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Moment of Awesome: Cecilia Reyes: Catching Topaz in the act of sneaking out of the medlab after her rescue from the Destines, Cecilia cuts a deal with the young witch.

"You have got to be kidding me, Topaz." The doctor in question rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed. The sense of deja vu was almost overwhelming. Like mother-figure, like daughter-figure, apparently. Although Topaz was, physically, anyway, in much better shape than Amanda had been. "Really, girl?"

"I'm fine," Topaz insisted weakly. "Besides, I'm going mad in here." That part wasn't entirely untrue. She was shaking and bouncing on her heel, eyes flitting around. "I wasn't going to leave the med lab or anything. Just go for a walk in the hall."

"Mmhmm." Cecilia's skepticism was all too clear. But she could tell Topaz was going a little stir crazy, and knowing what she knew, it was less trouble to occasionally indulge the rebellious tendencies of the mansion's magic users than it would be to try and restrict them. And at the very least, if she was wrong, and Topaz was an expert in malingering, she figured it wouldn't hurt to call the young woman's bluff.

"Well, okay," the doctor said, looking a little bit smug. "Let's go for a walk."

Topaz immediately relaxed, not even bothering to hide the relief in her expression. "Really?" She asked tentatively. She'd been prepared for Cecilia to put her right back in bed.

"Yeah," Cecilia nodded, "sure. We'll take a short walk down the hall and back. We'll go slow, and if you weak, I'll get you in a wheelchair faster than you can protest. One of my many skills." She shrugged. "I don't think there's any reason to be bedridden, and as long as you're accompanied, I don't see a problem." Cecilia considered that. "And if Dr. Grey were to take issue with it, she can be reminded who's in charge here." A beat. "Or maybe we won't tell her."

Topaz smiled a bit. "I'm happy not to tell her and do whatever you say. Thank you." She was a little shaky as she stepped out of her room, looking up and down the hall. One deep breath, then another. She hadn't seen the outside of a room for what felt like months. At least she was seeing it.

"If only all patients were so easy," Cecilia said wryly, because nothing about this situation was easy. She stood quietly for a second, watching Topaz. "Are you — I mean, how are you, honestly?"

"I do my best to make things easy on you lot." Of course, there was that question again. Topaz looked up and down the hall, anywhere but at Cecilia. "I... don't know," she admitted, rubbing her bandaged arm. "Weird. Still having trouble believing..." she waved her hand, "this."

"Yeah." The doctor just nodded, unsure exactly what to say. "A lot of this situation is... unbelievable." She stepped down the hall with Topaz, ready to offer her arm or shoulder or whatever was needed. "It's things like these that make me glad to have Jean around. I'm a great surgeon," she said, with no pretense at humility, "but magic and the mind? Beyond my level."

"I think magic is beyond everyone's level." Topaz kept her eyes on the floor, shuffling along slowly. "Let's be real, the actual magic users barely understand it sometimes. We were researching for days and couldn't figure out how to reverse that curse."

Cecilia made a vague noise of assent. She wasn't entirely sure what to say; it wasn't like she and Topaz had the warmest relationship. They'd never really been close. "Did Amanda tell you I almost had to handcuff her to the bed?" She smiled a little. "I sort of regret not taking the chance when I had it. How many opportunities do you get, really?"

Topaz coughed, trying to hide a laugh. "Sounds about right," she murmured. "What was she so desperate to do that would have warranted handcuffs?"

"Oh please," Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "What do you think? She was just gonna sit idle under the care of me — a person for whom I am pretty sure she has no great respect — while you were in trouble?"

Today in XProject:

October 22 - Felicia Hardy's birthday

2003: Pete returns to the school. The first prank war begins between Jamie and Doug.

2004: Alison agrees to let Manuel practice his powers on her. Manuel and Nathan argue in the library. Jubilee insists on taking Nathan down to medlab for his cold. One To The Chest: Doug makes final preparations.

2005: Scott and Jean return from their vacation. Remy regains consciousness; Jean tells Remy the extent of his injuries and the healing - he's effectively crippled for life. Val Cooper visits the Forge family and offers Forge a deal of immunity if he testifies against Magneto.

2006: Operation: Flesh Mechanic: Betsy and Remy are asked for help by the former KGB. Jennie tells Crystal the truth of her summer. The Gates: The interior Minister is assassinated in Smichov and things get far worse; Elpis reolves to go there and find out what's going on, if possible.

2007: Doug celebrates INTERNATIONAL CAPSLOCK DAY and has a 'lightsaber' battle with Mark. Mark gets a haircut and a new piercing; Amanda and Cyndi congratulate him. Ororo is frustrated at not being able to help with the forest fires in California. Pietro hands his security report to Medusa and is offered a permanent job, which he accepts. Kevin meets Sooraya.


2009: Ororo asks in her journal what people do for fun these days besides marking papers, admitting that she's been a hermit as of late. Catseye comes across Jay practicing stealth in the woods. As they get talking, Jay becomes more and more agitated because of the lack of understanding Catseye has and realizes his patience is low because he's tired. Trying to ditch her, she follows and insists she naps with him to improve his mood and Jay caves. Logan and Cammie meet for another training session of combat but instead, he hands her a book, saying she needs to read it and they will talk about it next session. He wants to her think about why she fights and then they continue moving forward, into more hand to hand physical training. Crystal posts in the team journal to let them know she's their new trainee. Jay goes to see Hank and asks if Hank can help him understand his reactions better and the genetics behinds his changes. Hank agrees.

2010: Julian invites various friends to a showing of Paranormal 2. Yvette asks about Halloween plans and invites the students to a movie marathon in Salem Center. Nico runs into Remy again at the Brownstone and they briefly discuss how the search for her parents is going and what their fate might be when found.

2011: Sam catches Dori sexting Kyle and learns about their relationship and Dori's college attendance. Sam chats to Kurt, asking him if he's aware of Dori and Kyle's relationship. Teresa SMS's Bobby, asking him where he is; she and Bobby talk about the rocky state of their relationship before Terry SMS's the girls to ask for somewhere to stay for a few days. Terry moves in with Crystal following her... discussion with Bobby and the two of them catch up. Cammie talks about her inability to stop playing Minecraft. Layla and Sarah V. visit New York, flirt adorably and visit an adult shop to buy Sarah's corset for her Halloween costume. Layla sets off Kyle's phone to play Al Yankovic's "Yoda" song while Artie videos Kyle's reaction and Sarah just happens to be passing by; it is deemed a successful prank. Layla runs into Cammie in District X and helps her get laid.

2012: Marie-Ange ‘conveniently’ runs into Doug after his latest therapy session with Gus Grim and they talk about his progress.


2014: Jessica texts Rogue that she will help with looking for Rogue’s parents. Clint texts Namor that if he doesn’t hear back from in in half an hour to send help and also sends a picture.. Clint and Julian run into each other during the morning run and hostility happens. Yvette announces that Fred left to go take care of his sick uncle. Wade texts Cecilia that he is at the store and he found cookies made of the shattered dreams of baby unicorns. Wade texts Namor that Cecilia says he owes Namor a consolation pie and asks what kind. Julian texts Tandy to entertain him. Rogue texts Jessica back saying thank you and about a possibility of a road trip. Miles encounters Matt reading in the dark and after sorting out the fact that Matt’s blind, they make food and discuss code names.

2015: The Zodiac: Leo: Kevin and Nina follow the banking trail and make a deal with a panicked mercenary for a meeting in Africa; Kevin and Nina follow the phone to the airfield, and find a very puzzling surprise. Hope comments about reading one of her favorite blogs when she came across a guide to pick out jewelry as a gift.

2016:' Lorna expresses her distaste of Halloween-related prank jobs at X-Factor. Bobbi gives Hope a lesson in observing a suspect while driving.

2017: Remy and Topaz meet in the kitchen.

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Spring Break: March 30-April 6.

Last Day of School: June 26.

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