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Moment of Awesome - Artie Maddicks/Facade : Having asked Topaz to come on a job with him, Artie reveals his true feelings about their brave new world. Topaz doesn't disagree.

He gave an address on the outskirts of the DX. It seemed plausible. Artie grabbed the man’s hand, ignoring the whimpers, flipping him over onto his stomach, with the arm pulled up behind him, immobilizing him and broke two of his fingers. (“Is that true? Tell him that this is so he remembers us.”)

"Yah sach hai," Topaz confirmed quietly for Artie in Hindi before quickly switching back to English. "This is so you don't forget us."

Artie nodded tightly, led the way downstairs quickly and around the corner to the car they’d parked there earlier. Not a mansion car. Conversation could wait as they drove out of the DX.

He parked the car eventually and only then did he say anything. “Thank you.”

Topaz was equally quiet, playing with the mask she'd ripped off as soon they were in the car. "Yeah, 'course," she said, looking up at last. "Always happy to help you beat the crap out of a bloke."

He gave a silent laugh, hands fisted on his thighs. “You okay?”

"Yeah." A strange response given what they had just done. Topaz raised an eyebrow at Artie, already knowing the answer to her own question. "Are you?"

His smile was brittle and overly bright as he nodded. “It was business. Nothing else. Didn’t mean anything,” Artie signed, small and fast. “Didn’t mean anything and I have the contact points confirmed.”

"Right." The incredulity was obvious. "You do remember I'm an empath, right? I mean, I can't imagine you've forgotten in the last ten minutes."

The emotions he hadn’t felt at the time were coming back. Work was like that. You felt nothing and then it was over and everything came back. “Frankenb—“ Artie stopped. Glared out the window for a moment, hands still trying to shake. Switched to text, rather than fingerspell it again. “This. Here. This freaking frankenberrycat bullshit world. It doesn’t mean anything. So. I do my job and yes. I’m okay.” He dared her to challenge the lie.

Topaz watched Artie for a moment before looking out the window again, out at the fucked up world he was talking about. "Fair enough," she said finally. He wasn't wrong.

Today in XProject:

September 14

2003: Alison's concert and the debut of People Covered In Fish.

2004: Betsy helps Scott get wasted, and he makes a fool of himself in public. Posts in support and in condemnation spring up. Jean-Paul lends support and a cup of tea to Betsy, while Amanda prepares a hangover remedy for Scott. Later, Jean-Paul intrudes on Shinobi’s self-imposed isolation with Hank’s help. Jubilee tries to move on from her fling with Manuel, and to rebuild a friendship with Amanda. Nathan offers a new training regimen for Manuel. Angelo meets Jay and learns that the little Guthrie isn’t a family man, signs up for Moira’s open powers-training seminar, and also shows Jono his newly redecorated room. Jono is Not Impressed, and flees to Sarah and later Paige for relief. Nathan and Moira are cute over hermit crabs, while Alison teases Haroun about his love affair with the Blackbird. Alex bumps into Lorna as she comes back from a not-date, and she then hits things and isn’t too nice to Betsy.

2005: Nathan has an odd moment whilst talking to Clarice. Butterfly Effect: Betsy asks those affected to share the memories they saw.

2006: Forge tells Laurie that she's probably getting a better hold on her powers. Later, Forge gets to test out Amara's powers in a blast shield so she can know the full extent of them.

2007: Yvette learns origami from Haller as part of her powers training. Nathan torments Angelo a little about his new trick. M-Date: Kurt, Forge and Marius go to the gathering; Kurt chickens out at the last minute and leaves; Forge and Marius discover it's an FOH set up and call in Kurt to help as things get ugly; a fight later, the FOH flees when the police arrive. Family Portrait: Laurie asks Charles for permission to talk to her father and see if he'll come help her mother. Jean plots Scott's birthday with Lorna.

2008: Community Service: Garrison goes back to the police station and pulls rank, managing to secure Inez's freedom with the two sets of charges dropped; Cain drives Inez home and lays out her punishment; Yvette and Laurie both email Inez to check on her.

2009: Tabitha posts about taking on the role of mentor to the New Mutants program. Jean e-mails Shiro about his powers situation and asks him to come down for a checkup. Nick and Catseye go on a date. Atomic Angel: Shiro wakes in the hands of Matsu'o, they talk on honor and disgrace and Matsu'o shares his plans for Shiro. Jay e-mails Scott about Shiro's powers control.

2010: Jan leaves Kevin a sculpture made of cream of mushroom soup cans and a picture of his "love mushroom"; Kevin declares Jan his favourite person for the gift and also emails her; Kyle emails Jan about her ability to find the weirdest things. Fianchetto: Doug complains about his sister being enrolled at Columbia and wanting to meet regularly for lunch. Kyle and Jubilee meet and compare notes on New York's climbing surfaces and Jubilee's colour-coded map of mutant-diet-friendly places to eat.

2011: Wade offers money to anyone who can bring him rhubarb pie and/or muscadine wine.

2012: Amanda e-mails Nico with a job for her regarding the newest arrival, Billy. Angelo e-mails Amanda, Jubilee, Wanda, Callisto, Marie-Ange, and Paige after the events in Minnesota to check up on them. Nico e-mails Billy to say hello and arrange a meeting following Amanda’s request.

2013: Jubilee challenges Wade to a pool game.

2014: Second Thoughts: Gabriel wakes up in the med lab and has a heart-to-heart with Clarice; later, Jean convinces him to stay in the mansion. New Mutants: Scribblenauts: Angel posts to let everyone know Ishmael is recovering well; Artie posts to to the Snow Valley comms to update that group on how Ishmael is doing. Adrienne has a meltdown over not being normal while talking about fantasy baseball with Garrison, triggering a decision to give serious thought to quitting teaching and working in a capacity where she can use her powers to help people on a regular basis.

2015: Wade emails Laurie to let her know she’s being taken out for her birthday. Paradise Lost: Emma emails Adrienne, Doug and Julian about being summoned to an emergency meeting with the Black King of the Hellfire Club. Jean’s telepathy lesson with Quentin goes badly.

2016: Gabriel asks for taste testers to help him try out different combinations of liquor before his party.

XProject Announcements and News:

Farewell to Mon, who is leaving us this week, and also to Jo, who is switching to Player Emeritus status and is giving up her girls. Doreen Green, Carmilla Black and Sebastian Druid are available for applications.

Also, welcome back Craig, who rejoins us with a Phase 2 version of Remy LeBeau, coming soon!

October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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  • Green-Eyed Monster: A medical mystery arouses the concerns of the mansion's medical staff, and leads to a cross-country heist.

  • Psi War: A mysterious patient at Jean's hospital paves the way for the return of an old and terrible foe.

  • Happy Campers: A simple camping trip gets complicated for Kitty Pryde, Scott Summers, Rogue and Logan.

  • Homecoming: Dark Dimension: Vivid, unexplained nightmares reveal a truth to Clea that changes her whole world.

  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Family Reunion: Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

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