with half chasing Thomas Glorian and the other half chasing Haller; as logic begins to break down, Haller remembers who he is and ends things by shaking hands; everyone wakes up and exchanges reactions; Kurt and Amanda discuss her boyfriend, Kurt, son of a German baron; Haller apologises for putting people in a coma. Forge emails Scott, Ororo and Charles about taking a sabbatical to Muir Island. Alex turns 21.

2008: Haller emails Scott and Jean and tells them about his new issue. Shiro misses his first drug therapy session and emails Amanda. Red X Mission: Whistler: Garrison emails various Red X students and the grads to invite them to Canada for a Beta Flight conference. Jay and Forge run into each other and discuss Jay's interest in the X-Men further. Terry comes down with the death flu and asks Tommy for help. Haller and Nathan discuss Tara Trask, and why she might have shot him. Marie talks to Garrison about standing down as RA to help with her schedule.

2009: The snow makes Lil homesick a little. Lil proposes taking Valentia de la Rocha out to play in the snow and Manuel not only agrees, but invites whoever wants to to join in. Manuel emails Kyle, letting him know of his plans for the coming Thursday. Betsy is a victim of snow bandits, otherwise known as Angel. Shiva: Wanda and North go to the storage facility Doug uncovered and find something else - Carol Danvers, aka Warbird, another of the sleeper agents, as yet untriggered. Callie lets her suite mates know she'll be babysitting Valentia. Morgan gets back to the States and texts Laurie and Adrienne to let them know. Lil shares a meal with Jean-Paul and claims she won't call the mansion home any time soon.

2010: Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: The group arrives at the temple and spots Calysee Neramani surrounded by guards, in a ritual when the Opus Dei comes in; Farouk releases the Shadow King within him and halts the ritual, although many are killed because of it; the X-Men come for a rescue and retain Jacob Reisz, taking him back to the airbase to hand him over to William Bastion; in the aftermath of the battle, En Sabeh Nur appears and names Calysee the Deathbird; Jane Hampshire is gravely injured trying to stop Deathbird from leaving with Nur; later, Farouk sits with Stick, Jane Hampshire and Garrison at the airport, discussing the ramifications of Nur - also known as Ozymandias - taking an active role in the world. Catseye finds Jean-Paul sleeping in the common room and brings him two presents before leaving him alone. Adrienne goes to see Jean-Paul and there's talk of his powers and problems. She gives him a reading to reassure him that things are moderately well in his room and offers to cook for him. Morgan hands in her resignation to Snow Valley.

2011: Kevin announces he is going on a trip, the first without supervision since he arrived at the mansion; Jan emails him a picture of a penis-shaped chilli and wishes him well; Meggan gives him a waffle hat for when he gets back. Jared asks Cammie to hurry up on his paper. Crystal emails Jean suggesting they join forces to make an ice castle with their powers. Kyle goes to Jean-Paul's apartment for some peace and quiet - and bacon; Cammie and Kyle go out moshing and drinking as a way to relieve his anger.

2012: Marie-Ange posts a video of glee to her journal and wishes she could hire the cellists to play the soundtrack to her life. Sooraya and Sarah meet in the library and discuss class and Bishop.

2013: Angel and Sooraya gently ambush Yvette when she returns from her date and demand details. Maddie looks for Clint and the two have a discussion.

2014: Namor finds Clint on the roof. They talk. Some snowballs get thrown. It's all good. Clint invites various guys for an evening of playing video games.


2015: Cammie texts Kurt to tell him to get Jubilee to leave her alone. Wade texts Marie-Ange saying he’ll take the job and that the agreement’s on her desk. Warren texts Jean asking if they’re on for their date but this time SHE postpones. The Professor posts with information about his recovery and offering to talk to people about their feelings. Adrienne meets Rogue in Rogue’s suite and offers her a job as her personal assistant- Rogue accepts. Sue meets Warren and they have lunch so she can thank him for saving her life at the conference and they discuss the treatment of mutants in this environment. Rogue posts about having a job and defying her parents’ low expectations for her.

2016: Alison posts in her journal about Alanis Morrisette not knowing about the meaning of irony, and a possible Wham! resurgence.


2018: Bobby is unimpressed by the Hockey All-Star jerseys, but holds out hope for his beloved Islanders.

2019: Warren posts an apology for the things he said and did while under the influence of the demon.