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Moment of Awesome - Everett Thomas/Synch : Ev and Matt Murdock experiment with Matt's powers. No-one's brain explodes.

"Clint still sees," Ev said, walking slowly around the mat to get a feel for the space. "With you, though, I expect my brain to process input entirely differently. Hopefully this won't give me a seizure . . ."

That was true. The input methods were vastly different, "All I can tell you on that is I break the MRI machine," Matt explained, "I apparently process so much data at any given time without even thinking about it, that analyzing my brain is....difficult. Same reason it's hard to read my mind," so a seizure was a possible, but unfortunate, possibility.

"As long as we have the hot doctor with the force field powers on standby, I'm sure I'll survive." Though he did not need to be close, Ev followed the sound of Matt's voice and stopped a couple feet in front of him. Neither could see his aura glowing as it reached out to synch with Matt. Even blindfolded, the world exploded with ultra-fine resolution. He could smell his own deodorant, hear the locker room showers running, feel the irregularities of the foam base under his bare feet.


And "see" Matt's face briefly luminescing in the otherwise black field of his vision. The image disappeared as quickly as it came.

A clicking noise came from Matt's hand, from a little gadget similar to a canasta that he held between his thumb and other fingers. "That help?" he asked, keeping his voice low without pausing the clicking. He had learned a long time ago to use the reverberations and sound waves to replace his sight. It would be similar, though maybe not as easy for Ev. Or maybe easier. Matt wasn't sure if being able to see helped more or not.

Ev almost slammed his palms into his ears to bring silence and "blind" himself again. "No no no, stop," he besought Matt, his voice barely above a whisper but still coherent. "Just, quiet for a sec. Jesus."

Oops. Stopping immediately, Matt realized that it was probably more of an adjustment for Ev than it had been for him. "Sorry," he added, standing still until Everett told him otherwise.

The pain subsided but the over-stimulation reverberated, and Ev still could not "see" Matt. As if he had stared into a bright light and his eyes were still adjusting to normal. "Shit," he finally said softly. "That was jarring."

Today in XProject:

October 11


2004: Scott wakes up and isn't impressed but is philosophical about the need to drug him. Sam tries to mend bridges with Paige. Sarah returns after her trip with Remy. Madelyn drugs Alison after Alison goes three nights without sleep. Cain emails Alison about tai chi for Miles after he killed the demon during the demon attack.

2005: High Cost Of Living: Remy emails Betsy and Jake and tells them he has quit; Remy tracks down Malice to Florida, where she almost kills him. With Malice Aforethought: Desperately trying to think of a way out of Magneto's clutches, Forge realises he has to build the Neutralizer as Magneto wants. Kyle and Jay sleep together.

2006: Mommy Dearest Redux: Meeting with Stefan in Berlin, Amanda finds out Kurt isn't with the Szardos caravan and immediately flies back to New York to raise the alarm; a location spell using Kurt's X-Men tags (left behind) reveals he is likely to be in Chicago. Sean tells Terry he is returning to Cassidy Keep for an unspecified amount of time.

2007: Kevin returns to the school and posts about his release conditions, as required. Laurie suggests a Japanese study group for the upcoming Japan trip.

2008: Zanne loses her job due to the financial crisis. While out practicing his flying squirrel trick, Angelo comes across Nathan talking to one of MacInnis' old Mistra contacts about Taygetos.

2009: Callie posts about finding a cardboard wind-up handle taped to her car, asks if anyone wants to fess up. Callie talks to Catseye about her way of speaking while the two women make ravioli. Adrienne posts about not enjoying a ball game she went to in Boston. Kyle posts about beating Cammie at sparring. Catseye discusses ways of talking with Sam.

2010: Fianchetto: In her quest to find out more about the Hellfire Club, Tabitha talks to Warren.

2011: Angel announces on her journal that she has a date for the upcoming alternative Homecoming. The Problématique: Doug e-mails Bishop about refining the info he received, and that they're getting closer; Bishop e-mails Doug, Lex, Jean, and Wanda with a solid lead on Vanessa's position; those connected to X-Factor are called to a meeting by Bishop to update them; Warren e-mails Monet with the update on Vanessa's location and asks if she's in to help; Doug asks Emma for a temporary donation to the rescue effort for Vanessa; Doug posts to x_snowvalley to give a heads up that he and Wanda are leaving for Prague to meet Bishop re: the new lead on Vanessa; Warren posts to x_team to let people know they've got a solid lead on Vanessa's whereabouts. Adrienne and Garrison discuss the latest lead in Vanessa's case.

2012: Matt posts a pun about sodium.

2013: Clint texts Billy to ask if Maddie was actually wearing a cheerleader outfit or was it a purple French maid outfit.

2014: Higher Than Hope: X-Force crashes the Archduke’s function; Emma and Wade run into Holocaust in the kitchen, of course a food fight ensues; Doug runs into Forward, Ian, and manages to talk him into surrendering before Azazel attacks him overwhelming Doug before Amanda steps in to incapacitate him; Marie-Ange goes to extract Artie and they run into Garrulous, the encounter doesn’t go well for him; Amanda posts to the Snow Valley journal stating that the mission could have gone better, although they did manage to get some useful information.

2015: Clint texts Felicia about having good revenge. Warren posts about game night. Jubilee posts about her and Cookie Monster being friends. Maya emails Wade about wanting to attend a mutant rights rally. Dial My Number: Darcy posts on Facebook about being doxxed; Darcy contacts Clint after stalkerish photos of herself and her family land in her inbox; Clarice and Clint bring Darcy to the mansion.

2016: Artie shares a video featuring contemporary visionary art and architecture. Cecilia and Laurie decide to play catch up over dinner and drinks.

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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Family Reunion: Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

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