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Dec 1 - Maya mentions she doesn’t do Thanksgiving for obvious reasons and asks if she can use the leftovers.

Dec 2 -

Dec 3 -

Dec 4 -

Dec 5 - Marie-Ange comments on an article about Hobby Lobby illegally importing forgeries by accident.

Dec 6 -

Dec 7 -

Dec 8 - Jean organises a toy drive and asks for contributions and volunteers.

Dec 9 -

Dec 10 -

Dec 11 - Marie-Ange seeks Kevin’s advice on how to bring X-Force back into focus.

Dec 12 -

Dec 13 -

Dec 14 -

Dec 15 - Maya shares a TikTok and reflects on how her cochlear implants impact her experience of deafness.

Dec 16 -

Dec 17 -

Dec 18 - Operation: Siege Perilous: X-Force holds a briefing on a new case, a series of deaths where the cause is unknown but they look drained of all life energy and it’s decided Jean should be brought in for psychic help; Gabe and Natasha go to a dump site to look for clues; Kevin and Clea call on a member of the magical underground; Amanda brings tea while Wanda hits the books; Marie-Ange gives new recruit Topaz a lesson in field work; Artie and Amanda meet after using their respective resources and finding nothing; back at the office, Doug starts teaching Jubilee more about computer research; Jean and Emma look for psychic residue in Central Park and are ambushed by the culprit, a psionic parasite called Roma who pulls all of them into a pretend dimension; in Roma’s dimension, X-Force is called on to protect Dr. Strange, who is being attacked by the Black Court of the Hellfire Club, breaking a truce between the two groups; both groups set about locating Illyana Rasputin, the HFC so they can steal her Soulsword, XF because Strange left hints about her and the Darkhold, a mythical magic text; Cypher is hired by both groups to assist, but sets up XF in a trap when he tells them Illyana’s location but not that the HFC will be there; meanwhile, Sarah Morlock looks for help from X-Force as her people are vanishing; during the ambush, leader Remy Lebeau is captured and Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff killed while Felicia Hardy is rescued from certain death by the enemy, Gabriel Cohuelo; Cypher kills Charlie Plunder back at XF headquarters; Remy is brought before Selene, the Black Queen and manages to kill Sebastian Shaw before being killed by the Black Knight, Amanda Sefton; the remaining team arrives back home to find Charlie’s body and Sarah letting them know a mass abduction of the Morlocks has taken place; in a suicide mission to stop Selene getting the Soulsword, XF attacks the ritual; Jubilee is killed by Amanda before Amanda is herself killed by Adam Destine; Kevin, disguised as North, is taken before Selene and reveals the reason for his disguise - he has hidden forty pounds of Semtex in the gut of the larger man which went unnoticed; Kevin blows himself up and badly injures Selene; in a series of flashbacks, Kevin undermines Gabe’s loyalty to the HFC; Remy meets clandestinely with the magically-enslaved Emma Frost and makes her a deal; Amanda sees the departure of her lover Marie-Ange as the result of Remy’s death; back to the ‘current time’, Emma turns on Selene and with Adam’s help infuses Jean with the power of the Darkhold, which had previously been in Illyana; Black Court members Topaz and Clea attack Adam while he’s vulnerable, but Emma saves him and he teleports out with Illyana; Jean battles Selene, killing her with the combined power of the Darkhold and… something else; the amount of power Jean carried lets her reveal Roma’s machinations and with Emma helping her stay sane, defeats her and uses the pent-up psychic energy released by her death to heal the cracks in Xorn’s patchwork universe and exposes the truth about M-Day; X-Force return to themselves, realising no time has passed at all and that the other world wasn’t real; Emma calls everyone back to talk about the ramifications; Jean, distraught about what she has learned, goes to Kevin (who was her lover in Roma’s dimension) for comfort. He does his best but emotions are weird.

Dec 19 - Operation: Siege Perilous: Charles Xavier returns from Muir Island and calls a very important meeting of all residents; Charles reveals the truth of the last five years and announces that Emma and other P1 people will do what they can to help with answers.

Dec 20 - Operation: Siege Perilous: Jubilee seeks out Kevin to find out more about him, and he’s his usual grumpy self. Maya asks if anyone wants to go to Mardi Gras in February.

Dec 21 - Betsy announces her holiday plans, which involve spending time in England with her siblings and no contact about anything serious.

Dec 22 - Jubilee demands presents and food for Christmas. Jean and Gabe take a break from holiday shopping to talk about the other Jeans.

Dec 23 - Amanda emails Kurt and Meggan about their annual family dinner on Christmas Eve. Fourteen emails Marie-Ange about a post she saw online about someone’s personal murder of crows getting overprotective.

Dec 24 - Alex suggests a New Year’s ski trip for those interested.

Dec 25 - Christmas Day. Alison asks for technical help so she can watch BBC4 on Boxing Day.

Dec 26 - Boxing Day. Jean and Kevin catch up and talk about his past and her alternate selves.

Dec 27 - Kyle posts greetings from Disneyworld.

Dec 28 -

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Dec 30 -

Dec 31 - New Year’s Day.


Operation: Siege Perilous

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