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Moment of Awesome - Molly Hayes/Bruiser: While waiting for the rest of their team to come out of a magical portal, Molly and Everett Thomas make a worrying discovery.

Molly had circled the portal about eight times, played Candy Crush on her phone, and counted sixteen birds as she and Ev waited for the others (or anything else) to come back. Picking up the silver box that the key was in, she looked it over for the fourth time, studying the markings.

"Is it too much to hope for like… a troll or something? This is boring."

Ev grinned at her. "This is honestly the best-case scenario right now, Agent Hayes. Hopefully it means they're having some success on their side. At the very least, better to be bored than hurt — or worse."

Molly made a face at Ev's optimistic outlook. "I'm totally happy they're okay but… I haven't been on a mission in like… forever. I was kinda hoping to fight something," she said with a shrug, then glanced down at the box.

Ev cocked his head at the box she was holding. "Discern anything new and fun about that yet?"

"There's something about it. It's kinda bugging me. I can't put my finger on it, though."

"Bugging you how?" He leaned over to get a better look at the box, though he knew he had nothing to offer himself. "Does it remind you of something?"

Molly squinted. "Yeah, actually. It… looks a lot like some of tech I saw in Asgard," she said, pulling out a pair of enhancement goggles from her bag to put on. "It's not as advanced, but… it could be used to funnel magic without needing a human or mutant spellcaster. Like a regulator."

Ev raised an eyebrow. "Way above my paygrade. Where would the power come from, if there's no proper spellcaster? It would have to pull it in from somewhere, and I'm no mage, but I do know there's typically not enough abundant magic energy to do that."

Molly lowered the box, turning it over in her hands. "No, there's not," she said thoughtfully, the wheels in her mind turning. Her experience with being cursed made her more interested in researching magic, so she'd spent a lot of time brushing up on it a little… just in case.

"There's got to be a something that keeps the portal open. It's the same with the Asgardian tech. The portal probably runs on a limited supply, so the key — or the key and the box — would keep track of that. Whenever the magic runs out, the box won't have anything to regulate." Molly stared up at the portal with dawning realization.

"And they'll get stuck," Ev concluded.

Molly turned toward him, then pulled out her communicator. "Hey, uh guys — ack!" The communicator made a loud, screeching noise. "The magic might be interfering with the comms. We gotta tell 'em," Molly said. "Are you okay with staying here? I can go tell 'em. If things go pear shaped you're more… authorized to call people in and stuff with your Agentness."

Ev had come to that realization just as she did. Bad enough to venture through a mystery door, even worse to be trapped forever without notice, like the world's worst game of musical chairs. He almost asked her why she was still standing there. "Yes, go! I've got this covered."

Molly gave Ev a salute, sprinting through the portal. "Catch you on the flipside, Agent Thomas!" Hopefully she could get to the others in time to warn them before it was too late.

Today in XProject:

June 18

2003: Crimson Dawn: Essex examines Betsy's eyes with a view to curing her blindness.

2004: Pete emails Nathan from Uganda mentioning he's been shot helping a journalist friend. Amanda and Manuel end their vacation in Spain with an ancient pagan fertility site.

2006: Dani moves into Marie's suite. Mondo arrives at the mansion.


2007: Remy drops by Amanda's apartment to leave something, and there is a rather distressing scene. Yvette says goodbye to Mondo. Laurie and Garrison talk self-defence. Krakoa: Juggernaut, Blink and Sunfire go to Krakoa, the Pacific island, on request from the Japanese to discover what has happened there; the team is disturbed to realise the island was the base for wartime experimentation on POWs; the team find an old man, survivor of a microwave bombing, whose mutant power makes him toxic to everything and everyone; at his request, they give him the means to kill himself and leave; the team make no report of what actually happened. Sound of Silence: Maximus Boltagon and Fabian Cortez meet to discuss their plan to kill the royal family and Maximus seize the throne. Amahl Farouk arrives in New York. Marius brings brunch to Ororo and they discuss his education.

2008: Creations Beautiful and Wondrous: When Angelo and Nathan fail to return or call in, the remaining group of Rahne, Jane, Monet, Yvette and Domino debate what to do; back up is unavailable, so they have to search for the missing pair themselves; Nathan and Angelo are located, and a plan made; the girls go in and disrupt things, and make their departure before disgruntled dreamers blame them for awakening. Scott checks up on Forge and they discuss the Blackbird. Amanda finds herself in Beaumont-les-Bains, the French village that is Remy's personal haven.

2009: Kevin helps settle Yvette back into her room and shows her his progress with his powers; Yvette posts again, asking for visitors; Jay emails Yvette, asking her to ask Kevin to leave; Jay visits and shares his movie magazines. Nick meets Catseye in the woods and they play Chase; Nick introduces himself on the journals. Manuel and Jean-Paul gossip at the pool. Catseye accidentally delivers a baby mouse to Sarah when she mixes up rooms. Mnemovore: Nathan and Jean-Paul plan out their trip and discuss the past.

2010: A Betrayal of Heart: Unable to cope with the idea that Nick might be dead, Catseye seeks out Kurt; Catseye posts to the journals saying goodbye and explaining where she's going and why. Jean-Paul sits for Kevin for an art assignment, then discussion of age ensues.

2011: Matt mentions mail he's received from Wade, discusses his punishment work with Kyle. My Long Forgotten Son: Artie discusses his decision to not talk about Annalee with Mr Haller.

2012: Scott give Layla a singing beaver. Jubilee warns North about not harming Kurt. Angelo posts about being back and doesn’t know what to do now. Warren offers him an possible internship. Remy dispatches the troupes to start repairing the intelligence network. Professor X posts about Piotr Rasputin not yet returning from Russia. Sooraya posts about being back from Muir. Angel leaves Catseye a copy of Peter Rabbit outside her suite. Sooraya mails Lorna about helping out at the food stand on the Fair. Jean warns anyone who escapes the Medlab, will be the responsibility of Amelia. Jean angrily texts Scott about North escaping. Wanda posts about being around for a while and she and Jean agree to go drinking; drunk and angry about North, Jean bails up Remy at 2:00 a.m. and they argue. Dori and Kyle go on a date in L.A. compare their hands and feet to the famous, take pictures, eat pizza and talk over the food. Catseye thanks Angel and makes her a chocolate carrot cake.

2013: Tandy posts asking why Molly ran out of the rec room screaming.

2014: Billy states his love for pepperoni. Cecilia writes to Spain in a post saying LOL. Wade posts about his disappointment in Cameroon.

2015: Monet complains about insomnia in typical Monet fashion. Alison is gleeful that she actually slept the night through. Hope emails Wade to ask for lessons in picking locks and similar activities. Clint texts Matt to ask if he’s ready for Pride. Amanda posts a follow-up to her latest Magic 101 talk about demons.

2016: Jean starts an impromptu pizza party, with prizes for the weirdest topping requests.


2018: Meggan texts Wade about having car issues. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: The newspapers report there seems to be a lull in the violent attacks.


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