Operation: One Night In Madripoor

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One Night In Madripoor
Dates run: December 15-16, 2013
Run By: Rossi
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Part 1 of the Bloodstone Arc.

As I mentioned, there's a significant magical artifact turned up here that we need to get hold of. Actually, there's three. Illyana's bloodstones, that went missing after she was tossed out of Limbo in a demonic coup. We have to get hold of them.

The long-lost Bloodstones are found, but retrieving them isn't as easy as it could be.


Remy LeBeau, Ororo Munroe, Jubilation Lee, David North, Emma Frost, Wade Wilson, Doug Ramsey, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Carmilla Black, Artie Maddicks



December 15-16, 2013

Plot Summary


One of the background tasks the occult network has had ongoing is searching for the Soulsword and the Bloodstones taken from Illyana Rasputin when the demon N'astirh ousted her. At last, they have some information, but it's not good. The Mandarin, always on the lookout for magical artifacts to increase his personal power, has managed to lay his hands on the bloodstones and the locket that contains them, and has them stored in three separate locations in Madripoor - a high-rise, known to be the property of the Chinese mafia in Hightown; a temple guarded by mystic monks in the middle of Lowtown and a warehouse in the docks district.

X-Force splits into three groups to tackle each location. The bloodstones are retrieved and there is a brief meeting with the Mandarin, before he concedes defeat and vanishes.

As the team are flying back to the US, Amanda senses a major disruption of the mansion's protective wards, but none of them can do anything, as they're over the middle of the Pacific, but wait and hope the mansion folks can deal.

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Trivia and Meta


Artie got to show off some of his powers progress as part of this plot.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The title of the plot is, obviously, a reference to the song from the Chess musical "One Night in Bangkok".

Mackinzie made two plot posters.

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