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April 29

2004: Illyana is allowed out of the medlab. She and Amanda talk and are suspicious at each other.

2005: Remy and Domino discuss Pete and the Intel situation and then Domino talks to Amanda about anything but Pete. Traitor: Jay insists on the details of his condition being kept confidential; Hank and Madelyn talk about the attack on Jay and the inaction by the local police. Amanda, Marie-Ange and Meggan move into one of the senior suites.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Scott, Logan, Ororo, Sam and Kurt attend a party at the Hellfire Club and manage to bring Jean back at the end of the night.

2007: Ahab (plot): Doug emails Remy with information that the money trails lead to "R. Campbell". Remix: Paul La Rue, would-be criminal and staff at the retreat center, uses hir powers to switch the genders of all the Xavier's (and Snow Valley) staff there; Marie, Pietro and Angelo track down the offender but ze can't change them back, although the effect is only temporary, lasting about a week; the gender-swapped staff have various issues with clothing and reactions; the staff return to the school. Remy goes to Muir Island to chase up some leads on Kevin MacTaggart's DNA. Jennie asks Marius to the prom. Illyana moves to the brownstone.

2008: Jay thanks Clarice for altering his shirts. Mark celebrates the release of the new Madonna album. Lorna has managed to clear up the mess with her schools, but only to find someone has booby trapped her office. Adrienne gloats over the Blue Jays loss. Crystal emails Lorna about her prankster. Emma announces her presence in London. Operation: London Calling: Amanda has a restless evening for reasons she can't pin down, culminating in a strange phone call.

2009: The Mummies' Return: The group does the tourist thing with their guide, Dr. Theodore Gaskill, and Monet manages to freak him out by breaking a fragment of statue; Monet falls victim to the archeologist as he uses his mutant powers to possess her via a necklace, making her believe she is Sekhemet reborn and unleashing mummies on a market; Laurie, Crystal and Kurt manage to subdue Monet and the archeologist and then flee the scene before police arrive; afterwards, Laurie calls Eammon and talks about the weirdness of her life before making plans to meet if they're in the same city. Nathan is 'impressed' by the rooftop lawn on the boathouse, complete with Quebecois flag and enemy tartan painted on the walls; lakings ensue, and Jean-Paul "apologises" on the journals; Zanne offers free showings of footage from the lakings.

2010: Jubilee makes an odd journal post, feeling silly. Dungeons and Derangements: Dori invites a number of the New Mutants to play D&D with her. Nico visits Julian in the medlab and he discovers he can see lines of telekinetic force like Nathan can. Laura meets Jean-Paul on the grounds and confuses him by asking what he's going to do with his life.

2011: Doug posts about post-Easter sales and Reese's holiday candy. Amanda mediates between Marie-Ange and Jubilee and they reach an agreement on future behaviour.

2012: Kyle sends Wade an e-mail revealing that Moira has got the test results and Wade isn't Kyle's biological father.

2013: Tandy posts this music video and mentions how it is going to be her new ring tone. Gershomi: Bishop finally gets access to the lockbox for Lorna and she discovers a photo among various papers that looks like a young Magneto.

2014: Yvette emails Hope about joining a committee to plan a Red X fundraiser. Garrison and Fred train in the Danger Room. In the midst of power training, Sue and Cecilia talk about being two girls with forcefields at Xavier's Mansion McCrazy.

2015: Laurie goes to check on Haller, now that she knows he's back, and they both spectacularly fail at taking care of themselves while simultaneously trying to take care of someone else.

2016: Domino asks for tips on removing bloodstains. Wade texts his associate Weasel about an article about a weasel. Hope and Hank go out to a fancy dinner — for work. Miles shares a video.

2017: Maya makes a journal entry about the disaster that is Fyrefest. Topaz invites Hope over for some de-stressing and drinking.

2018: Maya decides that, after the news article, she’s going to donate blood and join the anti protest protests. Clint lets the proto-eXcalibur know he’s holding a health and safety meeting and various mansion teens end up being offered up as minions. Meanwhile Angel and Kevin get together to talk food. Topaz emails Stephen informing him that he has been requisitioned as Darcy’s assistant. Kitty posts to let the mansion know she’s taking a short job offer in Chicago for a while. Bobbi and Sharon head to a diner for some comfort food, Bobbi notices how jumpy Sharon is and confronts her about it, finding it out it’s to do with her time in the army and the Iraqi super-soldier.