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February 21

2004: Moira travels to Lichenstein at the request of Nathan. Jamie starts therapy.

2005: Infectia: Doug, with Kitty's help, takes over Hank's computer classes until he's well enough. Nate offers to teach Kyle self-defense. Moira finds out about the deal Nate made, that the Askani helped refine the Trojan Horse. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy keeps trying to find out who killed Pete's father.

2006: Davey goes looking for Moira, but there's more than one brilliant redhead in the medlab, and Jim gets to deal with the surprise. They end up talking shop. Kylun makes the final decision to read his blood test results. Terry finds Bobby to tell him that she isn't pregnant and to ask him for some time apart; he takes it calmly, but escapes as soon as he can. Lorna is called in to reassure a newly-manifested mutant girl at her old school. Jennie dyes her hair blonde. Lorna considers leaving Hawaii for a college offer in California.

2007: Kaiten: Responsibility for the bombings is claimed by a mutant group called the Preservers; Angelo tries to avoid the news, but eventually finds out; Lorna is angry at Nathan for not telling her about Piers being hurt; After hearing about the Preservers, Angelo spends the night in Amanda's bed and she comforts him after a nightmare; Crystal calls Medusa and complains about the lack of response from the other students. Julio has the 'flu and Angel tends to him.

2008: Yvette writes to Laurie from Kosovo. Amanda goes by Wanda's apartment for books and enlists a hungover Jubilee into working. Yvette emails Scott, Ororo and Charles letting them know she'll be home earlier than usual due to the unrest in Kosovo following it declaring independence.

2009: Scorpion and Fox: Peter Lakatos turns up in New York, telling Scott of a vision he's had involving fighting Nimrod in the next few days there. Nathan comes to visit Manuel and Valentia and is vaguely horrified at Manuel's parenting. Jean-Paul and Tabitha run into each other in the sunroom and chat.

2010: Megan posts about Jay's departure and hoping to meet Warren. Kurt finds a slightly homesick Megan and offers some constructive advice.

2011: Wade finally tracks down Tabitha in the library for a face-to-face meeting with the Paranoid Hot Chick. Megan wonders on the journals where her mutant genes came from. Crystal posts pictures of the dresses she wore for her birthday party in Attilan, going out for Wanda's birthday, and Valentine's Day. Wade leaves flowers outside Tabitha's door. Vanessa Happens to one of the gang members tagging Angelo's mother's house. Warren and Crystal discuss what it means to be a mutant and about the possibility of Warren 'coming out' and the potential consequences.

2012: Adrienne leaves Layla a t-shirt outside her suite.

2013: Unable to sleep, Jean runs into Hope very early in the morning. Jean's reaction confuses Hope.

2014: Tandy texts Adrienne to make birthday plans. Adrienne emails the students to invite them out for Tandy’s birthday. Tandy posts a flow chart for determining peoples’ roles in the film business. Adrienne and Garrison watch the men’s hockey semi-finals and talk about Tandy and her future.

2015: Matt takes a break from his all-nighter to get a snack, and runs into Miles, who's pulling an all-nighter of his own. Matt introduces himself to the mansion. Rogue posts about the trip to the cat sanctuary if people want to go with her. Matt meets Topaz. It goes about as well as one would expect. Topaz texts Hope to tell her that Matt is at the mansion and she’s not coping well. Amanda finds Topaz running away from her meeting with Matt, and offers her student a much needed escape. Laurie posts to the journals that she found her new pet. Wade's still not coping very well, North attempts to help, the results are inconclusive. Wade tells Scott he's leaving for a while.

2016: Bobbi and Jessica get to know each other better during a girl's night in. Natasha texts Angel about a punch-drunk Clint. Alex asks if Lorna wants to go snowboarding. Miles posts a selfie after passing his driver's test.

2017: Jubilee shares a YouTube video and Kyle gets an earworm. Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class: Xavin wonders at Topaz not being in the library; Amanda and Megan encounter the challenge that is Amanda’s bedroom floor; the group scale Amanda’s bookcase to the wych she keeps there and use it to repower themselves and then reverse the shrinking spell; Amanda apologises on the journals for frightening people; Topaz is ‘relieved’ to see people notice if she’s not in the library.