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March 5

2004: Amanda sells some of her blood to Patches in exchange for a magic buzz, then gets jumped by a pair of townies. Nate and Moira end up in bed together - just resting! Emma announces the Europe trip. Alex gets out of the medlab.

2005: Hellfire and Damnation: Following a cryptic request from Wisdom, Domino calls Amanda to let her know Pete's all right in response to her email. Infectia (plot): Madelyn and Remy manage to track down the woman responsible for Hank's mental deterioration, confront her at her hotel, and bring her back to the mansion to fix Hank and await FBI pickup. Alison cheers up Anika after the meeting with Colin MacInnis.

2006: Ororo nurses a lingering headache and inflicts an equally wicked one on poor Scott. Nathan stops by to check on a mostly recovered Haller, they talk a little bit about their cooperative effort against Chthon, and Nathan finds out Haller is possibly just a little bit gleeful about what he managed to do. Marius takes Terry out for dinner, they manage to upset each other, then a walk in the moonlight also proves problematic; all in all, they decide they're better off as friends. Scott checks up on Kurt. Nathan posts asking if everyone's all right after the previous night.

2007: Most Dangerous Game: Forge tracks down Sam's location to a small island in the Carribbean; a team goes in to recover him; Nightcrawler, Sunfire and Cyclops take down the village of 'Arenques Rojos', whilst Dominion and Rogue manage to lose Mojo himself; on his return, Sam falls asleep on the common room couch and wakes up decorated. Clarice reports on her date, which turned out to be more of an interview for a paper on mutants. The students discuss Jennie's tattoo. Mondo decides to relieve the tension with some primal screaming and bad kazoo 'music'; Angelo flees to the boathouse and Dani suggests Dance Dance Revolution instead. Crystal and Forge talk about new perspective after time away, and Nate and Crystal talk poetry. Kaiten: Mark reports on coming across a gang of young mutants at Silver praising the Preservers.

2008: These Earthly Things: Amanda emails Angelo about his snapping at Laurie; Angelo posts an update to Alejandra and Miguel's conditions; Crystal talks briefly to Angelo about the Laurie incident; Amanda comes over and makes some suggestions for how Angelo might deal with his identity crisis in the wake of the incident. Doug mourns the death of Gary Gygax, inventor of D&D and invites Forge, Mark and Marie-Ange to have a memorial game. Kyle emails Tatiana to tell her about quiet places to go to think; Nathan encounters Tatiana up a tree. Wanda has a Day. Jennie announces her dance class's show is on and invites people to attend; Jennie emails Marius about Angelo being a hypocrite, and to invite him to the show. Crystal calls Monet on her remarks in Laurie's journal, without much effect.

2009: District X: Inferno: Bishop emails Ororo, letting her know some of the former Morlocks are involved in the warring mutant gangs and asking for backup from the X-Men. Fred runs into Lil in the gym after taking a wrong turn and they get on over past employment and powers. A grumpy Jean-Phillipe is not impressed when he runs into Cammie late at night in the kitchen. Callie has another date with her townie boy and it's a bit odd. Wanda and Marie-Ange discuss possible reasons for Angie's pre-cog being broken, and things to do with sulking relatives.

2010: Adrienne e-mails Garrison about their weekend away.

2011: Julian decides to give Nico the heads up by letting her know that he will be spending the day watching movies with Angel. Marius makes a post asking about Deathstrike. Wade comes by the rec room to talk to Molly about training and ends up playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. Artie gets into a fight in his other school and Jim is required to come and collect him after a rather unpleasant call from one of the staff members there. Artie makes a post voicing out his disagreement about being put on probation for fighting someone after being harassed and asks for opinions regarding dealing with harassment.

2012: Yvette complains about having the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" song stuck in her head and Sharon proposes a cupcake and bed-jumping party to distract her. Sarah V. decides she is the R2-D2 of the school and conversation continues along that vein.

2013: Tandy posts about the new Tomb Raider releasing and that she will be in her suite all week. Sooraya texts Angel and Yvette about crashing the Blackbird and that Mr. Summers is not happy about it; luckily it happens to be a simulation not the real deal. Topaz and Sue meet in their suite, and discussion ensues - it doesn't go well.

2014: Clarice and Laurie talk about specialization and the realities of their lives while working on the new supply shipment. Billy makes a journal entry about the necessity of his wearing flip flops, the flimsiness of shoelaces, and a totally unrelated trip to the city.

2015: Jean posts a meme. Artie and Warren meet for the first time at the mansion; it doesn't go well.


2017: Sue and Hope attend a gala event together. X-Men Mission: A vs X: Fred Duncan contacts Garrison to let him know that the Avengers have been brainwashed somehow and are targeting SHIELD and that the X-Men are needed to prevent a bloodbath; Garrison emails Marie-Ange and Amanda for magic-type help investigating the cause of the situation in the Mid-West; in New York, the site of the Triskelion building, Dominion and Rogue encounter the Hulk; Wolverine and Cyclops face Captain America and Black Widow; Bevatron and Dust counter Hawkeye and Deathlok on the roof; Synch and Marvel Girl take on two of the fliers, Falcon and Vision; the Sub-Mariner and Firestar get the other two fliers, Iron Man and War Machine; Blink and Bruiser find themselves facing an insane ‘god’ in the form of Thor and Blink teleports him away; in Minnestoa, the SWORD team and its consultants, Tarot, Daytripper, Dagger and Topaz, land at the site of the Asgardian portal the Avengers had been investigating; Dominion jumps in to help Wolverine against Captain America and Black Widow as Cyclops is forced to switch teams and manages to take down Captain America before Widow knocks him out with her sting; Marvel Girl takes Dominion’s place against the Hulk and they manage to hold him to a standstill, but that’s all; Dust moves to assist Synch against Falcon and the Vision and together they defeat the Falcon and while Synch takes him for medical aid, Dust faces the Vision; Hawkeye critically injures Firestar, so while Blink takes her back to the Blackbird for medical treatment, Cyclops steps in the help the Sub-mariner against the Iron-Men and manage to subdue War Machine; Sharon treats Firestar while Longshot provides protection against Hawkeye and buys some breathing room; Thor returns from wherever Blink sent him to and attacks Bruiser and Bevetron; Sharon has another patient - War Machine - but with Iron Man trying to kill them, joins Longshot in fighting him off; Rogue defends Dominion from Black Widow despite being in bad shape after the Hulk; Wolverine takes Rogue’s place against the Hulk and between him and Marvel Girl, they manage to wear him down enough for a mind-whammy; Dust finds herself fighting the Vision alone and manages to distract him from his rampage; the Sub-mariner switches places with Bruiser against Thor and the sniping between the two myths gives Bevetron a chance to catch his breath; Synch joins Blink against Deathlok and Hawkeye and things get brutal before Blink teleports them away; in Minnesota, SWORD and the magic team discover the portal is just an illusion and set off a second booby trap - an ice giant - which they go all-out in battling before disrupting the norn stones maintaining the brainwashing spell; Cyclops and Bruiser are battling Iron Man when the spell is broken and all of the Avengers stand down; the X-Men quietly leave the scene while SHIELD treats the Avengers.

2018: Sooraya sends Angelica an email about going to see a movie. Jubilee posts a music video from Rachel Platten. Operation: Salt the Earth: North and Kevin track down the industrial spy to a hotel in St. Petersburg and have a productive conversation regarding the lost materials.