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April 3

2004: Bobby and Nathan have a very bad day, courtesy of the FOH and the Askani respectively. X-Men Mission: Bombing At Disneyworld: The team investigates the bombing and finds enough evidence to link particular FOH members to it; the evidence is passed onto the police.

2005: Dani asks Hank to adopt her baby. Hellfire and Damnation: Alison informs Charles about Alphonso's death; Manuel finds out that his father has been killed, and believes that the de la Rocha line is ended; he discovers Amanda knew beforehand and tells her to leave; Alison finds Amanda about to run away and suggests she and Kurt go to the Szardos Clan for a while; Jean and Manuel talk in the the Box after Manuel has a breakdown about his father's death.

2007: Jennie is bored. John rejoins the school and visits Marie to renew their friendship; John posts to the journals about his return, and starts something of a commotion; Forge emails Marie-Ange and Amanda about the prodigal. Terry offers Bobby's bongos free to a good home. Five Against One: Haller invites all those with a history of being possessed to "Possession Night" at Harry's. Our Hell: Terry invites an obviously-tired Illyana to be in her wedding party.

2008: Amanda is under the weather after Pete's buying of rounds at the pub the night before. Mandelbrot Bound: Garrison has an odd murder case that he asks Wanda and Sofia for advice on and it's revealed chaos math is involved; Wanda and Garrison visit the latest crime scene and are ambushed by the killer. Amanda suggests clubbing together money and music for a new iPod for Mark and Doug goes to Forge for some 'modifications'. Laurie claims the TV room for a Press Gang marathon. Jay and Amanda have coffee and discuss what happened to Mark.

2009: Congress of Behram: Remy meets with X-Force (and Farouk) after his talk with Vazhin and reveals assassins are targeting someone at the conference; Charles announces his departure for Germany, as does Leo. Kyle and Jan go to the bus station to pick up Doreen 'Dori' Green, the school's newest student; 'Dori' introduces herself on the journals. Johnny's belongings arrive and Jean-Paul and he are unsettled to discover he has packed all trace of his son and sent it to Xavier's. Julian says hi to his old friend from LA, Doreen. Jean-Paul emails Jan to let her know Callie is staying in his suite for a while.

2010: Sometime late at night, Kevin leaves a sketch under Jean-Paul's door. Revenant: Adrienne drops by on Amanda and finds out more about what happened in the Hellfire Club; Meggan apologises to Catseye for being snappy at her previously.

2011: Operation: Sanguinicity: Jake and Sarah observe a potential contact in Berlin, and are surprised when he's joined by a mysterious woman. Warren argues with his father, and later invites Tabitha out for a drink, though they don't end up drinking much.

2012: Dori attempts to do something cute and an argument with Kyle (who's kind of a jerk about it) ensues. Madelyne posts demanding tribute tomorrow in the form of cash money, articles of monetary value, and/or baked goods and chocolate and her intention to be known as Supreme Ultimate High Comandress in the future.

2013: Kyle texts Maddie telling her to check out the game which Texas won. Frank leaves Topaz a packet of Kimberly Mikados like he had promised. Topaz texts Frank thanking him for the Mikados. Gershomi: Jennifer Walters e-mails Bishop promising to get him a court order to open the lock box by the next morning. Excelsior East: Arcade contacts Snow Valley telling them Artie is in trouble and tells them where Artie is in exchange for the return of his hard drive. X-Force infiltrate Dobson’s casino by simulating a particularly nasty breakup. Cammie is thwarted in her quest for a drink when the bar is closed do to a sickening smell. Emma enjoys herself at the blackjack tables before the fire alarm clears the casino. Ororo and Sarah distract security by trading accusations and barbs until the fire alarms unleashes chaos. Amanda Wade and Wanda sneak into the back rooms under cover of the confusion and manage to rescue Artie. Remy, North and Jubilee fight their way into Dodson’s office and acquire the hard drive Arcade wanted. Billy and Frank discuss magic over milk and cookies.

2014: Tandy texts Sue on if they will continue to live here or should they find places near their colleges. Hope emails Lorna about helping organizing a party in the future. Tandy posts about her school musical Legally Blonde and that the tickets are now on sale with the dates.

2015: Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know he has their costumes for Adrienne’s birthday party. North catches Felicia in his office and after holding her at gunpoint, they talk. Wade texts Scott to let him know he has food and to meet him at their usual spot. Felicia makes her first post to the journals. Jean and Warren go to Miami for a short vacation and in the process decide to go back to being friends. Molly seeks out Wade, since he’s not looking for her.

2016: Gabriel]] complains about the state of late-night revelry. Are We Ourselves: The group in Alaska discusses the previous day's events while preparing to return. Clint texts Doug and Scott about the mission. Jean-Paul asks Topaz where she's been. Doug texts Marie-Ange about the nanites. Clint tells Angel he's back. Molly tells Wade the same and in the process there’s a misunderstanding about poutine. Laurie checks on Kyle and Clint; Maya checks on Topaz.

2017: Topaz takes her revenge, leaving green army men in Clea, Billy, Megan and Stephen's rooms. Clea texts Topaz and Stephen, separately, about Topaz's revenge.

2018: Ready or Not: Stephen texts the others to let them know they won the Predator X beta contest.