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September 13 - Laurie Collins' birthday


2003: Kitty's parents visit. Angelo and the later Muir visit spark a journal-wide discussion of manifestations and what being a mutant means that last several days and gets rather heated.

2004: Jean-Paul talks to Nathan about his sister, and then gets Cecilia to look after her while he takes Clarice to get her driver’s license. Manuel thanks Amanda for helping him with his homework with sex intensified by their psychic link. Lorna continues to keep herself together, while Angelo inadvertently invades Betsy’s hermitage.

2005: With Malice Aforethought: Malice kills Alison's father when he's on the brink of reconciling with his daughter. Butterfly Effect: Betsy is discharged from medlab.

2006: Now Marie finds out that Terry and Bobby are married. Bleeding: Wanda ends up at the club in France, looking for Marius and Jennie, and gets information out of the owner.

2007: Amanda accidentally tells Kurt about Marie's parentage. Forge visits Nori and manages to communicate via PDA; Laurie catches Nori trying to break into the drug cabinet; Jean calls in Amanda to talk to her, given their shared history of drug problems. Crystal takes Medusa to Paris for a break. Shiro takes Nori to the Danger Room to release some of her pent-up energy.

2008: Community Service: Laurie emails Garrison to ask about Inez; Cain and Adrienne go to talk to the owner of the diner into dropping the charges; Garrison visits Inez and sets out the situation for he; Dani visits the parents of the boys involved to try and convince them to drop their charges also. Kyle complains of a stink on the staff floor; Farouk apologises for a mishap whilst cooking.

2009: Jake e-mails Jean-Paul about being a possible jerk on Shiro's journal post. Rush: Johnny and Victor visit Darren in the hospital, and Johnny has a long overdue talk with Darren; Jean-Paul later picks up the two boys at the hospital and drives them home, a conversation ensues. Later, Victor tries to talk to Johnny with a sprained tongue and mutual apologies are attempted over the suckiness of the weekend; Scott and Jean-Paul talk about his worries concerning Victor and Johnny; Jean-Paul e-mails Johnny and Victor about tactics study. Manuel e-mails Kurt about possibly babysitting Valentia. Yvette leaves Laurie a birthday present. Lex and Callisto talk about the self-defense classes. Atomic Angel: Believing that no one takes him seriously, Shiro escapes to Japan and decides to take matters into his own hands. Manuel and Adrienne attend a Hellfire Club meeting, and discuss the Black Court and ulterior motives therein. Laurie e-mails Yvette about a letter from Dr. Pierre Marcel.

2010: Piotr announces his return on the journals. Laurie celebrates her birthday and her birthday threads turn into a series of strange conversations about Greek mythology, what Kyle will do for a bet, cream of mushroom soup and Kevin's "love mushroom"; Jean-Paul gives Laurie a card and a Disney Princess cake; Kevin also gives her a card and then throws a soup-balloon at her; Kyle risks life and limb pointing out Callisto's namesake's mythological history and Callisto makes a rare comment on the journals; Amanda wishes Laurie a happy birthday and is entertained by the weirdness. Tabitha doesn't remember Sunday and blames Cammie via SMS. Angelo and Jean-Paul talk about Jean-Paul's visa and the possibility of getting married as a loophole if it fails. Jean and Yvette talk about Derek.

2011: Yvette wishes Laurie a happy birthday on her journal. Crystal welcomes the Xavier students back to school and also wishes Laurie a happy birthday on her journal.

2012: Sonatorrek: Jean e-mails the Professor about rescheduling her training session due to looking after Garrison and his injuries, and advises she’ll keep him updated; Jean makes an entry to x_team telling them Garrison was brought to the medlab and that he should make a full recovery after extensive surgery, and asks them to keep quiet about his condition until he’s made it through surgery just in case; Jean also e-mails Adrienne privately to pass along the same message she’d made to x_team, which Adri didn’t receive. Sue texts Maddie to see if she’ll help coax Tandy away from her video game and outside for awhile. Maddie makes a journal entry reminding people her first soccer game in District X is Saturday and asks people to come and support her.

2013: Yvette posts pondering the motivations of the various heroes in and associated with Xavier's. Jean-Phillipe posts to wish Laurie a happy birthday. Sue texts Tandy for company when Maddie stands her up.

2014: Second Thoughts: Gabriel decides to lift a necklace, not realizing he's stealing from a pair of vengeful mutants; the couple, Thornn and Eileen, go after Gabriel to get Thornn's necklace back, but he gets away; Gabriel calls Jean for help, knowing he won't be able to escape on his own; Thornn and Eileen catch up with Gabriel and torture him into getting the necklace back, but continue even after they have what they want; Phoenix, Dominion, and Nightcrawler show up, and a short fight breaks out before Eileen and Thornn realize they're outmatched and run away. Doug and Laurie go out for her birthday and take the next step in their relationship.


2015: Laurie texts Doug to tell him she likes seeing him dressed casually and ask how things are going with Hope. Maya posts about wanting to make a collage of tumblr imagery with a possible subject of old time sci-fi and teens as a creative and destructive force. Felicia posts a picture of herself passed out in someone’s bed and comments on recovering from the Alexander Wang party at Fashion Week.


2017: Hope emails Doug to ask about one of his bot programs, and asks for help cleaning info about her off of the web. While helping out at the District X soup kitchen, Adrienne has an encounter with an unknown mutant and her powers go haywire, so Tandy and Garrison enlist Emma's help to try and help her. Emma gives both Tandy and Garrison some time with Adrienne on the astral plane before essentially shutting Adrienne's brain down. Tandy texts Topaz, Hope, and Julian about Adrienne’s situation. Garrison makes am announcement about Adrienne being placed in an induced coma until she can get the help she needs. Jean texts Garrison to see if he needs anything. Psi War: Jean emails Charles looking for guidance regarding telepathy and symptoms of its manifestation in relation to her patient, Parker Matthews; Charles emails Emma and Haller about Jean’s encounter with Parker Matthews. Julian, Hope and Topaz try to comfort Tandy.

2018: Maya makes a journal entry to share an interesting image she found online. Professor X emails Scott about Alani and her coming to the mansion in short order. Phoebe emails Doug to set up a meeting. Morningstar: Warren texts Bobbi to apologize once again.

2019: Topaz asks Ty for a teleporting favour. Training Day: Kevin emails Amanda and Marie-Ange to let them know he’ll be taking Gabriel to Europe for training purposes. Doug is sarcastic about a scientific report warning about the dangers of eating zombie cicadas.