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Julian found himself without income due to his disownment, but received a job offer from Manuel, while Cateye's curiosity about her own father brought confusion when spying on him revealed an ordinary man, not the monster she'd imagined. Laurie once again put her foot in her moth when she asked Garrison about killing in the field, a particular sore subject after his role in the death of Apocalypse. Amara received some unsettling news about the true history of Nova Roma from Amanda's research and chose to remain ignorant of the rest.

Catseye and Julian both asked for - and received - permission to become X-Man trainees. Cammie went to Chicago with Adrienne in tow to investigate the death of a friend from the streets. Cammie wound up in the hands of a group called the Purifiers and received a broken leg before being rescued by the team. Fred returned from Muir Island, greatly changed, and Amanda discovered another disturbing aspect of Nico's magical abilities.

A trip to Dori's grandfather's farm did not begin well, as Julian received news of a former friend about to have his life support removed. And post-Christmas travel was thrown into chaos when New York was snowed under, closing the airports.


Dec 1 - Catseye runs into Emma while chasing sunbeams and after Emma shows Cats her diamond skin (the shinies distracting Catseye enormously) they discuss the cost of being extraordinary and also Yvette. Julian tries to contact his father but is blocked by the receptionist and explains his situation to Manuel, who offers to help him find a job. After their riding lesson, Amara and Manuel talk about Lil, Valentia, and the weather but awkwardness ensues when Manuel comments that he and Amara have more in common than Lil and Manuel. Nico and Megan have roomie bonding time.

Dec 2 - Jan posts about her health and Black Friday shopping. Amanda leaves a printout of an image on Doug's computer while he is away from his desk; Doug posts threatening whoever left the "gift". Catseye emails Kurt and Yvette about driving upstate to check up on her father and Megan about dyeing her catform black for her.

Dec 3 - Jubilee posts about being made of awesome with a picture. Catseye talks to Ororo about becoming an X-Man trainee; she emails Hank about setting up an appointment with him for the next morning.

Dec 4 - Catseye visits Hank for a fitness test necessary for joining the X-Men as a trainee; Catseye posts to the x-team comm about becoming a trainee and asking for a special name. Nico posts about buying herself a sewing machine. Kevin posts about schoolwork never allowing him to see the light of day. Callie and Angelo discuss Fred.

Dec 5 - Catseye visits her family's home and watches, then interacts with her father as a black cat; she is saddened by the encounter as her father seems to be a very nice man and she does not understand why he threw her outside to die as a baby but Kurt plants doubt in her mind about what really happened when he comforts her after the trip upstate. Kurt and Monet have a less-than-fulfilling dinner and decide to change venues for dessert, but when Kurt teleports them to another cafe they are asked to leave by a sympathetic bouncer who worries about another person's reaction to the mutants and promises them free drinks next weekend to make up for the inconvenience. Kurt invites Cammie to Germany for Christmas.

Dec 6 - Warren visits Jay's bartending flair show at Silver and the pair tuck away outside, to make plans for later on and hide from Jay's current stalkers.

Dec 7 - Manuel helps Julian with his resume and puts an offer on the table concerning a job. A question from Laurie about killing people sends Garrison storming wordlessly out of the Situation Room.

Dec 8 - Julian shares his trademark hot chocolate with Megan and they chat about the school.

Dec 9 - Amanda wishes Sofia a happy birthday, as does Wanda, recovering from her 'flu. Marie-Ange mentions researching strange lights in the sky over Norway in case it's Asgardian in nature.

Dec 10 - Angel moves into a senior suite with Catseye; Yvette shares with Meggan. Amanda and Vanessa discuss the non-possibility of a relationship while on a stake out. Julian sees Manuel about a job and they negotiate about what he might be doing. Callie gets an email of acceptance from Columbia University for 2014.

Dec 11 - A case of mistaken identity leads Catseye to leap on an unsuspecting Warren and mutual introductions before a game of Chase.

Dec 12 - Still unhappy about seeing her father, Catseye winds up asking Nico for comfort and gets some advice as well.

Dec 13 - Kevin wishes Jay a happy birthday anonymously, Yvette does so more publicly. Warren takes Jay out for his birthday and at the end of the night, kisses him, although it doesn't end as well as it should have. Lex meets Emma in the woods and gets more than he bargained for.

Dec 14 - Meeting Kurt in the gym, Tabitha gets an idea for Christmas vacation for those without family to return to; Tabitha emails a number of people about her plans to go to Puerto Rico. Cammie passes her GED and announces she is a high school graduate and to celebrate, torments Kevin with a spatula and a bottle of syrup. Lex shows up at Morgan's apartment to cook her dinner and gets the philosophical puzzle of her multiple facets instead. Nico intervenes when Dori encounters an anti-mutant customer at the comics shop.

Dec 15 - Amanda meets Amara for coffee and goes over as much of her findings about Nova Roma as Amara can stand to hear, which isn't much. Yvette wishes Angel a happy 18th birthday. Doug amuses himself with nerdy cardboard cut-outs. Jan reminds everyone of the Winter Ball coming up; Julian emails Angel to ask her to go to the ball with him. Tabitha announces her Christmas plan with an open call post; Amara asks Bishop to go with her. Nick talks to Catseye about why Christmas is upsetting him this year and they make their own plans.

Dec 16 - During a shooting lesson with Bishop, Adrienne accidentally Reads an old pair of his gloves and sees an incident from his police past he's not comfortable with her knowing. This Devil's Workday: Cammie leaves work unexpectedly and Adrienne tracks her down to find her trying to get to Chicago, where an old friend of hers has turned up dead; Adrienne insists on going with Cammie to identify the body and makes arrangements to fly; Cammie tells Kurt what's happened; Cammie identifies her friend and discovers the police aren't going to do very much investigation into Amy's death and asks Adrienne to Read a letter found on Amy's body. Eamon shows up by surprise to visit Laurie.

Dec 17 - Jay gossips with Amanda and reveals he's thinking about Warren; later, Warren goes to Silver and encourages Jay to leave work early. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne lets the staff know she and Cammie are going to Chicago for a couple of days. Jean-Phillipe 'complains' about the noisy sex his roommate had the day before. Amara winds up having dinner with Manuel and Valentia and the subject of Selene comes up. Jay helps Kyle mend a pipe and they talk about old times - and Jay gets loan of a suit jacket.

Dec 18 - Doug posts a link to a prospective college course for Cammie: a Bachelor of Arts in Traditional Eastern Arts. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne tries to get Cammie to go back to New York and Cammie manages to talk/trick her into going back to the police with the further information Cammie has dug up about Amy's death and a mysterious house she'd been staying at. Angel happens upon Kevin in New York and makes him buy her lunch.

Dec 19 - Nico isn't sure about the Winter Ball due to lack of dresses (and dates) and Marie-Ange makes a suggestion. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne posts to her journal to let people know she's still in Chicago; Cammie visits an old connection but gets no information on her deceased friend. Warren comes to the Winter Ball at Jay's request and they have a quiet dance together out of sight.

Dec 20 - Amanda has a magic session with Nico and discovers even more about the girl's magic that wigs her out. This Devil's Workday: Cammie gets a lead on Brewster House from a homeless mutant kid; Cammie goes to the house, which appears to be some kind of religious half-way house for young homeless people, and winds up being tasered. Doug finds Amanda cleaning her apartment and they discuss their holiday plans while avoiding the discussion of having sex for information in their jobs. Julian talks to Ororo about becoming a trainee. Lex trains with Jean-Phillipe, wanting better control of his powers after the last mission.

Dec 21 - Amanda posts to let people know that the Szardos clan is going to Germany on the 23rd after Meggan's birthday and that she is taking Nico along. Catseye visits Kevin to pick up a Christmas present she asked him to make for Nick and gives Kevin his Christmas present. This Devil's Workday: Cammie undergoes 'purification' in the Brewster House by the Purifiers. Doug and Marie-Ange practice Doug's cover story for his return home regarding the injuries he sustained during Day Zero. Amanda takes Nico to the medlab to talk to Hank about her test results.

Dec 22 - Yvette wishes Meggan a happy birthday. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne phones Garrison to chat about their trip to Australia for Christmas and finds out that Cammie never returned to New York as she believed; she leaves a message for Bishop asking him to use his Snow Valley connections to help search for Cammie; thinking some of Cammie's biker connections might know where she is, Adrienne visits a biker bar and breaks her nose when she mouths off to a biker; using intel from Mark's Silver network, the X-Men rescue Cammie from Brewster House. Jubilee posts about hiding presents around Snow Valley for the Junior Trenchcoats.

Dec 23 - Kurt posts to wish Meggan a happy birthday. Vanessa visits Adrienne to cheer her up after Adrienne's nose is set and the two discuss Cammie. Marie-Ange thanks the person who put a present on her desk. Manuel soothes Cammie's aches and pains while they talk about what happened. Megan brings Catseye a treat as the catgirl is moping about the meeting with her father.

Dec 24 - Crystal posts to wish people a Merry Christmas. Wanda stops in on Marie-Ange in France and they discuss family. Remy catches Jubilee trying to sneak into his apartment and they have a conversation. Nico meets another Szardos, inquires about the family traditions, and passes the time with Kurt. During their first day in Puerto Rico, Amara and Bishop head to the beach.

Dec 25 - Christmas Day.

Dec 26 - Emma posts to the Snow Valley comm to talk about her holiday in Paris. Morgan posts about Ireland and queries why her place of employment must be based in northeastern America. In Germany, Kurt, Amanda, and Stefan Szardos have some bonding time over a chat about their family and about women. Marie-Ange and Jean-Phillipe go shopping in Paris and Marie-Ange explains why they're in a hotel and not with their respective families. Angelo goes to Muir to pick up a recovered (and much thinner) Fred.

Dec 27 - Transit Lounge: On the way back from Germany, the Szardos siblings (and guests) get stuck at the airport as New York has been snowed under and isn't receiving flights.

Dec 28 - Transit Lounge: Yvette and Kevin, stuck at the airport in Puerto Rico, discuss a number of things until Yvette gets too embarrassed to talk; Angel comments on the snowstorm and wonders how many people are stuck where; Marie-Ange lets her work colleagues know she is stuck in France with her cousin and Laurie, who was visiting Eamon; Amanda runs into Wanda in the Berlin airport; Amanda gets catty at Cammie, until Cammie makes her laugh.

Dec 29 - Transit Lounge: Shortly after midnight, Adrienne and Victoria Kane try to alleviate their boredom from being stuck in the Honolulu airport by annoying Garrison. Hank posts about being stuck in Edinburgh. Jay posts about family Christmas with the Guthrie's and how he'll be working at Silver on New Years. Marie-Ange, Jean-Phillipe and Laurie catch a Chunnel train. Warren drops by to see Jay and discovers him watching one of his Christmas gifts and things get hot and bothered. Yvette posts about arriving back at the mansion after delays.

Dec 30 - After mistaking her for an errant paparazzo, Warren takes Angel for a surprise flight, and they come to an arrangement. Jay and Sam hang out at a dance club and Jay tries to convince Sam to be less of a hermit. Carry On: Doreen, Julian, Megan and Nico arrive at her grandfather's farm in California for New Years.

Dec 31 - Crystal posts about celebrating New Years Eve twice. Warren texts Jay to find out what he's up to. Carry On: Julian discovers via the tv news that old friend Dean Alwin is about to be taken off life support. After a New Year's date (and their first anniversary), Kurt asks Monet to move in with him and she asks for time to think.


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