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A quiet-ish month. Matt Murdock outed himself as Daredevil to Sharon Friedlander by accident following an incident where they both rescued a waitress from a mugging. Doug Ramsey began testing Hope Abbott on the various skills she had been taught, and Kitty Pryde and Marie-Ange Colbert made some inquiries with Namor into ancient Atlantis.

Generation X volunteered at a soup kitchen run by Tandy Bowen's Uncle Michael, while Sharon arranged for a Danger Room simulation with Scott Summers and Garrison Kane to test her advanced first aid students. Miles Morales was accepted into Columbia University, but despaired of being able to afford it before a mysterious "scholarship" appeared; Miles confronted Warren Worthington about his generosity, and Warren pointed out keeping his social media assistant around was completely self-serving and not out of character at all.

Finally, during Christmas preparations, news of the release of two police officers, involved in the shooting of two mutants during an arrest, caused uneasiness and concern among the mansion residents, and an increased presence on the streets of District X for X-Factor Investigations.


Dec 1 - Alex suggests an impromptu skiing/snowboarding/tubing trip.

Dec 2 -

Dec 3 -

Dec 4 - Laurie makes stuffed Reeses puff pastry donuts. Jubilee shares a Tumblr post about the Christmas goat. Bobby is shocked it’s only three weeks until Christmas and he and Miles make Christmas shopping plans.

Dec 5 - Topaz complains about having ‘Jingle Bells’ stuck in her head.

Dec 6 - Darcy texts Clint to wish him a Happy Birthday and tells him there’s apple pie cookies for him in the lab.

Dec 7 - Matt makes a journal post to wish Clint a Happy Birthday. Miles makes a journal entry about his girlfriend’s lowkey racist father. Tabby makes a journal entry asking for help with algebra.

Dec 8 - Domino makes a journal entry wishing herself a Happy Birthday and invites everyone to come drinking.

Dec 9 - Jubilee makes a journal entry about watching Unbreakable.

Dec 10 - Laurie makes a journal entry sharing a Christmas memory with her grandfather, and asking people for their favourite Christmas memories. Ev and Wanda plan to catch up over dinner, but conversation ends up more intense and personal than intended.

Dec 11 -

Dec 12 - Maya posts to the journals to let people know she’s planning on starting a school radio station. Kyle tries to teach Topaz to fight, Topaz isn’t so sure about this idea but goes along with it. Tandy posts up to remind people they can volunteer at her uncle’s soup kitchen or drop off unwanted clothes at her room.

Dec 13 - Nica suggests a Generation-X outing to volunteer at Tandy’s uncle’s soup kitchen. Bobbi is celebrating that she’s finally paid off her student loans, much to the dismay of all the students looking forward to that time in their lives. Lorna regrets that she can’t migrate to warmer climes. Garrison, Scott and Sharon plan a series of medical exercises in the Danger Room. Doug takes Hope on a graduation exercise to test all the skills he’s been teaching her. Clarice admits that she’s made too many scarves and hats and will be giving them out to anyone who wants one.

Dec 14 - Laurie muses her random thoughts leading to a discussion about the fear of having to tell people that their loved ones have died. Lorna receives a present from Magneto, but Alex suggests blowing it up.

Dec 15 - Marie-Ange, Namor and Kitty meetup to discuss Ancient Atlantis’ history.

Dec 16 - Doug continues the graduation test for Hope, the pair walk away after stealing several items of jewelry. Sharon encounters Daredevil when out in Hell’s Kitchen as they both rescue a young waitress from a pair of thugs.

Dec 17 - The day after rescuing the waitress, Sharon and Matt meet in the kitchen and Matt accidentally outs himself as Daredevil.

Dec 18 - Jean wonders what the mansion thinks are the best Christmas movies to introduce to her niece and nephew.

Dec 19 -

Dec 20 - Gabriel posts about falling asleep on the Metro-North.

Dec 21 - Garrison posts about a Christmas celebration at Harry’s. Miles posts about being accepted at Columbia University, but being unable to afford it. Miles texts with Ganke about the same issue.

Dec 22 - Jubilee posts about singing a song. Nica posts about it being vacation time. With Extreme Prejudice: A newspaper article mentions a jury declaring a cop not guilty of shooting a mutant; Alex posts about what XFI should do with the situation. Gabriel and Maya have a late-night heart to heart.

Dec 23 - Miles confronts Warren about a mysterious scholarship offer he received. Cecilia posts about it snowing in the Sahara. Garrison and Adrienne go to the mall and get a photo with Santa. Bobby and Miles exchange Christmas presents before one of them goes home for the holidays.

Dec 24 - With Extreme Prejudice: Maya posts about the cop getting off.

Dec 25 - Miles and Jubilee post Christmas wishes, while Gabriel posts about George Michael’s death.

Dec 26 - Jubilee posts, asking everyone what they got for Christmas.

Dec 27 - Laurie posts about how she enjoys washing dishes more than drying them. Gabriel and Kevin have a working lunch.

Dec 28

Dec 29 - With Extreme Prejudice: News article about the murder of a NYPD officer and his wife; Monica posts about the article, wondering if the murder was a vigilante thing.

Dec 30

Dec 31 - Topaz posts about Facebook, and how she wants to delete it. Darcy posts about making latkes. Felicia does an Instagram post regarding NYE.


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