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Roderick Campbell
Portrayed by Jason Flemyng
Known Aliases: Ahab
Affiliations: formerly Muir Island Research Facility
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: December 31, 2004

Roderick 'Rory' Campbell is a noted geneticist and former scientist-in-residence at the Muir Island Research Facility. In 2007 he resurfaced after a prolonged disappearance to take 'revenge' on mutants by kidnapping and genetically altering several Xavier's students.


Name: Roderick Campbell

Aliases: Rory Campbell, Ahab

Occupation: Scientist with a doctorate in genetics

First appearance: December 31, 2004

Family: none mentioned


Rory Campbell was a colleague of Moira MacTaggart's, working side-by-side with her through the founding of the Muir Island Research Facility. The two scientists were close friends, although platonic. When Moira married Joseph MacTaggart, however, Rory realized that his feelings for her went beyond the platonic, although he tried his best to suppress them.

After the birth of Kevin MacTaggart, Rory began to feel an intense jealousy towards Joe, exacerbated by the fact that Moira's husband was often absent, working to further his own political career. When Kevin was discovered to possess the x-gene, Rory volunteered to assist with any help that was needed, especially when Kevin's mutation began to manifest problematically.

One such accidental manifestation resulted in tragedy for Doctor Campbell, when a four-year-old Kevin unknowingly lashed out with his reality-altering power, disintegrating half of Rory's left leg. Although Rory was later fitted with a prosthetic and was able to maintain his duties at the Institute, he detested the boy for his role in turning Rory into what he referred to as "a one-legged cripple". Angered by his disfigurement, Rory continued to work with Moira to research Kevin's condition until the boy's untimely death three years later.

In 2004, Rory was present at Muir when Joseph MacTaggart unleashed a mutant who had been genetically modified with Kevin's DNA. After the incident, Rory unceremoniously resigned his position at the Institute, which was later filled by Curt Connors.

Since then, Doctor Campbell developed a process based partially off the Project Tearaway technology to splice certain genetic traits between mutants, creating hybrids he called "Hounds". Fully descended into a paranoid psychosis, Campbell - now calling himself Ahab - orchestrated a kidnapping of three of Xavier's students in an attempt to wreak his revenge by proxy on Moira for her rejection. Although his process turned Kyle Gibney, Marius Laverne, and Jennie Stavros into Hounds, the X-Men raided the abandoned hospital that Ahab was using as a base of operations and rescued their students. In the ensuing melee, Kyle's conditioning broke and he attacked Ahab, tearing one of the mad doctor's ears off. After being subdued, Campbell was taken into custody and is awaiting trial on a number of charges, including kidnapping.


No inherent powers, other than a genius-level intellect.


Proteus (plot)

Ahab (plot)


PB: Jason Flemyng

Socked by: Jen