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January 30


2004: Gangsters: Shiro gets an email from his cousin Keniuchio Harada requesting that he arrange a meeting between his sons and Piotr and Illyana. Something Wicked: Shiro tells Sarah she attacked Betsy the night of the invasion. Cain discovers he is rather wealthy.

2005: Carlie goes home. Hank tests Alex's powers and tells him he needs to use them on a regular basis to de-charge and suggests using the Danger Room to Scott and approaches Forge about making him a containment suit. Alison gets her command tabs back. Angelo and Jubilee talk about their respective histories. Nathan comes back from Muir Island.

2006: The Professor passes on what he's learned about Kylun's parents. Forge finds Kyle in the gym trying to kill the heavy bag; Kyle insists he's okay and Forge tells him he's a terrible liar. Jay and Kyle talk about pornography, odors and sounds, in bed. Nathan gets a) the Death Flu and b) a progress report on the repair of his psimitar.

2007: Minitooth: The X-Men set up a sting operation and take down Sabretooth, handing him over to the FBI; Scott announces the return of the bus trips and normal operating procedures following Sabretooth's capture; Lorna asks Marie to get her out of the mansion; Sofia reacts badly to Nate's news of his participation. Crystal and Forge discuss his departure and she suggests he tell his friends he's going. Kyle and Crystal talk about his week of being an ass and why.

2008: Crystal invites the x_grads to her 20th birthday party in Attilan and there's tension between Angelo and Amanda; an exchange of emails follows, in which neither admits much but volumes are spoken and Amanda gets invited to dinner at Angelo's mother's house. Red X Mission: Whistler: An avalanche at the ski resort of Sun Peaks interrupts the conference and both Beta Flight and the Xavier's people go out to help; Jan asks about news reports and reassured people are safe; Yvette helps a lost-looking Jay with his flight harness; Yvette works with one of the Beta Flight people, Egg, and finds a backbone; Jane and Monet rescue people trapped in their cars, but are too late for one. Clarice posts from Muir Island about losing her hair due to radiation sickness.

2009: Tabitha comes back to the mansion in the early hours of the morning and Manuel lets her in. Amara sees Scott about becoming a trainee. Cammie asks about people's Zombie Plans, based on her reading. Scott and Terry discuss leadership and responsibility when she comes across him going over the attack reports. Tabitha announces her return. Shiva: Doug manages to decipher the final name on the Shiva list and tells Wanda it's Warbird; Wanda tells North that Carol Danvers is the next on the list; Remy calls a planning session and emails Morgan with an offer of freelance work as bait; using Morgan as a fake North, X-Force lures Wraith into a trap and he is killed; in the meantime Wanda and North go to Carol Danvers and try to avoid her being reactivated; unfortunately, North has to shoot her and Wanda brings the house crashing down; Marie-Ange confirms Wraith's death. Midsummer's Nightmare: Yvette is thrilled she got the role of Puck in the auditions. Monet and Clarice get drunk and make out. Lil comes back after work to find Amara reading X-Men reports.

2010: Amara is corrected in riding lessons with Manuel early in the morning and he vocally notes her distractions. Jay studies at Warren's and the subject of Jean-Paul comes up and how concerned Jay is for his friend. John posts that he needs help packing. Amanda and Manuel take Valentia mini putting and talk of how quiet both Snow Valley and the Hellfire Club have been. Jean-Paul runs into Cammie, literally, and breaks one of her crutches, then he takes her to medbay. Lex goes to Silver and talks to Jay while he's working. The two make out a deal to share a suite. Jean-Paul finds an establishment that is not so crowded and finds John in there reading a book and after eating, they briefly talk though neither pry into each other's lives. Angelo posts in his journal, asking how it is that he has so much stuff. Logan greets Jean-Paul by means of drinking and the two talk about why Jean-Paul skipped the Alpha Flight funeral, his powers and whether or not he plans to remain. Morgan emails Laurie about the best way to deal with wounded mercenaries. Lex puts out an invitation for students to do survival training in the last weekend of Febuary. Laurie emails Garrison, asking if she can talk with him. Jan confesses to Kyle about her fears of shrinking again, worried that she will hurt herself. Angel drags Kevin to Silver and he vows to beat his head against a wall later.

2011: Jan reminds everyone of the Guitar Hero tournament on Tuesday. Following the events of Fianchetto, Amanda and Doug make peace. Crystal surrounds Julian with snow and takes him for a flight to experience winter as she does.

2012: Jubilee and Kyle have lunch in New York. Laurie comes across Warren trying to learn archery. Laurie posts about her time back at Westchester College and planning a visit to New York. Nico comes to talk to Remy, and makes a major decision about her work with X-Force.


2014: Angel posts about having no issues with the weather.


2015: Rogue runs into Gabriel and he expresses bitterness over the fact Rogue doesn’t have to remember what happened to their universe. Jubilee texts Wade asking him if he likes mimes. Wade texts Kurt to tell him Jubilee bought him a mime and that he can’t shoot it but later that she came to her senses and got rid of it. Laurie posts about being sad she’s had to defer her studies for a year. Adrienne texts Rogue to complain about Scott not caring about Jean’s death after Rogue calls her out on being a crazy bitch to Scott in her journal. Jubilee texts Adrienne asking why she’s so cranky. Cammie posts about hiring a flock of mimes to annoy Jubilee. Wade texts Adrienne asking if she wants to spar when he gets back from the office. Miles texts Spiderman about meeting ‘taco angel’ last night. Logan texts Scott asking if he’s okay because he’s been hearing ‘rumblings’ about him. Garrison runs into Rogue in the kitchen and they discuss the relationship Rogue can’t remember, which upsets Garrison to a great degree. Rogue lets Adrienne know in their texts that she’s upset Garrison so Adrienne texts Garrison to ask if she can help him and tell him she’s planned an escape to the Plaza for them for the weekend. Rogue texts Logan after Adrienne gets upset with her for upsetting Garrison, and Logan comes to collect her to take her away for a while. Marie-Ange tells Cammie and Jubilee in Cammie’s post to stop fooling around so Jubilee texts Marie-Ange to tell her she’s sorry and that she’ll be going to Madripoor so can Marie-Ange or Amanda keep an eye on Kurt for her. Amanda texts Marie-Ange offering to ask Kurt to take Jubilee on holiday. Amanda emails Kurt to tell him that she and Marie-Ange have officially decided Jubilee needs downtime and that she can get them tickets anywhere Kurt wants to take her. Laurie emails Doug about going out for dinner.

2016: The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Hope asks Doug for some help investigating who might have set her up; Julian talks to Hope about the situation so far; Julian calls X-Factor in to investigate. After a day of job searching, Jennie and Gabriel hit up a Lower East Side bar and talk about life. Jubilee gets back from a work trip and she and Kurt catch up.

2017: Bobbi admits that eating Nutella for two straight weeks might make you a little sick.

2018: Artie contacts X-Force from Chicago, where he’s trying to make contacts, and avoid the man with the pigeons. Sooraya emails Angelo about her email from Charles. Hope emails Topaz about a meeting with her advisor at college and getting the classes she wanted.

2019: Maya asks if boys care if you ask them out first. Terry posts a request for an assistant. Felicia finds North at the firing range after he returns from a difficult mission and gives him support.