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The Avengers
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Hulk
Affiliations: SHIELD
Socked By: Various - for the mods
Introduction: March 19, 2015
SHIELD's response to M-Day and the mutant crisis, the Avengers are a group of non-mutant superheroes who deal with matters too big for ordinary SHIELD teams.


Captain America - Steve Rogers
Captain america.jpg
Discovered frozen in ice over a decade ago, USAMRIID researchers were finally able to bring him out of suspended animation in 2014. Super-soldier, capable of fighting superhuman opponents, excellent tactician, and gifted leader.

PB: Chris Evans. Non-Dedicated modsock.

Thor - Don Blake
Thor icon.jpg
Both the son of Odin and raised as the son of the President of a biker gang in Wisconsin, Don has been slowly assimilating the two personalities into a hybrid God. Still barred from Asgard (location), Thor has tremendous strength, flight, control over the weather and the mystical hammer Mjolnir. See individual page for details.

PB: Chris Hemsworth. Non-Dedicated modsock.

Black Widow - Yelena Belova
Black widow.jpg
KGB trained, former NSB and former mercenary, Yelena was offered either recruitment or execution by SHIELD. Choosing the latter, she quickly carved out a place as their best and most ruthless agent, despite her relatively young age. Widow has no powers but is one of the most lethal hand to hand combatants in the world and uses a variety of devices, including her 'Widow's Sting' in combat.

This entry refers to the Avenger, Black Widow. For other uses, see Black Widow (disambiguation).

PB: Yvonne Strahovski. Non-Dedicated modsock.

Hawkeye - Kate Bishop
Hawkeye kate.jpg
The youngest of the Avengers, Bishop was recruited out of Columbia by SHIELD originally for her analyst potential, but once she demonstrated her physical gifts, especially with the bow at the SHIELD academy, she was quickly fast-tracked and an operative and eventually Avenger. Kate has abnormal vision, spatial awareness and quick twitch muscle control - she is not a mutant but rather just a preternaturally gifted human - making her a sublime archer and combatant.

This entry refers to the Avenger, Hawkeye. For other uses, see Hawkeye (disambiguation).

PB: Crystal Reed. Non-Dedicated modsock.

Hulk - Bruce Banner
Dr. Bruce Banner was recruited following a long tracking to contain the Hulk. While he maintains control over the Hulk form normally, extreme stress can trigger him. In his Hulk form, Banner's intelligence is degraded and swamped by impulsive anger and a penchant for violence. Banner holds multiple doctorates but despite his obvious genius in physics, he tends to focus more on the medical side of his training. The Hulk is capable of tremendous acts of strength and seems nearly invulnerable.

PB: Mark Ruffalo. Non-Dedicated modsock.

Iron Man - Tony Stark
Iron man.jpg
Genius, philanthropist, billionaire playboy head of Stark Industries, Stark's arrogance and confidence is only rivalled by his tremendous genius. However, he possesses a strong anti-authoritarian streak and is showing signs of incipient alcoholism. Stark wears the 'Iron Man' suit; an exosuit of tremendous power capable of flight, multiple weapon systems and logistical information.

PB: Robert Downey Junior. Non-Dedicated modsock.

Deathlok - Michael Peterson
Peterson was a former construction worker who was injured on the job and eventually recruited into a secret weaponizing project. He was rescued by SHIELD only to be badly injured on duty. His body was kidnapped by Cybertek Industries who implemented a program of experimental cybernetic replacements on Peterson to use him as a weapon. Fortunately, SHIELD was able to free him a second time. Deathlok has enhanced strength, resistance to damage, internal cybernetic systems and uses a specialized SHIELD energy pistol.

PB: J. August Richards. Non-Dedicated modsock.


Phase 2

The Avengers came onto the scene during a prison breakout on Ryker's Island involving super-powers. Officially aligned with SHIELD, they are the group's response to national - or international - threats and mutant-related incidents too large for a regular SHIELD team to deal with. Given the various personalities on the team, their personal views of the 'mutant problem' vary, but for now, they stick to the official line.

The existence of the group is not exactly a secret, however, without a "Battle of New York" in this universe, they have a relative low profile, of interest mainly in a political sense or to those curious about superpowered beings in general. This of course is open to change in the future, depending on the team's activities.


Phase 2

X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica!


Socked by: Various - for the mods.

The Avengers were introduced as modsocks to ensure continuity of their characterisation and to prevent them from being applied for, as they would have to be radically changed as characters in order to integrate with the mansion. Clinton Barton was already established as a character, so Kate Bishop was brought in as Hawkeye, and at the time the plot was approved, a Natasha Romanov application had been received, so she was swapped out for fellow Red Room survivor, Yelena Belova.

The Avengers are intended to be antagonists but not enemies of the X-teams.


During X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica! the Avengers were socked by:

Captain America - Dex

Thor - Dex

Iron Man - Dex

Hawkeye - Aisy

Black Widow - Rossi

Hulk / Banner - AJ