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July 7


2004: Scott talks to Paige about Sarah's email.

2005: Lorna and Betsy meet at Harry's and talk about Betsy's new job and Remy. Nathan and Remy break into one of Saul's offices in search of answers, but find only a whole new set of questions... and someone unexpected.

2006: The Rictor Effect: Rogue saves Shamu, Cain shows his former military training, and he and Tarot do some demolition; Angelo uses his powers to save a little girl from a collapsed apartment building; Crystal overextends herself and suffers a temporary loss of power while in mid-air, and luckily Kurt is there to catch her; Marie-Ange and Doug are also able to cooperate and rescue students from a collapsed auditorium; Scott checks in with Ororo, and Julio finally wakes up in the infirmary/medlab in Westchester.

2007: Julio's birthday. Scott plans to take Jean out for the weekend. Laurie and Kyle have a rather nasty argument on the journals.

2008: Mark comments on various recent events, including the explosion in India, Bastion's speech, a transgender man's delivery of a healthy baby girl, his health progress and new music. Bhagavad Gita: The Washington Post runs a profile on Calysee Neramani; Emma, Farouk and Leo get a clue from a general's thoughts, 'Deathbird' and the entire group takes fire while investigating the lead; Esteban is killed defending Farouk.

2009: Callie runs into Doreen finally and finds out partly why she hasn't been in the mansion much. Jean-Paul emails Nori about training. Forge decides on a different format for mission reports; Jennie and the younger X-Men are impressed; Scott is less so. Jake glitters Illyana, forgetting she isn't the same little girl he used to know. Dori finds Yvette out in the woods and they talk about the inhibitor's effects. Nori comes to take Jean-Paul out running.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Yvette finds Kevin hiding in the treehouse and he asks her about her fears on their mutations coming back; Crystal posts to the medical comm informing the doctors and medstaff of Haven's attitude and responsibility for what has happened. Megan posts to her journal asking people how their Fourth of July went.

2011: Amanda makes a journal entry upset about being away while the mansion was attacked and asks if Meggan and Kurt are okay. Ororo and Remy arrive at his house in France and get to take some much needed recuperation time. Klara posts about her sister-in-law, who just had a new baby boy after a complicated pregnancy, and announces she's leaving to move in with them to help look after her sister-in-law and the child. Callie posts a picture of a dangerous plant and warns people not to touch it. Amanda and Meggan talk about the nightmare Meggan was trapped in.

2012: Renfair: Lorna, Sharon and Sooraya arrive early at the Renfair to set up and get dressed. Scott; Megan, Meggan, Sam, Molly and Korvus arrive later and get into costume; Elizabeth Rose shows up at Lorna’s booth and the fun begins as she uses her mutant powers; Molly, Sam, Scott, Megan, Meggan, and Korvus arrive at Lorna’s booth only to find Lorna, Sharon and Sooraya are missing and only Elizabeth Rose is there; Molly leaves a voice message at the mansion asking for some backup; Amanda and Nico are called in to go, and get into undercover clothing; Amanda and Nico arrive and find Molly who fills them in; they go to Elizabeth Rose and find out no magic is involved, but there is a way to turn things back to normal; Lorna and Megan show Molly, Nico and Amanda where Korvus’s lair is; Molly and Korvus face off and at the end Elizabeth Rose keeps her word; In the aftermath of Molly’s defeat of Korvus, Elizabeth releases the mutants from her spell and they meet her overwhelmed father. Adrienne comes bearing hellabuns to check up on Layla and her recently discovered power sets.

2013: Darkness Falls: Betsy’s traumatic night ends with her demolishing Jean and Scott’s closet and appearing in Haller’s bed before falling unconscious; Haller lets Jean know where Betsy is; Jean asks Adrienne for a clothing loan. Topaz finds Clint up a tree, and they talk a bit about recent events.

2014: Sue tells everyone about her graduation gift and asks for ideas on places to go to in Europe.

2015: Rogue emails Sooraya and Miles about a new student pick up. Alex Summers finally finds his way back to California. Too bad his fiancee is across the country. Warren has bad luck with computers and pick-up lines. Domino posts about a Jurassic Park drinks menu in her home town. Felicia needs coffee. Adrienne texts Tandy and Garrison about going to her penthouse. Alison decides to take a step back from the journals. Jubilee posts a video. Doug contacts Laurie, Wade and Marie-Ange about this Quentin Quire. Garrison posts about what can be done about the hate crime, while Quentin continues to make his opinion clear. Clint calls Clarice to ask for a favor. With Clarice's agreement, Clint goes to see if Namor would be amenable to a change of scenery.

2016:' Miles posts about Pokemon Go. Sharon and Everett run into each other.

2017: Miles shares his college class schedule.