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Magic Users
First Seen: January 2015

You can't tame the spirit of someone who has magic in their veins.

While not a proper team, there is a small, varying group of magic users as PCs in X-Project.


Xf amanda.jpg Amanda Sefton
Clea.jpg Clea Lake
Nm pixie.png Megan Gwynn
Stephenicon.png Stephen Strange
Sorcerer Supreme
TopazIcon.png Topaz
Billy sm.jpg Billy Kaplan


Magic has a long history in the game, with the OG witch, Amanda, coming to the mansion in 2004, and eventually taking on the responsibility of the mutant magic users who came through the mansion. Her former student, now semi-acting semi-assistant Topaz, came in 2012. Megan* discovered her magical abilities in 2013, and Billy*, Stephen*, and Clea all arrived in 2015.

They don't act as a team, instead aligning themselves with different teams, but there have been times when the group as a whole, or parts of it, have had to come together to overcome one magical difficulty or another.

It's not uncommon to hear them referred to as Amanda's ducklings. There are varying opinions on that title.

*Phase 2 versions


The Magic Users

All written by Frito during a meta conversation regarding the magic users and their different types of magic

Amanda can siphon life and does urban/city flavored magic. Lots of elemental stuff and energy stuff with a modern (smog, stoplights, asphalt, etc) focus. She's powered by the energy of cities and so does some People Herding (and is a teacher now which fits that too), and has dealt with her magic having been corrupted, so she also leans into purification

Topaz can give life (her animation spells) and does a lot of mind magic and knowledge stuff. Her magic is personal, very connected to relationships and she's an empath on top of that so she gives her magic a lot of personal and emotional touches.

Clea is an alien. She's not From Here, so her magic is weird, and a little different. She picks things up, but doesn't have a specialty yet because she just found out she's Not From Here.

Stephen is a modern kid. He's sporty and raised in the electronic age in a well off family. He builds things, he does artifacts, he leaps before he looks because he's wired into the fast pace of an electronic information age.

Megan's magic is a little corrupt - and a little fae. She has the whole Welsh Fairy thing going on, she has her mutant power which gets people high and fuzzy and her magic is a little otherwordly and tends to make things Even Weirder.

Billy is chaotic. He can't do a thing more than once, he struggles to control his powers, he's kind of either overpowered or fizzles out and he gets himself into hot water without thinking it through because no one can predict the effects of a chaos mage.

Illyana's magic has been corrupted by demons. She struggles with her magic, she has soul issues, she can corrupt or purify. She has Demon Stuff going on.

Magic Adjacent

All written by Frito during a meta conversation regarding the magic users and their different types of magic, regarding the magic adjacent people (connected to magic but no power themselves) in the mansion

Wanda Maximoff is chaos, disorder and destruction. She cannot Magic because she breaks it before she even buys it. But she can break it real good. Wanda's a walking magic breaking aura if she wants to be. The only magic-adjacent thing she can do is Break It.

Doug Ramsey is a mimic. Like a lot of what Twiller has written for Doug (recurring pattern of Doug copies-but-can't-originate) He's not a magician himself but he's borrowed magic once, and if pressed and for the right cost to him could borrow it again, but can only do things already created/written/designed by other people. The only magic-adjacent thing he can do is Copy Someone Else's Work

Marie-Ange Colbert is predictive. She can't do magic, but she can partner with others to help push their magic in direction that's needed to Find Something/Someone. She and Amanda have "our powers combined" and tuned MA's precog into Amanda's magic for a very accurate Find The Thing spell. The only magic-adjacent thing she can do is Help Find.


Magic was first introduced to X-Project in 2003, coming in with Cain Marko. It was Amanda's entrance that really launched it into the spotlight. The second magic user to arrive was Nico Minoru, in 2009, who was presumed lost after the events of M-Day.

Of the entire Phase 1 magic class - Amanda as teacher, Nico as assistant, and Topaz, Billy, and Megan as students - Amanda and Topaz were the only confirmed survivors following the Dark Phoenix Saga. Amanda rebuilt the magic class starting with Topaz and Megan, and then eventually Clea and Stephen (who in Phase 1 had been Amanda's teacher). Topaz eventually took on the role of crash-test dummy/apprentice/assistant to Amanda.