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April 9

2004: Logan gets a job offer in Canada. Marie is in favour of him accepting. Warren joins Red X.

2005: Angelo talks to Hank about his future career choices. Cain visits Nathan in the infirmary and they talk about the X-Men.

2006: Nathan offers Bobby an official job with Elpis. Operation: Opening Salvo: Pete offers Remy a job. Logan is put back on active duty.

2007: Logan tracks John down at Harry's and they have a rather unproductive encounter. Marie suggests a retreat for stress-relief for the team. This Savage Land: Charles announces a field trip to the Mesozoic Biofloral Conservatory. Scott and Kurt discuss feelings of mortality. Forge and John meet and it's a clash of ideologies. Logan and Angel discuss her powers mishap and his adamantium skeleton. Angel and John meet and discuss their similar powers. Lorna and Marie go shopping and discuss Lorna's weekend. Sarah and Angelo re-establish their friendship. Crystal and Angelo talk about the staff's stress-reduction techniques and he explains his undercover mission back in March. Our Hell: Illyana makes a breakthrough on her research into Limbo, and decides to look at original sources in a secure government archive in Chita; it ends in disaster when she is found and knocked out before she can teleport away and she is arrested by Alexei Vazhin, who decides to use her to gain leverage with X-Force; Remy gets a call he is most unhappy about and goes to Russia to cut a deal - in return for Illyana not being tried and executed for espionage on behalf of the school, X-Force must retrieve information from a lab in Uganda belonging to the British government.

2008: Emma announces an impending absence on a business trip and emails Kurt to inform him of the same. Scott and Angelo run into each other whilst running and Scott confronts Angelo about his need to punish himself. Marie emails Amanda to explain about her new pet, Jack the Monkey. Bishop runs into Clarice after a training. Manuel emails Amanda letting her know he isn't sure about going to her birthday party. Yvette meets Alex out by the skateboarding ramp, and they talk about his father visiting.

2009: Lil and Tabitha celebrate the prank they played on Manuel. Lil and Logan have a sparring session that includes some vaguely unresolved tension; Lil later goes shopping with Adrienne and the two women discuss their love lives or lack thereof. Jean-Paul contacts Nathan to inform him when he will be returning from Canada. Jay meets with Ororo regarding the care of the small plant she entrusted to him. Nori hunts down Kevin while he's at the mansion and abducts him for some KFC. Manuel and Adrienne have a chat in the kitchen.

2010: Vanessa and Thom discuss what to do next and he helps her sort out what she needs to do for her private investigation business. Jean-Paul comes across Kevin practicing his powers in the woods and they talk about control and lack of it. Kevin leaves Jean-Paul another picture.

2011: Vanessa checks on Wade to make sure he's not dead or starving and they wind up sharing elements of their personal histories. Operation: Sanguinicity: Farouk, Wanda and Sarah go to the bank that holds the Mosley Initiative's asses and scope it out in the guise of setting up a safety deposit box; Doug guides Cammie through the sewer system to plant a magical item for Amanda to use as a guidepost; Farouk and Jake - disguised as Sarah - return to the bank and create a scene, during which Jake slips away and mimics one of the guards; Amanda 'ports to the bank's security room, with Wanda guiding her, and kills the power and the alarms; Emma, Marie-Ange, Farouk and Doug begin the financial crash of the bank; Sarah, Cammie, Remy and Jubilee break into the bank, meeting up with Jake and planting a Trojan virus that allows Doug to access the bank's resources; the office team gets a visit from the bank's owners, Andreas and Andrea Schmidt and Doug receives a warning on his computer from "Syn" that a trap is about to be sprung; Jake, Sarah and Cammie make it to safety via the vehicle bay; Remy and Jubilee exit the bank via the roof, meeting up with Amanda and Wanda, but as they make their way to their transport, the van is blown up; Emma, Farouk, Doug and Marie-Ange arrive at the airport but discover the plane is being watched and use a NATO general and his staff as human shields to get past; Remy, Jubilee, Wanda and Amanda are forced to use La Contessa as an escape option and follow her directions to a parking garage, only to have her turn on them; Amanda is shot and teleports to the street and Remy sacrifices himself so Wanda and Jubilee can escape; Remy is captured by La Contessa and the Schmidt twins. Matt reflects on how large the mansion is and admits to getting lost a lot. Wade texts Marie-Ange, asking when she'll be back.


2013: Hope and Logan run into each other and talk about wilderness survival training.

2014: Maddie thanks everyone for her birthday gifts and shares a YouTube video. Clint emails Topaz over the success of their prank. Cecilia shares her plans of watching the Daria DVDs over wine.

2015: Wade finds Gabriel in the gym and continues his recruitment of the speedster for X-Force. Felicia posts a picture of Warren and teases him for his lack of technological skills.

2016: Laurie emails Clint to ask what he’s doing. Laurie leaves Kyle a random voicemail message. Jessica talks to Angel and Julian about her future as a Generation X mentor.


2018: Maya emails the other survivors of the Predator X game wanting to do something that doesn’t involve electronics. Sharon gives Alex a parkour lesson.