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November 10

2003: Shiro is picked up and brought to the school.

2004: Miles gets more control over his powers. Hand Me Down: Jamie is hallucinating and goes for a check up. Madelyn breaks down.

2005: Fear Itself: Dani admits to Forge she is having problems with her powers again; Dani projects Manuel's worst fear when they are making out and when she talks to Forge about it, he is angry about her sleeping with Manuel. Forge is angry about being 'left' with Magneto. Stoker and Stalkers: Haroun tries to talk about his new 'ware with Kitty but she's distracted and vague; Jono comes across Kitty sleep walking. Lost In The Woods: Remy announces he is going to go get Amanda back and Lorna tries to talk him out of it. Bobby rejoins the mansion at large. Marius meets Rachel and their powers interact badly. Mommy Dearest: Kurt asks for some leave to go back to Germany to talk to Margali.

2006: Jono Starsmore and Kevin Ford have a mishap playing soccer, resulting in Jono being in medlab. Garrison introduces himself on the journals. Angelo passes onto Marie a letter from her adoptive parents, inviting her home for Thanksgiving.

2007: Tabitha offers people pomegranates. Karma Police: Domino emails Nathan, announcing her intention to visit. Angelo complains about not being allowed to smoke after his space-related lung damage; Laurie checks on him and they discuss why he smokes. Scott is released from medlab.

2008: Remy and Jubilee discuss her going to see Sofia more often. Morgan contacts her old mercenary group to let them know she wants to come 'home'. Charles emails Forge to let him know he is on probation for revealing confidential information about Morgan on the journals and Forge requests a meeting. Morgan lets Charles know she is leaving the mansion. Shiro challenges Jean-Paul to a flying race to welcome him back. Adrienne asks Forge for a personal supply of the specialised skin lotion he invented for Garrison and Marie. Mark and Scott train together and discuss decisions in the field.

2009: Yvette and Logan teach Laurie a little about stealth.

2010: Amanda and Wanda talk about finding Nico's parents and about the waiting game. There Will Be Peace: Julian gets a mysterious letter that appears to be in code.

2011: Sons of Liberty: Before leaving for California, Kane makes a stop at the Brownstone to speak to Bucky Barnes; Kane e-mails Jean and Kyle to see if they want to accompany him to California to investigate a case. Adrienne stops by Vanessa's apartment to find a squad of men doing work.

2012: Yvette starts a recruiting drive for Red X and creates some interest from inhabitants of the mansion. Korvus and Matt go to a rock concert.


2014: Laurie posts about the perfect Christmas present for Doug and Wade. Julian texts Tandy about hanging out and gets no response. Tandy texts Adrienne telling her not to let anyone into the suite except Sue.

2015: Darcy asks about the mansion’s Thanksgiving meal.


2017: Jean and Haller train on the astral plane.