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November 14


2004: Jono explodes during a training session with Nathan and becomes a discorporeal ball of psionic energy. Angelo asks Paige to marry him and she freaks out. Haroun yells at Nathan. Nathan refuses Amanda's healing for his concussion. Haroun is allergic to Catseye.

2005: Terry and Bobby reconcile over mutual hatred of Manuel once everything comes out. Nathan sends Colin MacInnis to help out the Pack. Madelyn and Hank tell Moira of their decision. Lost Generations: Nathan discovers discrepancies in South East Asian mutant birth rates.

2006: Medusa encounters Domino and Nathan 'sparring' in the gym and second-guessing is brought up. Shiro and Clarice talk for the first time since their breakup and it is suitably awkward.Voices Carry: Terry complains about people being too noisy.

2007: Forge discovers he doesn't get school credit for his Attilan time. Karma Police: Wanda announces she and Jennie will be going out for the day. Yvette announces she's grown a whole two inches.

2008: Nathan runs into Remy in the library and they talk work. Catseye complains loudly about not being allowed to sleep in Jean-Paul's bed.

2009: Amanda and Bishop go out for beer and she talks about how little they know of him but he still remains as mysterious as ever.

2010: Kyle posts to ask Jubilee if she can do the 'fireworks from the boobs' thing a la a Katy Perry video. Jared shows up at Jean-Phillipe's door after a bartending/drinking class and intends to play bi-curious.

2011: Sons of Liberty: Hank and Paige let Garrison know the blood sample he obtained from Mace's house had been altered by a drug manufactured in the 1990s by a company called Kirmon Health in Shaver Lake, California; Abigail Brand and Kane arrive in Shaver Lake to discover the company has been seized by persons unknown and Brand calls in SHIELD as an anonymous tip-off against Kane's instructions; the X-Men arrive to take down the insane SuperSoldiers being used to hold the company hostage, before SHIELD does; SHIELD arrives and kills Burnside, the leader of the group.

2012: Korvus and Lorna make more snacks for Diwali. Topaz goes looking for Korvus after seeing his post about Diwali, and the two talk.

2013: Tandy posts asking for help to block a reporter looking for a story on her deceased mother from contacting her.

2014: Wade texts Tandy wondering why she's been missing her knife throwing lessons. Wade emails Doug about messing with the paparazzi. Sue texts Tandy asking if she's okay. Angel and Julian wake up very hungover with a couple of furry friends and no memory of how they got to the hotel they're in. Angel texts Lorna asking if she can keep the cat she found. Rogue texts Jess asking her to keep her from meddling. Rogue texts Tandy about going on a road trip. The Wild Hunt: Having recovered from the effects of the virus, the group makes their next move - contacting Director Malcolm Colcord with Department H; With help from Director Colcord, the group heads to the Canadian Rockies and the old feral training ground, where hopefully their prey awaits; Lorna posts about getting an alert ping from Garrison's phone; The hunters become the hunted as the Tiber Complex's secret is revealed; Garrison, Logan and North try to buy some time while Wade and Kyle escape with Abraham Cornelius; the Weapon X survivors attempt to escape with the help of some unlikely rescuers; Kyle and Wade's retreat with Dr. Cornelius is cut short by the unexpected arrival of everyone's least favorite Lazarus impersonator, Deathstrike.

2015: Alison posts about nearly outing herself as Dazzler during the dance by doing her signature dance to one of her songs.

2016: Wade asks about a missing shipment of Christmas candy.


2018: Garrison posts about Adrienne coming home. Adrienne and Garrison make a quiet return to the mansion. Clarice asks what people would do if they weren’t mutants.