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April 5

2004: Amanda and Doug finally talk about the potion. Nathan and Charles take a trip into Nathan's mind to confront Askani. Manuel makes a realization about his powers that frightens him.

2005: Dani and Forge talk about Hank adopting Dani's baby, Wanda meets Jake, feeds him and they become roommates. Jubilee becomes a full trainee.

2006: Cain and Logan have an encounter in the Danger Room. Logan is reprimanded and taken off active duty.

2007: The Possession Night people wake up very hungover. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna runs into Nathan at the airport, on her way to meet Zala; Zala does her own research into her 'sister' ; the two meet and Lorna is overwhelmed by Zala's offer of a job; later, going through Sofia's file, Lorna ponders her choice. Nathan goes to San Francisco to settle the sale of his father's house, a year after his death. Ororo announces she will be taking a couple of days off. Ororo gets a call from Nathan, who is drinking and burning his uncle, father and mother's letters and sends Pietro and Kurt after him; they end up having a 'Children of Supervillains Anonymous' drinking session; Nathan and Kyle discuss keepsakes and family. Forge challenges Logan to reach the island undetected and loses. Lorna texts Haller telling him not to quit, despite the drunken ramblings on the journals of the night before. Laurie posts from her mother's house, where she is spending Easter.

2008: Manuel de la Rocha returns to the school, creating a furore of epic proportions as those who knew him previous react with shock (and sometimes dismay) and those who don't with confusion as to all the fuss; Amanda tells Laurie and Jane about breaking the link, to help them understand the reaction; Lorna takes sick days and refuses to eat; Amanda spars with Marie-Ange and later talks to Angelo about Manuel's return; Jennie emails Marius, but only gets an automated reply and instead gets drunk while Terry keeps her company; Laurie yells at Forge for calling Manuel a monster on the journals; Remy emails Ororo to check on the security issues entailed with Manuel and directs the Snow Valley team to research every angle; Haller emails Alex to check on Lorna; Manuel emails Kevin to explain his powers and the two have quite the chat; Jean-Phillipe is confused about what's going on. Nathan emails Sofia to check on her after the previous night's adventures. Mark gets his journal access back. Wanda also posts to the journals following her traumatic experience with the Gamemaster and Garrison drops by to check on her. Jane gets her GED. Illyana emails Jennie and they bitch about things, specifically Snow Valley, Amanda, Laurie and Angelo.

2009: Sofia announces Amanda has gone to Muir for a powers check up following the April Fool's Day incident. Congress of Behram: Remy and North foil one assassination attempt, with Angelo assisting, but lose the assassin; Marie-Ange and North realise the identity of the target from Marie-Ange's reading: Bastion; North and Jubilee pursue a security guard, the inside man, and manage to stop him with the timely help of Crystal; information is pulled from him which reveals the identity of the assassins; Remy sets Morgan to chasing up the assassins' backgrounds; Laurie, Doug and Jake combine powers and knowledge to weed out other suspects; Jake breaks into the hotel room of one to raid his computer; Kurt and Emma mingle while Jake and Jubilee take a closer look at hotel rooms; the X-Force team manages to subdue the SIROCCO assassins after a brutal fight and then the Imperial Guard steps in to take care of things; while the assassins are being neutralised, Charles, Bastion, Lilandra, Farouk, Leo and Kurt have a private conference of their own on the mutant question. Marie-Ange posts about the speaker the day before; Leo posts about the talks he's been involved in. Jay and Kevin run into each other and finally talk. Jean-Paul catches Julian in the act of trying to fly off the roof; later, he talks to Nathan about it, who isn't impressed. Amara posts about the huge amounts of reading she's been doing for school and the X-Men. Callie's father makes an appearance for the final night of the play. Garrison and Callisto go looking for a replacement car for him and find a wreck of a police cruiser; Jay remarks on Garrion's purchase. Garrison lets Lil know his sister is visiting for his birthday.

2010: Monet complains about the US not allowing Easter vacation days. Catseye asks Kevin to make her a sword for Nick and winds up posing for a sketch. Kevin leaves another picture for Jean-Paul; when Jean-Paul goes to ask Kevin about the pictures as he thinks they're meant for someone else, he and Kevin talk and wind up admitting to a mutual attraction, even though they are both terrified. John and Angelo discuss John's family problems and decide on a road trip to tie up some loose ends. Jean-Paul and Hank work on controlling his blasts and helping him with his PTSD. Revenant: Amanda checks on Meggan and helps change her hair back to the right colour.

2011: Operation: Sanguinicity: Marie-Ange meets with a hyper-paranoid Farouk and gets his report on the woman - La Contessa - who appears to be a possible resource against Strucker's organisation. Vanessa, dressed as Aoife, goes to visit Wade and he tells her about his cancer; Vanessa goes to talk to Jean about it and things do not go well.

2012: Jean-Paul delivers three panels of artwork to Adrienne's suite. Madelyne posts thanking everyone for her birthday presents. Lorna posts asking if anyone is interested in doing yoga with her. Nico posts this picture on her journal.

2013: Sarah leaves Maddie a t-shirt for her birthday. Matt hits Topaz with pink dye as part of the Holi celebration, she is not amused. Logan singles out the students who managed to hit him and promises dire revenge. Hope thanks whoever stained her dress allowing her to get rid of it.

2014: Lorna and Namor meet to discuss what he likes to eat and other things. Billy emails the NM except for Clint saying not to comment on Clint’s hair (or lack thereof). Billy leaves this goat with a happy birthday note for Maddie.

2015: Very early Sunday morning, Warren and Clint ditch the Harry’s party and go for something more their speed; waking very late Sunday, Warren takes Clint to his Easter Sunday dinner at his fathers’ house and Matt is unimpressed by what he hears - and smells; the adopted brothers have quality time with their family. Molly texts Angel about their surprise Easter egg hunt plan. Miles and Gabriel hang out after dinner at Miles’ family’s house. Tandy reflects that maybe Easter Sunday wasn’t the best day to tell her Catholic priest uncle that she isn’t dead any more. A hungover Felicia manages to beg breakfast from Wanda.

2016: Amara is not impressed by the American education system. Alex reflects on YouTube videos about “Real Monsters” while laid up with a not-quite-broken leg. Natasha lets Clint know she’s disappearing into the city for a few days.