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January 9



2005: Wanda and Dr. Stephen Strange meet by accident in London and have lunch. Nathan realises he's not expendable. Dani and Forge confront Sheldon; Forge tasers him. Jubilee and Madelyn return from San Francisco. Madelyn plans to do full physicals on all the X-Men.

2006: Alison runs into Bridge out shopping and helps him buy a ring. Later, Nathan and Bridge talk on the phone with much introspection. The group return from Kazakhstan. Lorna's puppy Lili joins Crush in his games on the stairs, leading Lorna to restate the warning. Forge installs new security measures on the Muir computers, then gets Clarice to bring him home. He turns out to have some vertigo issues with Clarice's teleportation. Nathan tells Cain and Moira how things went in Mali and Kazakhstan.

2007: Nathan, Angelo and Domino climb Mount Washington and certain gestures are made and a degree of healing found. Jean meets Pietro.

2008: Operation: Shaboom: Remy meets with Illyana, reluctant cheerleader, and they realise they still don't have much idea of what's going on; Sofia, Illyana's 'stepmother', gives Remy some insight on what might be going on; a sock hop is advertised in town that night; Illyana asks Mandy for help identifying graduates who have stayed in town; Wanda and Marie-Ange encounter each other at the grocery store, but neither remembers much of it due to slippage; Doug runs into Mandy at the soda fountain, and slips fully himself; the town hosts a sock hop, during which Mark slips and Marie-Ange tries to get her boyfriend back. Shiro and Marius have an encounter in the gym, which isn't entirely unproductive, despite mutual foul moods. Monet tries and fails to get sympathy from Jennie about Marius the Elder.

2009: Scott runs into Jean-Paul and they discuss the mission; Scott and Jean talk once she's out of the infirmary; Catseye visits Jay and finds him greatly changed, to the extent she has to call in someone to help when he goes out of control. Morgan seeks comfort in Jean-Paul's bed. Clarice comments on the overall situation. Morgan emails Sam to check on him. Crystal offers Jean her assistance in medlab. Laurie asks Morgan what's going on. Forge visits Jay and when Jay asks Forge to remove the wings, the wings disagree and Jean has to intervene. Marie-Ange emails Manuel and lets him know it's best if he stays away from the emotional upheaval at the mansion for now. Adrienne texts Morgan asking if she's seen Garrison yet. Lil runs into a somber Garrison at Harry's Hideaway, and winds up getting a job. Later, Jennie finds Garrison at the bar and buys him a drink before she drives some friends home. Adrienne texts Jean-Paul asking him to look after Morgan. Morgan is amused to find Jean-Paul has acquired another rat. Catseye checks in on Dani and is marginally more successful than with Jay.

2010: While she's doing clothing alterations for him, Jay gets Clarice to agree to go out with Sam, after a convoluted conversation about sexuality. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Farouk and Emma 'meet' in the Astral Plane to discuss Calysee Neramani's escape from the mental prison Emma had locked her in.

2011: Jean-Phillipe complains about textbook prices.

2012: Operation: Teenage Wasteland: An unexpected and unwelcome visitor arrives at the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs offices, completely disrupting a staff meeting and generally making a giant nuisance of himself; Wade e-mails Marie-Ange about the recent visitor at Snow Valley; Amanda posts on the Snow Valley journal about Thomas Glorian being stashed in a safehouse. Kyle finds Lorna cooking food and they talk about shoes, food, gossip, and school. Jubilee e-mails Doug while feeling rather amorous.

2013: Layla posts complaining about packing and going to Attilan tomorrow for her study abroad. Vanessa posts to x_factoragency to let her co-workers know she's still searching for an abducted kid, and she'll be heading off to Vancouver. Hope posts apologizing for being distant during class, as she was up late reading, and says it was a an interesting book.

2014: Sooraya and Frank talk about the difficulty of changing long-held opinions and giving people the benefit of time.

2015: Laurie posts about making it to 2015, and having completed another year of med school, as well as plans for the coming year.





2019: Artie and Maya have a lovely conversation, Maya-style.