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Dec 1 -

Dec 2 -

Dec 3 -

Dec 4 - Amanda makes a journal entry about replacing Jubilee with a safe-cracking robot. Sharon receives a text checking up on her and on what’s been going on.

Dec 5 - Sharon discusses a possibly risky situation with Scott and Garrison. Rogue texts Logan to see if he wants to brave the mall with her. Warren makes a journal post asking for people’s Christmas wishes.

Dec 6 - Laurie makes a journal entry asking for people’s Christmas wishlists. Darcy texts Clint to wish him a happy birthday. Angel and Sooraya plan a well-earned vacation.

Dec 7 -

Dec 8 -

Dec 9 - Bobbi makes a journal entry pondering what Warren’s Christmas actions mean with respect to her.

Dec 10 -

Dec 11 -

Dec 12 - Sooraya emails Warren asking him to provide her with funds to purchase gifts for the Children in the Underground. Sharon emails Sue asking if she would be able to reverse engineer the icer that Sharon had found earlier. Molly posts a link to a series of pictures of a version of harry potter written using predictive text.

Dec 13 - Topaz texts Hope asking if Warren is nuts for buying her all the university books she’ll ever need.

Dec 14 - Bobby posts asking if it’s winter break yet cause all he wants to do is stay at home doing homework...I mean playing games. Maya posts that she’s back at the mansion and encourages Warren to go work in a soup kitchen for Christmas.

Dec 15 - Sooraya asks Jean if she wants to come shopping for presents for the underground kids with her. Angel posts that since it’s her birthday people should come, watch movies and eat food with her. Angel leaves Kevin a slice of cake outside his door. Angel and Kyle enjoy Angel's birthday celebration together.

Dec 16 - Felicia posts an instagram picture of herself out shopping for christmas trees. Cecilia asks for help putting together some Pasteles she made using her mother’s recipe. Topaz tells people not to panic if they see a animated textbook flapping around the mansion, Stephen unleashes a swarm of bookmarks to herd it back home. Jean and Sooraya go shopping for presents for the children of the Mutant Underground.

Dec 17 -

Dec 18 -

Dec 19 - Clarice finds a site specialising in baby werewolf dolls and teases Kyle about it being his baby pictures, which leads to memories of his dead mother and drinking in Texas.

Dec 20 - Miles celebrates the end of semester and his sheer lack of a social life. Johnny posts about the imminent invasion by one C. Kringle and his plans to take him down. Kyle asks Doug to delete police reports of his night drinking with Clarice and the subsequent bar fight. Clea announces she’s flying back to England for the holidays and that she’s not looking forward to talking about her birth family with her parents. Tandy asks for volunteers at her uncle’s soup kitchen over the holiday period.

Dec 21 - Maya doesn’t like Christmas and makes sure people know.

Dec 22 -

Dec 23 -

Dec 24 - Cecilia announces there are Christmas pasteles in the kitchen.

Dec 25 - Christmas Day.

Dec 26 - Boxing Day. Felicia does an Instagram post about her Stranger Things marathon with friend-like-family Warren in a blanket fort.

Dec 27 - Warren gives everyone in the Mansion a Christmas present. He then texts Sue to thank her for the Christmas gift she gave him.

Dec 28 - Rogue posts about a strange dream she has involving Mexican Gangster!Vin Diesel. Felicia texts Warren thanking him for the present, but letting him know she’s returning it.

Dec 29 -

Dec 30 - Maya posts in her journal about Kyle’s dad. She then posts in the Generation X comm asking about New Year’s Eve plans. Gabe posts about how his tips are going to suck due to the cold weather.

Dec 31 -


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