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April 30

2004: Trojan Horse: Nathan goes to meet his contact and gets something of a shock when he realizes who it is. Then said contact drugs his beer and kidnaps him.

2005: After an incident with one of Strange's books, it's decided Meggan won't come to Amanda's magic lessons any more. Traitor: Jay and Terry talk and Terry suspects it was Tommy who attacked him. Growing Pains: Forge has a fall from a horse and breaks his arm; later Hank suspects complications.

2006: Mutant Fight Club: Kyle has a test fight at the club.

2007: Remix: Student and other staff reactions to the gender swap range from confused to disturbed to highly amused; various issues with interpersonal relationships, clothing, bathrooms and sexuality rage; people deal - or don't deal - with things in various ways, including making icons; Marie makes the official report of the incident; Pietro has issues with his powers and a change in body shape, plus having cramps; Tabitha invites swapped Kurt out for drinks. John asks Cain for maintenance help after he manages to scorch parts of his suite trying to kill cockroaches. Cain emails Illyana, wanting to speak to her and they discuss Limbo and the possibility that Cain "broke" it. Forge meets Minister Robert Gordon MacDonald in Canada, and is bemused. Kyle experiments with Angel's powers, getting her to microwave food.

2008: Operation: London Calling: Amanda asks the rest of X-Force if something strange is happening in London. Crystal and Lorna have dinner and discuss Crystal's reasons for resigning as a teacher.

2009: Following up a request from North, Jake lets him know that in all likelihood a missing package with Infonet will be in a warehouse in Saint-Genis-Pouilly. Dani emails Sam about going shooting. Dani announces her reinstatement as RA. Jennie hates all men in the wake of finding out her boyfriend had dumped her without telling her. At the mansion for his chess game with Manuel, Bishop instead meets Doreen and Monkey Joe and winds up teaching her how to play chess. Mark is excited about the Eurovision Song Contest and Serbia's entry. Jay complains that living with Dani is going to make him fat and she chides him for eating an entire pie. Jake and Doug go out to eat and talk about Day Zero before switching to less-traumatic topics. Jan announces her upcoming birthday and hopes nothing happens. Adrienne announces a prom dress recycling program through her store, encouraging donations of formal wear for underprivileged prom-goers. After his first session with Jack Leary, Jean-Paul has distraction in the form of Lil asking to go to prom with him and decompressing in the form of drinks and talk with Nathan.

2010: Garrison and Adrienne relax by the pool, compare injuries and talk about the close call Adrienne had in India. Jared Corbo arrives at the school, with Yvette answering the door and being somewhat smitten. Kevin leaves Jean-Paul a note explaining about his addiction to his powers and his relationship with Jay; Jean-Paul seeks Kevin out in his workshop and they agree to try being in a relationship. Vanessa meets with Charles Xavier and discusses her future options, receiving an offer of funding for her investigative agency.

2011: Kevin posts about Ghost Hunters and how ridiculous it is, prompting a long thread that devolves into innuendo.

2012: Maddie makes a post about the hotness of redheads and discovers Wade and Doug are not a gay couple. Wade invites Meggan and Catseye to learn how to hotwire cars.

2013: Catseye is excited about the imminent end of her school and her plan to open a restaurant in Salem Center. Clarice goes to talk to Jean about her impending graduation and a job in the med lab. Gershomi: Unsettled by her discovery and the possibility Magneto could be her father, Lorna goes to Wanda to look at getting proof in the form of a DNA comparison; Lorna lets Wanda know she has made an appointment for the blood test. Sooraya and Sam talk about religious faith, in the wake of Sooraya’s conflict about Angelo’s sexuality. Matt posts about taking further steps to get closer to college.

2014: Clarice emails Billy about rescheduling teleportation training. Matt posts about Easter candy and Spanish finals. Looking to crash at Amanda's, Matt instead runs into Jubilee and winds up with take out and conversation.

2015: Roxy posts a news story about a fox making its own sandwich and wonders if it could be a shape-shifting mutant. Topaz meets Quentin and neither is impressed. Adrienne asks for prom dress donations. Rachel approaches Haller about her brain being “too full”.

2016: Emma announces her return from vacation. Gabriel asks for volunteers for an LGBT prom. Wanda and Everett catch up in the gym, with some mutual ogling. Artie and Maya talk about her issues with the mansion and her brief-but-puzzling crush on Clint.


2018: Wade asks for Clarice’s help with his pseudo parent situation. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative Another news article goes up about how other blood clinics in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama have followed the Mayo Clinic's suit and are turning away visible mutants.