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'''[[November 2017|2017]]:'''
'''[[November 2017|2017]]:'''
'''[[November 2018|2018]]:''' <I>Morningstar:</I>Warren finally says “I love you” to Bobbi while they’re on their trip away.
'''[[November 2018|2018]]:''' <I>[[Morningstar]]:</I>Warren finally says “I love you” to Bobbi while they’re on their trip away.
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[[Category: Templates]]

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November 8


2003: Emma, Marrow, and Chamber uncover Shaw's secret plans for an mutant prison in Maine; their base at Rock River is attacked by prototype Sentinels; Emma is taken by Sebastian Shaw.

2004: Cain and Miles talk about Magneto. Remy asks Lorna to come to Europe with him to investigate Magneto's doings. Remy gives Jubilee some advice. Sean and Terry talk about what she thinks of him. Madelyn invites Jubilee to a Bartlet Family Gathering. Hank returns to help with Alison. Hand Me Down prelude: Jamie has nightmares about Skippy.

2005: Madelyn tells Nathan and Moira there's a problem with the Askani. Angelo intercepts Terry as she tries to talk to Bobby again. Stoker and Stalkers: Kitty encounters Manuel and finds him in a very strange mood. Mommy Dearest: Kurt talks to Madelyn about his birth mother's identity. Lost In The Woods: Remy asks Moira what happened to Amanda whilst he was in medlab and is unhappy with the answer.

2006: The Gates: Just before dawn, the Elpis team agree they've done all they can and withdraw to Muir Island; Forge announces the relaunch of HeliX in order to raise funds and volunteers to help with NGOs in Smichov. Julio encounters Pietro in the library and accuses him of not doing enough to save him, which leads to Pietro making a post inviting anyone with a problem with him to say so. Kyle and Jennie celebrate election results. Garrison Kane of the RCMP receives word of a new assignment - in Westchester County.

2007: Crystal posts baby photos of Forge, obtained through his mother. Kevin is overwhelmed by the amount of reading Nathan assigned him. Forge confronts Kevin about his 'relationship' with Jay, and Kevin is confused; Kevin talks to Jay about the conversation with Forge, and a certain accommodation is reached.

2008: Manual and Bishop play chess and talk about girls. Dani and Sam get into a bidding war on ebay and later run into each other. Bishop gives Adrienne bad news about her missing employees. Pride Goeth: Amanda announces to the Snow Valley crew that she, Wanda and Farouk will be travelling a while longer; Amanda posts to her journal that she won't be back for a while. Clarice exacts her own brand of revenge on the absentee Jean-Paul, and later he has beer and catches up with Nathan. Catseye tries to share Jean-Paul's bed, but gets evicted.

2009: Modern Nature: Crystal announces on the staff comm a field trip to view the new plant for the biology students. She also emails a number of her students, giving them notice that they have a free period while she is out on a field trip for biology.

2010: Amanda posts to x_snowvalley, explaining what happened and asking for a greater focus on finding where the Minorus are hiding.

2011: Garrison gives Vanessa a ride back to the city and they discuss Garrison's muddy moral compass and the temptations of revenge. Korvus surprises Meggan with a question about their relationship while swimming, they try to straighten things out, and he attempts a prank. Jennifer Walters and Warren go out for drinks and discuss a new partnership.

2012: Jean-Phillipe decides Angelo has not been getting out enough since Africa, and takes it upon himself to rectify this by taking Angelo out for dinner.

2013: Lorna posts asking who would be around for Thanksgiving. Kyle posts about his monster class and to change their ring tones or else. Doreen posts about the new gnome models in WOW. Cammie makes good on her threat to drag Tabitha out for shopping for adult toys.



2015: Maya shares this post. Hope meets Bas in dragon form and they talk. Angel sends Clint a card and tells him she has Chinese food.

2016: Darcy posts about having voted. Jubilee posts about having a headache.


2018: Morningstar:Warren finally says “I love you” to Bobbi while they’re on their trip away.