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June 23


2004: Doug and Marie-Ange leave for France. Doug discovers his ability to read body language makes airports difficult. Lorna emails Charles wanting to join the X-Men full time. Jono emails Charles about what's required to join the team.


2006: Kyle and Jay break up.

2007: Amanda and Angelo agree to go away somewhere as a break. Monet and Yvette play tourist. Sound of Silence: Crystal takes Scott flying, and talks with Pietro; Medusa and Marius bond poolside, and Jennie is traumatised by Marius' speedo; the engagement party is held, and is a big success.

2008: Crystal asks Forge to come back to Attilan with her for the anniversary of her family's death and the island's disappearance. Scott interviews a new X-Man recruit - Zanne Chan. Nathan discovers Colin MacInnis was murdered by a telekinetic and reacts badly; John calms him down. Forge announces the plan to rebuild the Blackbird and asks the entire mansion for assistance. Amanda emails Angelo, asking him to come to France. Angelo picks up a new student, Callie Betto, from the airport; Callie introduces herself on the journals.

2009: Adrienne goes to visit Jake late at night, he takes her to a bakery and they talk about modeling and kidnapped arms. Catseye insists Angel try a chocolate-covered bug when a slip of the tongue puts the idea in her head, and there is more talk of names; Catseye and Nick meet up in the woods and play with Mini-Squid and talk about the differences in being their human or animal forms. Kyle takes Yvette outside by piggyback and shows her the garden. Mnemovore: Angelo raises concerns on x_team about Nathan and Jean-Paul when they fail to arrive in Tel Aviv as arranged; Angelo asks the general journal population if there's been any messages from Nathan or Jean-Paul, lying to cover when Johnny shows concern; Forge emails Angelo, querying his tactics; Scott puts the team on alert when it becomes clear from Charles that neither man is with their phones; Jean-Paul's psionic destruction continues; Lil emails Jake to see if he's heard anything; Wanda tracks down Jake when he disappears, not coping with the news. Catseye asks people about names and their meanings and preferences. Manuel and Cammie encounter each other in the laundry room and a practical joke of Cammie's leads to an encounter of a different kind.

2010: Cammie breaks into Kurt's room to check on him.


2012: Scott emails Adrienne and North about Layla’s powers. Warren mails Lorna about a favor. Jean posts about Tandy being admitted to the Medlab. After Kyle gets home from Montana and then Cali, Laurie tacklehugs him, and then they discuss stuff. Dori posts about her and Kyle being home and having presents and when Meggan goes to collect hers, plans are made for a trip to an amusement park so Meggan can experiences rollercoasters. Adrienne texts Vanessa about going t-shirt shopping. Scott stops by Adrienne's suite bearing gifts and they talk over a game of chess.

2013: Somewhere I Belong: Tandy can’t find Topaz early in the morning and shares her concern with Kurt who is in the hallway, and they get Adrienne to read Topaz’s abandoned phone in order to find out what happened to her; Adrienne calls Amanda to share the fact that Topaz took off to meet with a British man, and when Amanda realizes it’s Taboo she gets Adrienne to wake up Scott while Kurt goes to bring Amanda to the mansion in order to organize a rescue party; Amanda, Kurt, Scott, and Logan go to fetch Topaz and Amanda unleashes some of her power on Taboo to scare him into leaving Topaz alone; Scott and Amanda grill Topaz about her decision to go with Taboo but decide to let her off the hook until the morning; Amanda and Haller try to get Topaz to talk about what happened in the morning but she refuses to tell them what happened with Taboo. North and Adrienne go shopping to buy him a motorcycle and Adrienne asks him an uncomfortable question relating to her relationship with Garrison. Amanda texts Marie-Ange lamenting Topaz’s lack of openness and asks for booze.


2015: Marie-Ange posts a link to The Toast about mysterious flaky friends.


2017: Tandy asks for summer volunteers at her uncle’s shelter.