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March 10 - Topaz's Birthday

2004: Marie-Ange has a precognitive fit which results in a brief link with Manuel. Something Wicked: Scott asks Hank and Kitty to try and track Betsy through the computer system; Scott warns the school to not approach Betsy if they see her.

2005: In Canada, Jean Grey (still believing she is Jane) is urged to go meet Xavier and emails him. Haroun confronts Alison about the imbalance in their relationship and matters are resolved with a trip into the city. Charles Xavier ventures to meet Betsy in her seclusion and attempts to help; Scott finally visits Betsy and manages to give her a little hope. After Catseye's Mini-squid breaks, Rahne brings it to Forge and suggests that he may have been ignoring his friend during the current goings-on. Hellfire and Damnation: Nathan tracks down Pete and has a tense and foreboding conversation.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Bobby gets to meet Jane, and Jane gets an Idea. Marius asks for Angelo's help with the Askani glyph Nathan gave him for meditation purposes.

2007: Sarah posts about losing her 'friend with benefits'; following a conversation with her, Logan comes down to New York and gives her a theraputic beating. Operation: Tower of Babble: Wanda receives news from an old friend, Agatha Harkness, that something is wrong at the site in Syria. Kaiten: Scott and Alex train, and Scott has trouble controlling the force of his optic blasts. Five Against One: Haller complains of still having a headache, a week on from the news of his parentage. Forge asks for another date. Remy and Ororo reveal their new relationship to the Snow Valley crew, and it is received well. Monet St. Croix returns to the school after flunking out of fashion school and having a powers incident.

2008: Emma meets with Remy and gives him an alarming scenario - she's going to take a more hands on role at the Snow Valley office. Laurie shares a Jonathan Coulton song with the school. Forge complains about the cold weather for Spring Break and revels in the lack of people around. Nori refuses to do her homework. Mark emails Jean-Phillipe asking him to dinner. Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Various volunteers go to San Diego to help with the rebuilding; Yvette and Angel talk about what they will be doing; Yvette posts to her journal from the gym they are staying in and Monet complains about her weak psychic shields on the way over. Prayer on the 26th of July: Marie emails Garrison from San Diego and they plan a trip to Cuba.

2009: Emma emails Doug and Manuel and lets them know their investiture into the Hellfire Club will be soon and to prepare; Manuel and Doug practice Doug's swordplay in anticipation of his test. Operation: Godhand: Remy gets a call from Vazhin, calling in his favour for Illyana in order to rescue Natasha Romanova from an old Nazi weapon, the Satan's Claw; Remy calls X-Force together for an emergency meeting. Cammie and Jean-Paul talk and begin to get back to normal.

2010: John texts Angelo about being bored and they start a conversation about John wanting his splints removed, asking Amanda to magick his nose, and John leaving Catseye some catnip in a report she is to proofread.

2011: Jean thanks Yvette for the apples. Crystal sends Wade a gift basket, congratulating him on his first month in the mansion. Jean leaves Hank a number of birthday gifts from Think Geek; Piotr gives Hank a painted lab coat. Wade is gleeful about his fruit basket, although not so much about the pineapple. Kevin reminds people about the boathouse renovations and the ensuing thread includes talking about Meggan and Kevin. Doug and Jubilee get together to eat food, drink wine, and watch movies together, and a date is made.

2012: Operation: A Roving Commission: Terry gets in touch with an Interpol contact and is handed a name connected to the mysterious phone number from the other cases - "Christu Bulat"; Garrison asks Marie-Ange to have X-Force look into Bulat as he is bound by Agency red tape. I Do...NOT! Sooraya receives an email from Saayid, who has escaped from prison on Attilan; Sooraya passes the email onto Angelo and Garrison, asking for confirmation; Angelo passes the email onto Doug, furious and wanting retribution.

2013: Kurt leaves this anonymously for Topaz for her birthday. Amanda posts a happy birthday to Topaz and leaves this pen for her. Topaz emails Kurt and texts Amanda to thank them for the gifts. Garrison and Adrienne have a lazy Sunday in bed and they talk about Tandy and the upcoming spring break vacation.

2014: Topaz thanks everyone for her birthday presents. Amanda leaves a jacket as a birthday present for Topaz.

2015: Clint texts Matt about an interesting development with the Hubble telescope. Megan texts Topaz about a tiny weird space in the second floor hallway of the mansion. Matt makes a journal entry about being bored to tears. Warren texts Matt a generous offer of hookers and blow. Scott meets Jean as she is unpacking her room and is haunted by the similarities - and differences.

2016: Jessica posts her nuggets of wisdom, but not everyone takes the advice well. Alison and Xavin talk about the mansion and fitting in. Arthur emails the members of X-Factor Investigations (sans Quentin and Jessica) to talk about her posts on the journals and suggest someone talk to her. Alex asks for a length of rope so he can tie his broken foot onto a skateboard, Kyle and Arthur oblige and plans are hatched.

2017: Laurie reflects she needs to sleep less as she missed everything that happened in the last week. Jubilee texts Amanda to make sure she’s okay. Amanda gives Topaz a second-hand car for her birthday and Topaz is boggled. Angelo is glad about the death of Joseph Nicolosi who pioneered gay conversion therapy.

2018: Jean-Paul congratulates Topaz with her birthday. Topaz posts drunkenly about her bar crawl. Maya wishes Topaz a happy birthday as well. Topaz visits Gabriel's bar during the Great 21st Birthday Bender. It's probably the most productive conversation Topaz has had in a month. After Topaz' birthday binge, the Sefton siblings make sure she gets tucked into bed, safe and sound.