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June 13 - David North's birthday

2003: Crimson Dawn: Betsy broaches the subject of regenerating her damaged eyes with Nathaniel Essex.

2004: Manuel and Amanda meet with the Pack in Amsterdam. Domino unlocks Manuel's inhibitor and things get out of control at a nightclub.

2005: Nathan calls Saul Morrow and they discuss conflicting memories of the past. Domino AIMs Amanda and tells her about the Pack's pro bono work with refugees in the Sudan.

2006: Publish or Perish: Forge's booksigning is interrupted by two members of the Brotherhood. Crystal moves into Jennie's room.

2007: New Renaissance Man: Jean and Scott go to Peru to wait for Robert Haverford and Daniel Lyman. Ororo and Nathan discuss decisions. Doug references "Zombie Blog Day". Laurie posts about her first day of punishment detail doing Angelo's chores.

2008: Sam returns from Kentucky and talks to Scott about regaining his place on the X-Men. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: Forge wakes up and insists Clarice takes him back to the mansion to keep civilians safe; Angel delivers food to Kyle; Terry asks Pete for security advice on the Keep; Nathan goes into Kyle's head and speaks to the Mistra construct there. Third Strike: Kurt announces he is going to have to take some time off after Mystique's part in the torture; before he leaves, Kurt speaks to Terry about what happened; Kurt stops by to let Amanda know he's going and she guesses why. Pete is bored and offers advice to anyone who comments. Adrienne announces she has a Wii.

2009: Face The Blood: Yvette wakes up on dialysis with the inhibitor on and finds Fred at her bedside; a donor is found - Yvette's biological father, on death row - and Jean and Leo go to the military prison to talk to him; Kyle calls Laurie to find out what happened; Crystal finds Dori in a tree and makes sure she eats; Johnny lets people know he and Jean-Paul are on their way back.

2010: Jubilee offers her very idiosyncratic view on relationships, in light of Garrison's break up, and offends Jan. Homeward Bound: Amanda emails Amara with the results of her research and informs her she may be Allison Crestmere, daughter of British diplomats who were stationed in Rio until their daughter disappeared. Kyle emails Jan about a remark she made about threesomes. Jan announces Family Day on Monday and outlines her plans for the summer.

2011: My Long Forgotten Son: Artie picks a fight with everyone on the journals, in particular Kyle, Matt and Kurt. Molly posts to the journals; Artie picks a fight with her and Meggan and Sarah Vale console her. Matt beats up Artie. Jean treats Artie's now cracked ribs. Yvette takes Matt and Molly for icecream and texts Jean-Phillipe about this. Amanda emails Kurt, saying that it's unfair to blame Artie for the situation in the tunnels. Angelo attempts to forcibly remove Artie from his computer. Kyle texts Doug about the kids' behaviour today and mentions on x_staff that Matt beat up Artie. Meggan posts a theraputic debrief of her time in the tunnels. Operation: Red Letter Day: Amanda mentions another lost contact.

2012: Scott and Warren meet up at Harry's and help one another get over some 'work' related issues. Adrienne leaves Vanessa a new coat with a bullet-proof lining. Lorna re-enters the kitchen to start cooking prompting a discussion on what does and does not count as food, including cockroaches. Father Michael Bowen stops by the charity shop where Adrienne is volunteering and asks her to go and check on his niece. Vanessa texts Adrienne a thank you for the new coat. Kurt helps Meggan experiment with her powers after she learns a new trick in Genosha. A ball-pit appears in Doug's apartment, hilarity ensues. Adrienne lets the staff know about a potential new student coming in to the mansion. Angelo asks Doug to keep the ballpit until he gets back from Muir Island. Layla questions Link's restoration of health and beds in inns on the journals leaving both Sarah and Nico exasperated. Vanessa posts a get well message to David. Jubilee asks Kurt to come watch movies on the journals revealing to everyone that they are dating. Remy drops in on a sleeping North. It seems that for his birthday this year, North gets to keep his job and possibly find a solution to his drug problem. Doug and Jubilee talk after Genosha.

2013: Angel and Sam blow off steam by going for a flight. Lorna apologises for being spacey lately; Lorna emails Haller to ask for company after getting the results of the sibling blood test with Wanda.

2014: North's birthday - Jean leaves him a fun apron, and Adrienne gives him a motorcycle jacket.

2015: Alison posts an excerpt from a short story a friend sent her and how she can’t stop thinking about it. Gabriel posts about calling in sick and asks who wants to get into trouble. Matt and Jessica train together and he gives her some pointers.

2016: Maya posts about her birthday and being grounded. Clea asks Gen X about finals. Laurie posts about the man who discovered blood groups.

2017: Sue send Warren a photo to warren of some puppies asking if she can keep them and if Bobbi would like one. Darcy posts complaining that a lot of the names on Epicurious’s top 100 Home Chefs of all time include a lot of professionals. When Hope needs information about her father’s company she turns to Reed Richards. After Hope approaches Reed to do some hacking for her she and Sue have an argument about using people in the XFI offices. Xavin and Kyle do some maintenance work while they chat.