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Nils Styger
Portrayed by Anthony Hannah
Known Aliases: Abyss
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Haunted House

A young boy with the ability to transform himself into "living darkness", Abyss has chosen to follow Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants to further his hatred for humanity.


Name: Nils Styger

Aliases: Abyss

Affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants

First appearance: X-Men Mission: Haunted House

Family: unknown


At some point in his teens, Nils Styger's mutant powers manifested. It is assumed that he was ostracized in some manner by the Friends of Humanity due to being a mutant, and in May 2006, the X-Men were called in to help with an unknown mutant presence attacking a New York FoH meeting hall. After trapping some of the X-Men in his internal "darkness dimension", Abyss (at this time his identity was unknown) was driven back and presumed dead when the building collapsed.

He would resurface two years later as a member of the Brotherhood, as part of an ambush that would result in the capture of four X-Men. Although defeated and temporarily discoporated, Abyss was able to reform himself and remove his new comrades from the area after the fracas. He was later seen on Avalon, where he was instrumental in the expanded Brotherhood's retreat from the X-Men.


Abyss can transform his body into "living shadow", an amorphous mass that can be solid or insubstantial as he wishes. Able to form pseudopods from his body, Abyss uses these extensions to drag people into a void contained inside his own body, a sort of "pocket dimension" of utter sensory deprivation that over time can drive people mad. He is also able to teleport through some unknown means related to this pocket dimension, taking others with him - although the experience is far from pleasant.

As a side effect of Abyss' inhuman physiology, his age is uncertain, although he appears to be in his late teens. When in his shadow form, his voice takes on a unique resonating quality, adding to his fearsome image.


X-Men Mission: Haunted House (unnamed debut)

X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith

Tropic of Capricorn


Socked by: Frito

PB: Anthony Hannah