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April 4

2004: Logan is sent to recruit Shinobi to the team. Amanda tries to heal the damage caused to Manuel by their link being blocked, but it only results in their minds overlapping. Dr. Henry Pym continues his efforts to win Moira over.

2005: Jubilee visits Amanda to try to comfort her after Manuel's journal post announcing his father's death. Hank, Forge and Dani go to Oklahoma to appear at Dani's court appearance for her divorce, and encounter Sheldon, and Sheldon's mother. Jean writes a letter she will never send to Thomas, the boyfriend she had while suffering amnesia.

2006: House of Wind: Things come to a head in Rio, and Nathan is finally rescued; Saul Morrow and Gideon Faraday both die in the process.

2007: Jennie and Monet meet in the laundry room. Jean runs into John in the CoffeeQuake. Mark puts away his breasts. Jennie emails Marius about her meeting with Monet. Medusa visits 'King Forge' on his island. Remy warns the Snow Valley staff about saying too much to John about their other work. Logan and Garrison talk down by the quarry, and Logan gets some food for thought. Five Against One: Haller emails Sofia and Mark about the incidents during his split. Possession Night: Wanda, Jean, Cain, Haller, Betsy, Marie and Nathan go to Harry's to celebrate not being possessed any more; Nathan is less happy about things; everyone gets very drunk and there are various drunken posts and messages. John meets Yvette in the kitchen. Our Hell: Monet, bored with economics, interrupts Illyana doing her research and they get on surprisingly well.

2008: Laurie is confused by Rick Astley and Nigerian spam. Forge asks Julio to come help him with something. Mandelbrot Bound: Amanda wonders where Wanda has gotten to; Wanda and Garrison both wake up to find themselves in the hands of the Gamemaster, an omnipath who has been trying to counter the effects of Wanda's power on his neatly-controlled section of New York by 'pruning' various individuals; Garrison is forced through a series of death traps whilst the Gamemaster gets to know Wanda better; Sofia determines where the Gamemaster is and sets off to recover Wanda and Garrison; Garrison has failed the last trap, but is rescued by Sofia; the pair free Wanda, and the backlash destroys the Gamesmaster's mind; an injured Garrison asks to be retrieved from the hospital and the combination of blood loss and painkillers makes for some amusing journal comments. Operation: Take A Bow: Amanda visits Mark in hospital and gives him his new iPhone, and he has another flashback to his time in the demon dimension. Nathan speaks to one of the Muir patients about their return to the school. Julio helps Forge test out a new bullet, and they discuss various recent events. Scott and Haller go out drinking, talk about fathers and wind up being joined by Cain, Betsy and Lorna.

2009: Angel tries to teach Julian to fly with his powers, but it doesn't go as planned; Jean emails Julian about his attempted flight and insists on checking him over; after the play, Julian asks Angel about calling herself his girlfriend during the roof incident. Jean-Paul takes Cammie grocery shopping. Fred sees Dr. Voght about his pain issues. Marie-Ange and Mark amuse themselves at the conference with snark.

2010: Vanessa sends an email out to Laurie, Adrienne, Lex and Jean-Paul, letting them know that she is leaving on Sunday to pay her respects to someone close to her. She lets Laurie know that she might have Laurie's boyfriend, Eamon, in tow when she returns. Jan offers to make Peeps Sushi for Easter Sunday. Kevin leaves a drawing of an old couple under Jean-Paul's door. Revenant: Heinrich Klar has stolen Selene's body and finds it is not as dead as thought - Candra has taken up residence.

2011: Suffering food poisoning after eating leftover Chinese from the day before, Matt meets Wade and they commiserate over vomit buckets. Operation: Sanguinicity: Sarah posts to x_snowvalley about the mysterious woman she and Jake observed and Remy gets the team into investigation mode. Vanessa posts about her return from Wales, the need for activity after long flights and the building work being done in District X. Artie goes to the Snow Valley offices for a training session with Marie-Ange. Amanda runs into 'John' at the mansion and gives him another perspective on his amnesia issues.

2012: Jubilee plays this video over the loud speakers at the Snow Valley Offices early in the morning. Doug leaves a stuffed platypus outside Madelyne's door for her birthday. Meggan leaves donuts and plushies, and Wade leaves a box of Godiva Dessert Truffles and a $30 gift card to Big Gay Ice Cream. Sooraya leaves a tin filled with homemade Gosh Feel and a copy of The Hunger Games. Wade meets Sharon in her large cat form. Angelica finally gets a hold of her roommate in England. Needless to say...the discussion doesn't go well. Anngel posts to say that she will not be returning to England as planned. After seeing Angelica's journal post, Sooraya decides Angel needs some comfort - and hot chocolate.

2013: Korvus gathers the students in the gymnasium for a secret meeting. Tandy texts Maddie wishing her happy birthday. Billy promises Maddie a cake as soon as she can eat dairy frosting again. Excelsior East: Arcade and Dodson make up and plan to have dinner while figuring out ways to create a security system that can beat X-Force.

2014: Topaz leaves this shirt and this card on Maddie’s dresser with a picture of Maddie and Sue together for her birthday. Clint leaves this cookbook and this pendant for Maddie’s birthday.

2015: Wanda and North take a break from work to have beer, Chinese food and chat. Molly posts about her return and her time in Asgard; Angelo goes to find her and there are Christmas songs and snacks. Alison Blaire posts a blog announcing that she is canceling all her future concerts and that she will be back on stage before long. Adrienne’s birthday party at Harry's Hideaway - the mansion adults attend in Disney costume and there is mostly fun and banter; Adrienne tells Jean about Warren and Jessica, and Jean tells Warren exactly what she thinks of him cheating on her; while cleaning up, Rogue kisses Logan, but he gently rebuffs her.

2016: Are We Ourselves: Scott lets all the teams know where to find Clint’s report about the happenings in Alaska. Wade is confused about how Molly could think “poutine” was something kinky. Arthur emails Kyle with a Great Bad Idea.

2017: Topaz texts Amanda about a mysterious rock that appeared. Quentin and Hank talk about mutant advocacy and passing privilege.

2018: Clint texts Namor about checking a potential lead to Atlantis out.