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XProject Announcements and News: <br /></h2></td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td>
XProject Announcements and News: <br /></h2></td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td>
'''Finals:''' June 12-20.
'''Last Day of School:''' June 20.
'''New School Year Starts:''' September 5.
'''New School Year Starts:''' September 5.
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<li>''Morningstar:'' His [[Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum|adventure]] in [[Limbo]] has Consequences for [[Warren Worthington|Warren]].</li><br>
<li>''Morningstar:'' His [[Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum|adventure]] in [[Limbo]] has Consequences for [[Warren Worthington|Warren]].</li><br>
<li>''X-Men Mission: Skull Island:'' [[Christian Kane]] is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!</li><br>
<li>''X-Men Mission: Skull Island:'' [[Christian Kane]] is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!</li><br>
<li>'''The Danger Room Paradox:''' A glitch while modifying the [[Danger Room]] results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.</li><br>  
<li>''The Danger Room Paradox:'' A glitch while modifying the [[Danger Room]] results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.</li><br>  
<li>''Fear in the Dark:'' [[Tandy Bowen|Tandy Bowen's]] past with [[The Dweller in the Dark|the entity known as the Dweller]]  gets majorly complicated.</li>
<li>''Fear in the Dark:'' [[Tandy Bowen|Tandy Bowen's]] past with [[The Dweller in the Dark|the entity known as the Dweller]]  gets majorly complicated.</li>

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MoA Jean.png
Moment of Awesome - Jean Grey/Marvel Girl: Jean takes Kevin Sydney with her on a weekend's downtime, and things get philosophical.

"So Texas Slim," Kevin said, leaning on the edge of the bar while Jean stacked both full chip holders in front of her before ordering a drink. "What do you think of dice now?"

Jean eyed her chips with a laugh. "Feeling a little guilty but it'll pass." She held up a hand toward the bartender. "Amaretto sour, please."

"Guilty? Doctor Grey, what could you possibly feel guilty about?" Kevin said as the bartender left to fill their orders.

"I cheated," she said quietly with a shrug, "That's still wrong."

"The House cheats. That's the default on a casino." Kevin said, accepting a drink as the bartender reappeared. "But if you feel that way, there's a charity across the street you can donate to."

"When we're done maybe I will," she said with a smirk. "I guess I'm used to doing the right thing...most of the time." Emphasis on the former. "But the world's become so grey I want to hold onto what I can."

"You know that doing the selfish thing isn't always doing the bad thing, right?" He took a sip. "You're allowed to look after yourself. Even do something for no other motive than it makes you feel good without being guilty about it. I know I'm the last person to try and justify selfish behaviour, but... Jean, occasionally you need to do what Jean wants and needs. Otherwise, you'll burn yourself out or burn yourself done. Neither is pleasant." Kevin tended to use nicknames for her, so his use of her first name was a note of sincerity. She might not agree, but this wasn't him and his usual bullshit talking to her.

Jean shrugged, swirling her drink stirrer around. "I know. But with Cecilia gone I'm the head doctor at the mansion and...those are big shoes to fill. Especially if we have another incident like with the Destines. It makes me want to quit Claremont, but I'm one of the few people who still advocate for the...unique people there. Most of the good doctors were scared away by protesters and they've gone to hiring anyone who will fill in, which is now mostly a bunch of racists. Only my nurses seem to be the ones sticking around.I haven't had a lot of time to look after myself when I'm looking after everyone else."

"Jesus. It amazes me how much you demand from yourself and yet, you still think you're not doing enough or doing it right." Kevin let out a long sigh. "I don't know how to help but... you need to carve out something for yourself, Jean. Otherwise, and I speak from experience, you'll breakdown at some point. You deserve a break."

Silent for a moment or two, Jean glanced up, watching as excited tourists and gamblers hurried past. She gave them a nod. "Why do you think I'm here?" she said with a smile. "I'm working on it," she assured him. "Getting a workaholic to slow down is a gradual process. Do it too quickly and it's like derailing a train. We're used to frantic momentum. You have to find the right speed or..."

She finished off her drink, slamming it down on the table.

"I've been talking to my supervisor about reducing my workdays. That way I can still be there but can also have some time at the Medlab....and days off. But I can't just do it cold turkey. That's not who I am. I would be bored as hell, and unfulfilled."

Today in XProject:

November 18 - Lorna Dane's birthday

2003: Warren officially joins the staff.

2004: Alison trains with Manuel. Moira works out how Jamie's powers work.

2005: Catseye tests Marius' control of his powers and then freaks him out by changing into a girl. Forge confronts Manuel about sleeping with Dani. Hank tells Dani about moving to Edinburgh. Dani and Manuel go out to escape the mansion for a while after Hank's news. Alex proposes a game of football.

2006: Amanda runs into Kurt before the bus run and he tells her he's changing his surname to hers. Scott and Marie have a Danger Room session and there's a program error. Nathan and Pietro meet in person and discuss various things. Voices Carry: Terry sees Scott about her loss of voice in relation to training.

2007: Scott comes across Haller making Lorna a birthday cake; Lorna announces her birthday. Angelo checks on Domino and they discuss Elpis' interest in mutant child soldiers.

2008: Haller emails Crystal, asking if Cessily can stay at the Attilan school for a while to de-stress. Jean-Paul emails Haller about his concerns for Catseye's personal boundary issues. Scott asks Jennie to run Adrienne through the auxiliary training program. Tatiana reflects on her birthday. Yvette checks on Jean-Phillipe.

2009: X-Men Mission: Jailbreak: Garrison posts to the x_team journal, sharing information on those that escaped during the riots and what actually started it. Wanda posts about not feeling well. Jan wakes up and talks to Hank, who breaks some bad news to her. Dori and Julian visit a local comic store and Dori attempts to score a job. Dori posts about a possible comic store job. Tabitha e-mails Lex about training. Garrison finds Clarice at Harry's Hideaway and talks to her about the events during the jailbreak. Clarice posts a series of expletives to her journal.

2010: Crystal wishes Lorna a happy birthday. Sarah lets everyone know that Jono is on tour. Fianchetto: Doug gets X-Factor to help track down a teleporter by the name of Telford Porter.

2011: Scott returns to the mansion unexpectedly and surprises Jean with the news he's staying indefinitely; Scott announces his return on the journals and on x_team, where he threatens new Danger Room scenarios to test everyone. Jean asks Adrienne out for coffee, needing to get her head around things. Vanessa posts on the journals, asking for volunteers to be a Girl/Guy Friday for X-Factor, to replace Laurie, and Sarah V. volunteers; Vanessa announces on the X-Factor comms that she is going out to interview a potential client, despite concerns about her ability to cope with her new appearance; Jean-Paul tells Bishop to take a break as he is watching over Vanessa. Angelo asks for volunteers to view his latest powers trick. Amanda offers Nico a job as her assistant at Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs. Sarah V. invites Layla to come home with her for Thanksgiving and it goes badly. Shortly after Catseye's return to New York, she and Kyle reconnect and catch up.

2012: Lorna invites people to join her at Harry’s. Angel puts a sticky note on Lorna’s door about her birthday gift. Sue leaves Lorna a parcel containing several new bars of surfboard wax, 4 bars of base coat and 2 bars of cold water wax, plus a new wax comb.

2013: Angel leaves Lorna a birthday gift.

2014: Yvette, Angel and Sooraya have a very muddy Danger Room session and wonder who to blame.

2015: Alex leaves a jacket, skis, and a note for Lorna for her birthday. The Hedgehog and The Fox: Jennie and Clint do some old-school sleuthing, and are about to make a break in the case... when they receive a phone call; Another moment from Jennie's past; As time passes, Jennie and her student grow closer; More time passes; In the present, Jennie and Clint prepare to face the Copenhagen Killer head-on; And then, like that, everything changes between Jennie and her partner; Present Day, Jennie confronts her old lover in hopes of saving his latest victim, with Clint as backup, and they quickly learn they are in over their heads; A robbery takes place, while Jennie and Clint fight for their lives; Everything comes to a head; Clint texts Natasha to tell her they’re alive and back in the US. Lorna posts to X-Factor Investigations about a huge box of donuts she left in the kitchen.

2016: Darcy shares a YouTube video. Lorna lets people know it's her birthday, and that there's cake.

2017: Ev and Matt train with Matt's powers again, this time a bit more successfully. Matt posts about a night at the theater with Clint, Angel and Foggy.

2018: Morningstar: Kevin finds Warren and manages to get them in further trouble; they end up at a magical dealer Mr Jip who gives them information in exchange for Warren's life force and get attacked by the demon Satanna; Kevin calls on Gabe for help and he and Miles rescue Kevin; Felicia asks Illyana for information on Limbo; the team then hatches a plan to save Warren; Mr Jip is forced to give information and returns the life force; Warren is rescued. Gabriel lets Domino know Kevin has returned.

XProject Announcements and News:

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

  • Morningstar: His adventure in Limbo has Consequences for Warren.

  • X-Men Mission: Skull Island: Christian Kane is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!

  • The Danger Room Paradox: A glitch while modifying the Danger Room results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.

  • Fear in the Dark: Tandy Bowen's past with the entity known as the Dweller gets majorly complicated.

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