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June 3 - Clarice Ferguson's birthday

2003: Kitty meets with Nathaniel Essex and arranges to take advanced classes with him. Paige Guthrie arrives at the school. Kitty learns to control her phasing.

2004: Warren and Amanda start talking again after the Skippy incident. Jamie is having Skippy nightmares.

2005: Cain tells Alison about Cyttorak. Nathan decides to meet with his father and asks for back-up.


2007: Voodoo Child: Amanda is taken to Selene's former apprentice; Dani and Crystal make escape plans and they and the other students escape, with the help of Sooraya, who wasn't captured and hid in the van; Cain makes the swap, only to find Amanda isn't part of the deal and Angelo has been badly beaten; Scott lets Cain know the girls are safe and he goes to pick them up; in Murderworld, the captives are drugged and split up again, this time in two groups; Snow Valley tracks the stones to a Manhattan highrise and start trying to track Amanda; Wanda and Illyana discover what the stones and Amanda are to be used for - resurrecting Selene; Remy discovers where Amanda has been taken and that Belladonna is involved; the ritual begins, with Candra carving up Amanda's back again; X-Force gathers to make preparations; Dani emails the bus girls to tell them how proud of them she is; Angelo posts that he doesn't want to see anyone.

2008: Jennie has a cracked tooth repaired. Amanda emails Garrison about the thread with Jennie; Jennie emails Garrison about her issues with him. Terry returns, with plants for Adrienne. Inez has a painful training session with Cain. Fenrisulfr: Forge drops by to visit Doug and is treated to the latest in Doug's 'weird shit' findings - a series of gruesome murders in Europe. Jono talks with Nathan about moving back into the mansion. John, Angelo and Amanda have a late lunch in New York and discuss being a hero.

2009: Clause 16: Wanda asks Amanda to accompany her on a trip to Japan after a warning from Sato Miyagi, one of her contacts there; Wanda posts about heading off to Japan with Amanda to check out things for Sato Miyagi. Cammie goes to see how Angelo is doing and then end up sharing stories of their past, and planning a trip to New York when he's better. Jubilee and Jake head off to Kyoto to deliver a package and end up being chased by some persistent thugs. Doreen brings Kurt some chicken soup she made herself, they talk about prom and dancing and Kurt offers to teach Doreen some swing dancing. Jake comes back from Kyoto to find a note from his father and Jean-Paul in his kitchen and he reacts well to neither. Crystal introduces herself on the journals to the new students. Jane posts about arranging a fireworks display. Cammie goes to visit Kurt, they talk about family and mutation and being who you are. Lil drags Amara out to celebrate her 21st birthday.

2010: John sends Angelo a text asking him if he's going to Silver for Amara's birthday party. Angel gets into Columbia and shares the news with her friends. New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: In New Orleans, Marie-Ange meets with New Orleans Guilds| Daniel Bordreaux, head of the Assassin's Guild and offers her services in return for unnamed help; as a test, she identifies a traitor in the midst of Bordreaux's people and is ordered to dispatch him herself.

2011: Aftershocks: A locally-produced District X newsletters reports on X-Factor being hired by one of the families to investigate the case; Amanda is less than impressed by Meggan's involvement, but agrees she is needed and they manage to get a trace on their target; Vanessa lets Jean-Paul and Laura know they're on call should Amanda, Haller and Meggan track down the killer; a friend of the most recent victim barges into the X-Factor offices and Laurie is less than adept at handling her; Laurie lets the rest of X-Factor know about her encounter. Laura complains about hearing "Champagne Supernova" often enough to drive her to drink and/or drugs. Operation: Red Letter Day: Jubilee raises the alarm when one of X-Force's contacts in Spain goes missing, later found dead. Xavier's Prom; Kyle texts Doug to see if Dori is playing World of Warcraft instead of attending; Doug logs in and enlists Dori's guildmates to make her go; Kyle turns up at Dori's door to escort her down and cheerfully admits his involvement.

2012: Savrola: President Moreau meets with his cabinet to discuss responses to the ongoing problems in Genosha and cracks start to show; Sarah M is taken to undergo the Mutate process and discovers the Genegineer is none other than Essex who undoes Betsy's conditioning and restores Sarah M's powers; Jean-Paul, Jean, Artie, Sooraya, Sam, Maddie, Nico, Garrison, Bishop, Callisto and John all sneak through the city trying to approach the citadel; The resistance, Ororo, Kurt, Lorna, Emma, Jubilee, Marius, Molly, Wade, Meggan, Adrienne, Catseye, North, Layla, Jean-Phillipe, Fred, Kyle, Wanda, Angelica, Megan, Cammie, Matt, Vance, Paige and Warren make plans to assault the city; Marius, Ororo, Vance, Layla and Molly run into some unexpected resistance; Kurt, Adrienne, Meggan, Paige and Fred head into the Citadel's motor pool but Adrienne sees trouble ahead; Lorna, Jean-Phillipe and North, head to the power plant before North senses a Mutate Sarah V approaching; Wade, Jubilee, Kyle, Warren And Emma attack the tank laager and run into Mutate 42; Megan, Cammie, Wanda, Catseye and Matt try to flank the citadel but end up running into Mutate 557, Callie; Garrison, Angelo, Maddie. Artie, Jean, Sooraya, Bishop, John and Callisto run into Dr Ryan and Tam Anderson as they make their way through the city and a deal is broached.

Onwards to Victory:Thomas Moreau orders for Amanda, Scott, Remy, Marie-Ange, Jim, Lex, Tabitha, Clarice and Terry are taken to a room and chained to the wall, and from there they enact their real escape plan, having their powers returned in the process; Garrison, Angelo, Maddie, Artie, Jean, Sooraya, Bishop, John, and Callisto head towards the labs of the Genegineer and encounter the Marauders, where there is a brief fight, but both are forced to flee as the labs are torn apart by explosions; Betsy Braddock awakens in Essex' lab and he explains everything, leaving with Kwannon; Betsy and Sarah M. flee as explosions begin to rip things apart; Layla, Ororo, Vance, Molly and Marius deal with mutate Yvette by taking out her handler; Paige, Fred, Adrienne, Meggan, and Kurt deal with mutate Amara by knocking her out with grenades; Lorna, Jean-Phillipe, North, Angel deal with mutate Sarah V. by knocking her out with heat; Emma, Kyle, Wade, Jubilee, and Warren deal with mutate Laurie by knocking her out; Wanda, Catseye, Cammie, Megan, and Matt deal with mutate Callie by also knocking her out; Amanda, Scott, Remy, Marie-Ange, Jim, Clarice, and Terry are attacked, but with their powers back they deal easily with the Magistrates; Then they encounter a changed Thomas Moreau, who has changed into some kind of techno-organic monster, and their powers don't do anything against him; Garrison, Angelo, Maddie, Artie, Jean, Sooraya, Bishop, John, and Callisto stumble across Betsy and Sarah and they guide people to the mutate lab by the prison where they can reverse the process after explaining; Remy gets knocked of the roof and gets saved by Storm and her team and then he explains; Doug, Marie-Ange, and Terry discover where Philip Moreau has been held and free him; Kurt and his team guide the mutates to the lab and change them back; Wanda and her team find Dori in a cell, relapsed into a feral state; Emma's team shuts down power in the Citadel.

The Dawn of Liberation: Jean's team arrives at the Citadel and joins the desperate fight against Thomas Moreau; As Thomas finds out about his brother's death he goes on a rampage as more mutants arrive and join in the fight; Unable to close with the monstrosity the mutants' first task is to take out Moreau's heat shields; In a show of teamwork the combatants are able to take out Moreau's lava guns; In order to counter Moreau's ranged attack ability the mutants destroy the missile launchers used by the enraged Moreau; After almost being caught by surprise by Moreau's gas launchers a team is able to safely destroy them; the mutants are forced to deal with an attack poison inhalant and a lichen repair system; as Moreau starts to run Remy sends the fliers to track him as the combatants follow him to the top of the Citadel; as he reaches the top of the Citadel Moreau uses his minigun launchers to lay down suppressive fire on the first mutants to catch up to him, leading them to destroy the guns; spotting a pattern, a coordinated attack by a team of mutants leads to the destruction of Moreau's tactical computer; beating on the slowly diminishing monster a coordinated strike by the mutants is able to sever Moreau's tail; as they drive Moreau back the mutants turn their attention to his tentacles, tangling and eventually destroying them; frustrated by Moreau's armor the combatants devise a plan to shatter his armor and leave him vulnerable; in anger Moreau unleashes a blast of power that destroys the top 3 floors of the Citadel and lets him believe that he has killed the mutants before they step out of their hiding place ready to finish the battle; another team is able to breach his armor and then starts removing it, leaving him vulnerable; the various psis gather with a few others deal with Moreau's consciousness spread out in his whole body on the astral plane; finally the combatants are able to sever his head and electrocute it, thus ending the existence of Thomas Moreau; Chief Magistrate Anderson makes an announcement on the GDF frequency ordering all GDF forces to stand down immediately; After the fight Kyle and Marius have a talk about shapeshifting and growing new limbs; After the dust settles, Layla and Sarah find each other; Haller catches up to Jean after the battle, where Jean has unresolved issues with him over what happened at the Citadel.

2013: Amanda and Wanda talk about Agatha Harkness and the necessity of declaring her dead.

2014: North gets back from somewhere, possibly Serbia, and Wade gives him a 'welcome home' present. Laurie and Sooraya catch up and end up touching upon a pretty hefty topic. Namor texts Clint about trying out emoticons. Lorna posts about coffee.

2015: Rogue announces her love of junk food. Dori posts the Fallout 4 official trailer. Felicia posts to her instagram this picture. Wade leaves Clarice ten bolts of the loudest fabrics with a note that reads "Happy Birthday". Sooraya and Megan meet at a subway station.

2016: Maya posts about an ask she saw on Tumblr about employing the deaf, and how frustrated and angry that makes her.

2017: Bayville Prom.

2018: Operation: Mad Men: Emma emails X-Force about Kevin's currently not entirely dead state; Gabriel feels vindicated about doubting Kevin’s death.