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April 2

2004: Nathan's visions start to make him physically ill. X-Men Mission: Bombing At Disneyworld: The Friends of Humanity bomb Disneyland; Kurt and Logan are sent to investigate. Doug and Marie-Ange get together. Artie recruits Kitty to help him find Sarah's foster sister. Jamie pranks Doug in revenge, with the help of a hologram projector. He also trades Lorna's coffeemaker for an exact duplicate that only produces instant.

2005: Madelyn argues with the director of the local EMT service to get Clarice's application for a job looked at again. Nathan hallucinates and has an argument with his subconscious. In seperate events, Alison, Amanda and Angelo run into and greet Jake. Hellfire and Damnation: Pete Wisdom disables a team of X-Men who are helping to bodyguard Alphonso de la Rocha, intent on taking out his revenge on the man. Alison attempts to stop him, and in the process, Alphonso is killed.

2006: House of Wind: The team continues their search in Rio. Full Metal Mutants: Shiro discovers a disturbing Japanese news article.

2007: Mark appears at work with a pair of false breasts for belly dancing class. Spring Break begins and Forge sets up his 'office' on the island in the middle of the lake. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna voices her belief Scott and Ororo are avoiding selecting her for missions. Amanda and Angelo post about their return to New York. Angelo asks Lorna for his self-defence teaching job back. Five Against One: Jim emails Lorna and Betsy to let them know he's 'back'; Nathan asks Haller how he's doing.

2008: Operation: Take A Bow: Scott and Medusa both email Mark with well wishes; Illyana sends a get well card to Mark; Illyana asks about the breach of security protocols on the student journals; Emma does the same, only with less asking and more admonishing; Tabitha almost starts off the cycle again with a joke of her own about DNA confirmation. Julio complains about the strangers insulting him in his journal and wants to lock it; Nathan comes across Julio trying to burn off steam and tries to reason with him. Amanda drags Marie-Ange out for coffee. Forge and Laurie talk about being an X-Man. Lorna announces she is going to move to California for graduate study in May. Jay emails Amanda asking to meet up. Laurie talks to Nathan about being a good X-Man and what it entails. Nathan discusses his poor telepathic shielding with Jean and they worry about Angelo.

2009: Lil posts to the journals, drunk and looking for her pants; later she emails Jean-Paul, asking if he stole them and he admits to being the culprit. Zanne emails Manuel, curious about what he did to deserve the ABBA onslaught. Nathan thanks people for his birthday and mocks the hungover. Congress of Behram: Jake emails Wanda from Germany, where he's been drafted for security for the conference; Crystal mentions she and Laurie will be attending the conference. Kevin meets Callie while lying low in the metal shop and they get on quite well. Johnny asks for a lift to the play; Yvette and Catseye are surprised by the appearance of Kevin, after the show. Callie and Johnny meet up in the kitchen after the play and chat.

2010: Julian and Nico have an intimate moment. Nico drops by at Amanda's with questions and the two trade stories about their bitter past. Adrienne sends Jean-Paul an email thanking him for the birthday gift. Adrienne sends Vanessa an email to thank her for the day before and informs Vanessa that her lackeys will be delivering a case of Anchor Steam and a bottle of scotch to the penthouse, and that she has tickets to the Sox home opener on Sunday. Kevin leaves Jean-Paul a drawing under his door. Kurt makes a post on his journal, letting everyone know that Meggan has had a rather unpleasant few days but is safely back at the mansion and is allowed visitors. Crystal announces her plans to head back to Attilan for spring break and offers an invitation to the students to visit the island anytime during their two weeks vacation. Jean-Paul invites Vanessa over to watch a movie called Zombieland and they discuss the virtues and uses of virgins. Emma sends words of encouragement to Doug via email and lets him know that she is always there for him.

2011: Tired of studying, Angelo throws an impromptu party.

2012: Sarah V. takes her road test so she can get her license and Wade goes along for moral support.

2013: Wade wants to look for something for Marie-Ange at the mall, Billy wants to find a gift for Maddie... so Wade gives Billy a ride.


2015: Molly and Artie reunite in the kitchen, and in the process talk about the problems involved with the new world and the new people. Kevin and Wade talk about what being a spy involves. Cecilia is most unhappy at Wade for disappearing so abruptly and lets him know about it. Molly meets the new Matt and experiences the oddness of the ‘frankenberry’ people for herself. Tandy goes to talk to Doug about new ID for her older self, and they share stories about Asgard.

2016: Maya emails Wade about camping. Are We Ourselves: Clint tries to find Kyle, but things don't go as planned and he calls Everett for backup; with Clint missing, Molly, Natasha and Topaz track him down and run into a nanite-infected Kyle; Everett, Molly, Kyle and Topaz find Clint and then the man behind the mysterious disappearances, leading to a series of confrontations.

2017: Darcy posts, asking for ideas on how to help the bookstore. Ty texts Topaz to tell her that pink is her colour. ‘Nica posts about how to protect fellow students at Bayville from discrimination. Clea texts Stephen and Megan about their stones. Ev helps Gabriel with a powers issue. Artie is unimpressed with a prank that left him with a twisted ankle. The Mutant Chronicle posts a comprehensive article about knowing one’s rights.

2018: Laurie contemplates time travel.