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April 10

2004: Bobby and Jane go for ice cream and have a sort-of first date. Angelo, Jono and Paige try to work out exactly what their relationship is. Warren has a meeting with Cameron Hodge.

2005: Margali Szardos recieves word that another clan has a 'demon' that they are exhibiting in a traveling circus and discovers it is a mutant child; the Szardos family discusses ways to rescue the child, who is not a demon, and Amanda offers to use part of her trust fund to buy the child off the rival clan.; later that same night, Amanda soothes the child to sleep, and then has a dream, wherein the child's name is revealed to be Meggan.

2006: Alison says goodbye to mansion residents. Emerald Isle: Terry and Tom continue to travel through Ireland.

2007: This Savage Land: Laurie is excited about the field trip. Monet and Crystal go shopping and bond over gossip. Operation: Cruel Country: Remy asks for volunteers for the Uganda mission and Amanda asks Sofia to come and help as a personal favour; the Uganda mission goes terribly wrong as the team is psionically tagged and have to split up and flee; Remy and Sofia are both shot; Illyana makes it back with the files and sits on comms, waiting for word.

2008: Garrison is visited at his FBI office by US Marshall Bernard Kettleman, who explains that he is bringing his niece, daughter of a felon, to the school; a disgruntled Inez arrives and is met by Dani; Inez announces her arrival on the journals. Mark emails those who emailed him while he was too ill to respond. Christopher Summers arrives at the school, to Alex's joy and Scott's displeasure. Jubilee pins down Farouk to try and ask him his motives, and gets a lesson in information gathering and diplomacy.

2009: 3 2 1 Contact: Nathan accompanies Leo to Trey Riley's arraignment, after which Leo has breakfast with Yvette and discusses matters. Lil inquires about who will be around for the Easter weekend and a cookout is discussed. Morgan and Adrienne go out shopping and discuss their love lives. Fred meets Logan for a powers evaluation and manages to impress the X-Man. Logan emails Kyle to catch up and mend fences. Jean-Paul arrives on Muir for some rest and talks with Nathan about the events of the past week. Doreen meets Kurt after being awoken from a nap.


2011: Angelo's mother is up to something and Angelo is curious. X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Crystal calls X-Factor with a report of a District X brothel allowing its workers to be physically abused by clients; Crystal later turns up at the offices, using an image inducer as her disguise, and asks to be allowed to accompany Vanessa while she investigates; after talking to the girl Crystal discovered the night before, they go see Madame Libertine, the former owner of the 'day spa' and discover she was forced out of the business with threats to her daughter's safety; Vanessa offers to keep her daughter safe and remove the new owner before someone gets killed. Vanessa enlists Wade to protect Libertine's daughter at the mansion; Wade texts Kyle, asking for some items to help keep the girl safe - bulletproof glass and manuel locks. Operation: Sanguinicity: Wanda texts Ororo about the job and needing to talk to her as soon as possible; Wanda posts a round up of the mission to x_snowvalley and damage control begins. Kurt encounters Sarah pretending to have a light saber battle and offers to teach her sword play. Jan leaves Kevin a waffle voucher.

2012: Kyle shares a humorous pie chart about Hamlet and the ensuing thread turns to talk of mastication. Meggan gives Wade a set of ninja fighting chopsticks.

2013: Maddie asks everyone to watch the musical because Billy is great in it.

2014: Tandy shares her new ring tone. Billy emails Amanda, asking for help to remove his blue-ness before his date. Hope and Lorna invite everyone to an Easter egg hunt and dinner. Tandy, Sue, and Namor are on their way into the City when they discover Sue's necklace glows.

2015: Wade posts thanking everyone for voting for the Golden Girls Lego set. 21st Century Digital Boy - Quentin Quire manifests his telepathy in the middle of school after being harassed; a news story breaks about kids at Van Wyck Prepratory Academy collapsing; Jean and Jennie are dispatched to find out what's going on at the school, and discover Quentin; together they talk him down and get him out; Jean texts Scott to update him on what happened at the school. Matt and Clint label the food in the kitchen with Braille; Clint texts Scott after to make sure that was okay. Molly texts Jubilee a picture of a present she got for her. Marie-Ange and Laurie hang out, and Marie-Ange offers some advice.

2016: Clint celebrates his nanite-free status with a science-themed bad movie marathon. Wade lets Kurt know he has obtained a mysterious Something during his most recent trip. Jean-Paul asks Kitty how well she knows Cecilia, revealing his concern that she wants him sexually; Kitty emails Cecilia to ask her how well they know each other, and Jean-Paul is mocked. In typical Namor style, the King of Atlantis requests Marie-Ange’s art skills be put to his use to document his past; Marie-Ange emails Clint, Doug and Amanda about Namor’s email and some of the eccentricities therein. Are We Ourselves: Off the coast of Alaska, Baron Zemo awakens the Fixer, resurrected in a robot body and the true nature of the mission is revealed.


2018: Gabriel texts Clint to let him know he has a date for his GED. Miles realises he hasn’t arranged a summer job within his area of study yet. Clint lets Matt know it’s National Sibling Day and talk turns to ice cream; when Clint calls Angelo Jean-Phillipe’s boyfriend in the thread, Marie-Ange texts her cousin to let him know she’s going to correct Clint and out their engagement.