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June 5


2004: Nathan and Moira go to Greece for a well-earned vacation. Manuel is unhappy with Amanda for telling people about the Mirror and she tells him about manipulating him with it a month ago.

2005: Nathan meets with his father, Saul Morrow to discuss their history; Alison and Haroun go along as back-up. Amanda asks Charles Xavier to suggest a teacher for Meggan.

2006: The Mask of Ozymandias: Remy, Ororo and Marie arrive in Egypt and make first contact with Achmed el-Gibar.

2007: Crystal tells Yvette she is leaving for Attilan for good on Thursday. Yvette visits Kurt to make sure he's all right. Jean treats a skittish Nathan. Angelo visits Amanda at the clinic and finds her very drugged. Jan demands a redo of her birthday. Kyle posts his return note but doesn't want to discuss things. Monet responds to her trauma by getting drunk. Crystal gives Forge the broken inhibitor, and Forge gives her a farewell gift of a toy car done up in the style of his car after the prank. Jean and Scott have downtime after the crisis. Julio posts his return. Sofia updates people on Amanda's status. Angelo and Nathan talk and it's clear Angelo isn't coping. Jan provides snacks to all comers. Angelo emails Scott his leave of absence from the team.

2008: Jono announces his return to the mansion and Kevin helps him move back in. Clarice's 20th birthday and Kevin leaves her a drawing as a gift. Ororo meets with Callisto and gives her an update on how the Morlocks are doing. Jay and Terry hang out and he gets help with a new song. Amanda meets Morgan at Silver and they get on far too well. Laurie asks about graduation and Parents' Day. Fenrisulfr: Shiro is almost kidnapped by men speaking Asgardian, but fights them off; Shiro lets the team comm know what happened. Morgan meets Adrienne and after some initial bitchiness, they bond over history; Manuel asks Morgan if she will use her powers to help him learn to control his.

2009: Scott turns off Jean's alarm clock to make sure she gets plenty of rest and she forgives him because there is breakfast involved. Tabitha asks Lil to set up a drinking session with Manuel in order to lose her virginity to him, but Lil refuses on the grounds it's a bad idea. Amanda wishes Amara a late birthday from the airport and promises to be at Clarice's party. Clause 16: Shiro makes a preliminary report to the X-Men on the events in Japan. Julian is glad for the summer vacation. Jan celebrate National Donut Day. Nathan visits Lil at Harry's to confront her on her avoidance of him and the mansion's other telepaths since the incident in Budapest. Doug posts an XKCD cartoon.

2010: Laura and Jared spend time at the gym. Kurt finds Lex frustrated at the slow rate of his powers recovery and they go out to Harry's for some relaxation and talk.


2012: Adrienne inadvertently gets a reading off North's gun highlighting his drug problem to her. Angel and Yvette catch up on the plane ride home from Genosha and make plans for a water fight involving Vance after life returns to normal. Meggan visits Kurt and finds out about Rachel as the brother and sister mourn together. Wade and Sarah M. chat together on the plane ride back home. Marie-Ange checks on Doug on the plane.

2013: Jean-Phillipe posts a picture of this, pondering whether to buy it. Adrienne and Clint start talking about summer classes, and end up discussing robots instead. Adrienne emails Emma inquiring whether she'd be interested in teaching robotics at Xavier's next school year. Adrienne posts wondering why all the students seem to be into robots and declares robots creepy. Sam and Kurt invite Tabby over to watch a movie.

2014: Lorna and North have an adventure. Filled with poker, drinking, bar fights, golf, and some blacking out and waking up on the lawn with Scott looking down at them. Lorna texts North later about this.

2015: Wade and Gabriel meet in the city and they stop at IHOP on their way home. Felicia leaves Wade two black envelopes containing an invoice and a address printed on it with a short note. Matt teaches Monet about self-defense.

2016: Scott and Kitty share a private moment,during which Scott asks Kitty out on a date. Maya posts a tribute to Muhammed Ali. Kitty receives some dating advice from Jean-Paul, who in return gets a dancing date out of Kitty.

2017: Stuck in a car during a stakeout, Sue and Warren talk about their romantic lives, or lack thereof.