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June 16

2003: Kitty proposes a trip to New York for the students. Alison takes Paige shopping at Sam's request.

2004: Moira arranges a therapist, Jack Leary for Nathan. Amanda meets Manuel's father Alphonso de la Rocha.

2005: Jamie and Kitty celebrate their second anniversary. Nathan asks Jake to research into his father's company.


2007: Laurie emails Scott, Ororo and Jean about becoming a trainee and field medic. Ororo and Nathan return home. Krakoa: On a Pacific island, Japanese troops die mysteriously as they set foot on land, where only one living being has survived since WW2. Doug takes Angelo out for Mexican food and straight talking.

2008: Ororo seeks out Callisto for help with establishing official identities for the Morlocks. Crystal emails Charles and Cain to let them know Forge will be recovering in her suite and that she will be staying with him for the duration. Tatiana reveals the source of her grant is an 'anonymous benefactor'.

2009: Face The Blood: Emma emails Remy to let him know what she did to secure the transplant; Catseye keeps Yvette company as she recovers.

2010: A Betrayal of Heart: Bobby posts about what happened at the graduation ceremony; Hank posts to the journals about graduation and injuries that were sustained; Meggan comforts the grieving Kurt. Nico posts to the journals, asking for interaction. Homeward Bound: Amanda and Amara arrive in Nova Roma and break the news of Selene's meddling to Amara's 'father'.

2011: Matt gets to clean out the stables as punishment for beating up Artie and powers training for his newly discovered sonar skills.

2012: Jessie arrives at the mansion and is greeted by Kurt and Sarah V. Jessie and Tandy post introductions to the journals. Carmilla texts Kurt complaining about people trying to get to know her. Laya e-mails Korvus asking him to help her replace the bracelet he gave her and he ends up agreeing to teach her to fight. Carmilla e-mails Layla about making excuses for her on the journals and the two get into an argument. Angel complains about her summer classes prompting sympathy from Clarice.

2013: Hotel California: Haller emails Scott, letting him know that Jean has failed to check in and is no longer registering on Cerebro; while talking with Topaz, Marie-Ange has a precognitive fit related to Jean; while Scott and Haller are trying Jean’s contacts to see if anyone has seen her, Haller receives a call that spurs them into action; Scott lets x_team know that he and Haller will be joining X-Force in retrieving Jean; the group gathers at Jean’s hotel, with not a lot to go on but Marie-Ange’s visions and a vague sense of magic being felt by Amanda and Nico; when Amanda opens the door, something happens and they find themselves split up in a strange otherworldly version of the hotel; Scott encounters a strangely-belligerent Remy and visions of Jean and Logan together; Marie-Ange finds herself traversing Dante’s Inferno, specifically the hell of the lustful; Nico discovers herself at a debutante and is rescued by a handsome stranger with whom things get physical; Amanda is taunted by visions of the happiness of others, as well as other visions where she is someone else in the hotel, preparing for some kind of ritual; Haller meets another version of himself who points out all of his failings; Wanda is trapped by Chthon inside her own mind; Jean encounters the old man again, only to discover he is Parker Matthews as he begins killing the hotel guests and staff; Amanda, Haller and Wanda manage to break free of their tormentor and find each other; Scott encounters Logan and Jean and a fight breaks out, but he realises he’s being played and manages to break the illusion; Marie-Ange continues her downward spiral into Hell; Nico pays the wages of sin; Jean battles Matthews, realising at last that it’s not him she is facing after all; Marie-Ange finds the centre and is found; Jean and Scott manage to find each other, for real this time; the group gathers together in the library and discover the journal of the man in Amanda’s visions, the fact they’re facing a demon summoned by him, and that Gambit is “loose”; Marie-Ange, Nico and Remy distract Gambit while Jean, Haller and Amanda prepare for Jean to sever the demon’s connection to the summoner’s soul and let him finally rest; Wanda and Scott head for the greenhouse where the summoner’s body is housed, with Amanda helping as best she can via her connection to the hotel; Remy proposes a deal with Gambit, in a desperate attempt to save some of his team - and himself, it seems; Jean battles the demon for the summoner’s soul and the wards on the hotel break under the strain, which creates chaos; Wanda and Scott find the summoner’s body and destroy it; Remy taunts Gambit as the demon’s hold on the hotel is handicapped by the loss of the summoner as the anchor to this dimension; the group have a brief respite, but the job isn’t finished as Remy realises he has to take Gambit back in order to be sure he can’t escape and hurt anyone else; Haller and Remy face down Gambit, severing his connection to the demon and allowing Remy to take him back, while Haller is severely psychically injured; with Gambit no longer providing the demon focus, all hell breaks loose; Scott and Jean protect Remy from the demon’s wrath; Amanda nearly becomes the next host for the demon, but Nico steps in and the First protects its property; Marie-Ange, Haller and Wanda make an exit; back in the ‘real’ world, only a short time has passed and everything is back to normal - except those who were injured. Topaz texts Amanda to make sure she’s okay and gets a half-asleep response. Clarice needs coffee.

2014: Johnny S. posts this video. Lorna leaves a bottle chardonnay for Cecilia. Johnny S. asks why there was a rabbit's foot on his door and jokes that it was barely edible. Cecilia isn’t sure what the rabbit's foot means and thanks Lorna for the wine. Namor posts about the soccer match between Portugal and Germany. Megan texts Tandy asking if the rabbit's foot is real. Cecilia leaves a stack of comics for Molly to read since she is grounded. Lorna and Haller have a heart to heart talk after the incident in Salem.

2015: Adrienne asks Rogue to provide Namor with the Battle League details. Laurie asks Wade, Marie-Ange and Doug what one should do when hit upon by Atlantean royalty. Alison poses a question about wearing her own tour shirts. Miles is excited about the Final Fantasy VII trailer.

2016: Maya is unimpressed by her performance in finals. Laurie shares a book about science fails with Clint and Darcy. Kyle and Sooraya go shopping for books for the kids of the Mutant Underground.

2017: Hope apologizes to Reed.