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May 5

2003: The X-Project journals are officially launched by Charles Xavier and Dr. Hank McCoy.

2004: More plans are made to visit Boston, Marie-Ange worries about Doug and asks Jamie for help, Domino berates Nathan to his face and to Pete, Jane talks to Angelo about his relationships, and Moira ponders the future of Muir Island with Nathan.

2005: Growing Pains: Forge is nervous as he goes to the hospital for his surgery. Hank tries to offer support to Jay, but Jay doesn’t want to listen. Scott invites Jean to meet his grandparents in Alaska. Hank and Madelyn have their first date.

2006: Law and Order: Westchester: Laurie Collins has her hearing in court and is declared not guilty. X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny: Shiro and Clarice take some of the kids to the park and are assaulted by two people – they manage to get away.

2007: Xavier's Prom. Remix: Logan attempts to have some fun at the Prom, but after being rejected by Ororo, gets drunk and calls Sarah; the two of them end up in bed; Alex and Lorna kiss, and the incident is witnessed by Shiro, who is understandably upset; various genderswapped staff attend prom as chaperones. Garrison asks Forge for a certain favour on the way back from Canada.

2008: Julio explains Cinquo de Mayo. Lorna lays down the law to her prankster after her luggage goes missing.

2009: Forge also posts about finals; Jay gets mopey about being left behind and gets some tough love from Kyle that doesn't go as well as hoped; Jay emails Kyle about feeling hurt and Kyle apologises. Jan throws a Cinque de Mayo party; Jean-Phillipe emails Jean-Paul about going out for the evening to get away from the anti-French sentiment of the holiday. Jean-Paul marks one of Fred's assignments and asks to talk to him about some aspects of the story submitted that concern him. Jean-Paul goes flying with Jay and Jay gets a little too enthused and needs to blow off some steam; he also gets an offer of helping with the Flight class. Jake and Adrienne watch baseball and make out, but Adrienne has to leave just as things are getting interesting.

2010: Yvette e-mails Logan and Garrison about X-Men combat training. A Brother's Protection: Nick receives an e-mail from his sister begging for help; Nick goes to see Kurt, the first person he thinks of that can help save his sister and Kurt agrees to help Nick get her out; Kurt recruits Hank in case of medical emergencies; Kurt posts to the X-Men comm with a note on what they're doing, and why.

2011: 'John' emails Kevin to thank him for the birthday gift and to reflect on Nick's emo-ness. 'John' posts in his journal about finding a disturbing stash of "Rock of Love" tapes. Wade enjoys the Cinco de Mayo food Jan made and starts a Star Wars themed Mexican food discussion with Kyle and Doug. Marie-Ange posts a picture of her penguin wearing Wade's fedora. Vanessa finishes her undercover job at the strip club and the day with Warren, establishing their relationship as more than casual; Vanessa lets X-Factor know she's finished the job and will be back in the office on Monday.

2012: Amanda gives a heads-up she and Nico are going to be reinforcing the wards on the mansion. Angel texts Vance about him being hit with water balloons and him needing an umbrella. Things are awkward while Fred and Yvette work together to clear deadwood from the paths. Sharon and Lorna are in the kitchen doing inventory and getting ready for the party that night. Lorna has had too much to drink and gets a laking. Jean posts a link to a website with fake science. Doug emails Angelo to wish him happy Cinco de Mayo. Jean posts about why brooms are sweeping the medlab on their own. Angel posts about cheez on the roof.

2013: Doug emails Angelo about his Cinco de Mayo plans. Sue and Maddie have their first official date, which is gate crashed by Wade and Doug. Johnny runs into Angel and gets a suggestion for his boredom.

2014: Billy texts Clint about getting him a sandwich. Fred emails Scott about paperwork to become a fully fledged X-Man. Fred announces that he is no longer an X-Men trainee. Cecilia asks if anyone wants to do a Danger Room run.

2015: The Nowhere King: Scott debriefs Clint. Laurie emails Artie about getting a check up. Clint texts Matt about events in Alaska. Illyana arrives at the mansion and meets with Haller. Amanda posts about acquiring Namor’s trident for study. Adrienne mails Garrison and Warren about a delayed return. Clint texts Laurie to find out how Namor is doing.

2016: Maya apologises to anyone she might have hurt with her journal posts. Darcy is amused by a YouTube video. Jean teaches Quentin nail polish and avoids his advances. Alison asks about who designs the Generation X uniforms, as she has leftover glowing material.

2017: Garrison and Jubilee discuss her upcoming wedding and a challenge for pool is extended.

2018: Jean decides to retire her codename Marvel Girl, and asks for suggestions. Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum: Miles finds Warren and they talk about their options; the group runs into a puzzle; more trouble when the group runs into a gaggle of gargoyles and demons; Miles and Gabriel discuss Miles’ kiss with Bobby; Topaz offers Gabriel a light for his cigarette, and they discuss the weirdness of their lives; Gabriel helps Rahne process the weirdness; Rahne asks Topaz about her time at the mansion and if it’s worth it to stay there; Ganke Lee texts Bobby asking where Miles is. Angelo posts asking if Doug wants to do the usual for Cinco de Mayo.