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Moment of Awesome - Lorna Dane/Polaris: After the Haunted House, Lorna gets Alex to talk about his deepest fears.

Alex chuckled, taking a sip of beer and grabbing a treat out of the jar they kept nearby, tossing a treat to Magnus, who gobbled it up happily. "Yeah, I'm... I'm..." His expression slipped slowly into something slightly more somber. "Tonight was a trip."

"It was. Fear is a tricky thing." She moved her toes under his leg, mostly to let him know she was aware of him. "Want to talk about it?"

"No... Yeah... Kind of?" The world sucked enough. Alex did his best to keep his usual, happy demeanor in place, but sometimes... "It was like... being lost. I didn't feel trapped, or abandoned, just like.... I didn't know where I was or how to get home."

Lorna raised an eyebrow as he spoke. Lorna liked to think she knew her husband pretty well, but there were still something they both didn't know of each other. "Being lost in complete darkness?"

"It wasn't dark. I could see. It was just like... I dunno." Alex shrugged, sipping his beer again. "You remember that time we thought going off-trail in that Redwood park was a good idea because we're experienced hikers and we know what we're doing aaaaaaaaaaand then we got lost because we were idiots? It was like that - that feeling of not knowing where you are or how the hell you're going to get out of there. Except that time you were there."

"Yeah, that was pretty stupid of us." Lorna whispered in silent. "Lost and alone?" Lorna moved and placed her wine glass down and moved closer to Alex, this time putting a leg over his as she placed her chin on his shoulder.

"Pretty much." He sighed, kissing the top of Lorna's head. He liked being surrounded by people for a lot of reasons, but the main thing was that he wasn't alone. One of those childhood fears he'd never grown out of. "It's stupid."

"It is not stupid, Alex." As she snuggled closer to him. "We can either run from it or embrace it. But you are never alone." She pointed to his ring finger. "Think of that as a symbol that I am always with you, no matter how far apart. And I am sure your moms and sister think of you often. I've seen their photo collection."

He laughed. "You've only see part of it, trust me. There's an entire closet full of photo albums." He hugged her tighter, breathing deep and content. "I knew this being married thing was cool for a reason. I mean, besides spending the rest of my life with my best friend. But that's also awesome."

Today in XProject:

April 18

2004: Daddy's Girl: Angelo and Amanda go to LA, and all goes relatively smoothly until Patches shows up with a message from Rack, leading to desperate plans.

2005: Amanda sees Nathan for the first time since she left and introduces him to Meggan; later, Amanda tries to use the link to talk to Manuel and runs up against a weave designed specifically against her. Betsy catches the plane back to New York from England.


2007: In the small hours, Scott and Jean discuss nightmares. During a speech on 'The History of Peeps' during lunch, Jan rather abruptly regains her full size whilst her clothes do not, much to the appreciation of the male population. Kurt drops by to say goodbye to Bobby and help him move boxes; Terry and Bobby fight on the way to the airport and he leaves before they can make up; Terry is miserable on the journals. Ororo threatens death to the person who used all her ice cream and didn't replace it; Lorna offers her brownies. Kurt invites Angel and her friends to come see the Munich Circus in town. Illyana meets Kurt in his tree, and has an awkward conversation. Illyana posts a 'handy' 'how to survive a demon attack' guide on her journal and announces her new job, to mixed results, including a chewing out from Remy for being reckless. Marius and Medusa experiment with her powers in the library and incur Tabitha's wrath. Amanda comes to the mansion to replace the magical protection and has a close encounter with Cain, who discovers he can read magical writing. Later, Amanda has coffee with John, and they catch up on old times. Kyle introduces Jan to the treehouse. Monet offers her services as chaperone to the prom, despite Marie's misgivings.

2008: Marie emails Amanda, asking for beer and pizza night; Amanda cancels a night out with Angelo, letting him know she'll be comforting Marie about the breakup. Adrienne goes to the Elpis offices and manages to make a bad impression on Angelo and Nathan and vice versa. Doug posts sleep deprived after a Rockie v. Padres baseball game goes to 22 innings. Shakespeare Syndrome: Tatiana seeks refuge with Nathan; Lorna has a theory regarding the poetry, and tests it with Jean, proving it's a batch of the sports drink "Green Speed" that's causing the issue; Jean announces on the staff comm that she's identified a foreign substance in the Green Speed and she's going to Oregon to the factory; Jean announces on the general comm that they've found the cause; Jean asks Jennie to come with her to Oregon; Adrienne reflects that she might have been able to identify the culprit with her powers; Betsy goes out clubbing and gets a drink spiked with Green Speed; Jean and Jennie have an unproductive meeting with the man in charge of the Green Speed factory, but get access to the factory floor. Adrienne emails Garrison to taunt him about baseball and try to get him to come out, and he's not particularly amused. Kevin emails Clarice, asking for help with a six-month anniversary gift for Jay. Ororo meets Christopher Summers and they talk about Scott and the team. Kevin emails Yvette with a plan to overcome both their issues with crowds and visiting the Met. Amanda and Marie-Ange share a bottle of red and gossip.

2009: While training in the Danger Room, Scott, Monet, Logan, and Lil manage to break the training room enough to take it completely offline and send Scott to the medlab; Jean and Forge both lecture Scott in his incapacitated state. Jake survives a run-in with Cammie (literally), and uses Jean-Paul's suite to cleanse himself of the toxic by-products. The Stepfords begin their campaign of gossip about Jean-Paul, talking to Manuel, Doreen, and Julian. Angelo plays some basketball with Jake, who gets a weird sensation from his stolen arm. Doreen has a tense meeting with Jean-Paul about her classes. Monet talks to Nathan about the Danger Room accident and feeling guilty.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: CNN Reports two explosions in New Delhi, with responsibility being taken by Lashkar-e-Taiba who call for the withdrawl of Indian troops in the Kashmir region; D. Ken and Lilandra Neramani talk about the current position of India, and D. Ken's plans for the future, resulting in Lilandra's arrest.

2011: Jean-Paul and Vanessa unwind together after X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse. Vanessa drops off a USB stick containing details of mutant sex trafficking off to Angelo and Elpis. Angelo recruits Elpis and attempts to recruit Amanda to look into the information Vanessa gave Elpis. Kevin and Laura have a discussion about the current state of affairs between the two of them. Warren announces that he's moving into Kyle's suite in the mansion.

2012: Yvette and Catseye gossip after seeing "The Hunger Games" together. Sooraya and Jean-Phillipe discuss being trainees.

2013: Frank makes a journal entry about three males getting kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too sexy. Seeking a slightly more normal high school experience, Matt gets nervous and tongue-tied trying to ask Hope a question. Hope walks in on Sue and Maddie making out and things are Awkward.

2014: During their Spring Break trip, Namor and Catseye introduce Angelica to a whole new underwater world. Cecilia and Clint head into the city so they can check out the entirety of the known universe.

2015: Matt and Clint are sparring in the gym when Miles comes in and Clint and Miles meet. Gabriel texts Miles with the fuck? Tandy texts Adrienne and Julian that she is almost to her family house in Ohio. Scott bumps into Warren and they end up having a deep and meaningful conversation. Tabitha continues to traumatize everyone around her, this time namely Topaz.

2016: Angel and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's decision not to wear her hijab anymore.

2017: Darcy is excited about the upcoming Carmen Sandiago series on Netflix.

2018: Poor Unfortunate Souls: Clint's just finishing the setup for the squidlets when Topaz happens by; Clint actually does call Amanda about his confrontation with Topaz and she gives him some information he didn't have and they both facepalm a lot; Darcy texts Clint, upset at his new pets; Clint texts Nat to tell her where he is; Darcy texts Nat to complain about Clint. Darcy makes a journal entry upset at Clint. Kyle makes a journal entry asking if anyone wants any shark teeth, and that yesterday was really weird. Clea makes a journal entry saying she’s not going to school today, and requesting cheeseburgers. Jean makes a journal entry advising she has laryngitis and that she’s rescheduling some medlab appointments.



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