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August 9



2004: Madelyn growls at Nathan for checking himself out of the lab after Columbia. Alphonso de la Rocha and Romany Wisdom meet and things get nasty.

2005: Alison's experience with Sabretooth leaks through the old link between her and Betsy.

2006: Race Around The World: Amanda and Doug arrive in Paris. Lorna drags Marie out to Harry’s.

2007: Various mansion residents respond to Attilan's return; Forge comes back to the mansion and is confused to find nothing has changed, whilst his friends are confused and amused by his aging; Forge posts clarifications about the state of things. Yvette thanks everyone for her birthday. Family Portrait: Laurie posts to the student comms about her father being found and not knowing what to do.

2008: Doug points out to Clarice the US women's fencing team won a gold medal. Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Yvette asks Callisto to help with the water purification system. Amanda visits Nathan and finds Manuel there as well; a difficult conversation ensues.

2009: Home and Native Land: Logan emails North to let him know it's possible Weapon X has been reactivated and North suggests talking to Daniel Lyman; North lets x_snowvalley know he's off on a factfinding trip; in Symkaria, Garrison, Logan and North try to get answers from Lyman, but are ambushed and barely escape; Lil emails various people about her non-return and posts to the journals about the same; Garrison lets Lil and Marie know the results of the trip to Symkaria. Jay and Catseye meet up in the woods and in an effort to distract conversation away from the X-Men, Jay finds himself talking about Catseye's lovelife and gets more questions than he was bargaining on. Johnny asks if he can stay with Jean-Paul in the wake of Lil's email. Tabitha finds Callie weighing up her options regarding the New Mutants and has an idea. Callie rescues a lost Vic and they discover a common love of foreign films. Jennie visits Nathan and they talk about the future and the possibility of Jennie one day leading the X-Men. Dori posts about posting pictures of herself (with the tail included) on one of her web forums, comic movies and wishing Yvette a happy birthday. Shiro and Jay have an extremely awkward date until they decide to go out flying instead. Jake reports that Wanda's contact was a bust but that everyone is sick and they will be staying in London a few days. Vic gets Johnny's note and goes to Jean-Paul's suite to check on him.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa emails Bishop and Jean-Paul regarding the status of their 'missing' persons - most have been found alive and well and without their mutations. Yvette thanks people for attending her 18th birthday party the day before.

2011: Mortimer Toynbee's Electric Funkedelic Boogaloo: Jean-Phillipe asks on the team comm what happened and notes that Mister M was taken into custody, but Toad escaped; Meggan describes what she was seeing and a long discussion ensues, some of which includes Wade calling Kyle his son, much to everyone's confusion; Matt admits he's an addict following him getting a high at the party; Sarah V. posts about the party as well, hoping it was as fun as she thought it was; Laurie has a headache but enjoyed the dancing; Jean is confused about several additions/messages in the kitchen. Capital Turpitude: Jason Wyngarde summons Adrienne to the Black Court headquarters in Boston and gives her a new assignment, with the added 'incentive' that her companies are being investigated for money laundering. Doug emails Marie-Ange about Wade's age; Wade emails Doug about his issues. Kevin posts a cartoon about losing his heart and having it given back. The Problématique: Warren and Bishop discuss where they are with Vanessa's disappearance. Kyle takes a jonesing Matt out for a run and learns more about Matt's powers and gymnastic skills.

2012: Tandy returns to her suite from the med lab and Maddie convinces her that a hamburger is a lot better than chips when dealing with power-related problems.

2013: Rachel leaves a note in the garage about borrowing a mansion car and that she should be back before ten. Matt runs into Rachel, his favorite insomnia buddy, and they hang out in the daylight. Rachel runs into Jean practicing her powers out in the courtyard; the two wind up meeting formally and wind up discussing Rachel's situation.



2015: The Caged Bird: Lorna gets a phone call from the last person she's expecting to hear from; Lorna tells X-Factor Investigations what's happened and a quick, not-quite-good-but-good-enough plan is hatched; Lorna texts Wanda about heading to Nevada with X-Factor; Lorna goes to Alex's childhood home to confront Mystique, where the plan doesn't go quite the way it's supposed to; Lorna and Magneto talk, or Magneto talks and expects Lorna to listen; Sue e-mails the X-Men and X-Factor about being stuck in a shipping dock in Oakland and requesting help; the X-Men and X-Factor arrive at the Brotherhood's hideout, and Sue fills them in on what she's learned; Wanda decides it’s time to have a chat of her own with Daddy Dearest; Lorna finally finds Alex - and two seconds later everything goes to hell; Sue texts Julian about never wanting to eat lobster again. Julian texts Tandy about rain checking dinner and sleeping for a very long time. Garrison talks to Adrienne about the case he left town to work on, and as an indicator of how the discussion goes, she starts chain-smoking.

2016: Topaz posts a lot of kitty pics. Alison texts Tabitha about some music she is currently listening to. Marie-Ange posts about having found her internet home.

2017: Green-Eyed Monster: Jean posts about seeing many patients with similar suspicious symptoms.


2019: Case File: Take Me to Church: The media reports on the closure of the Salem Center branch of the Church of Humanity as a result of a murder investigation; Alex posts about raising funds for a scholarship in the name of the mutant victim. Sooraya and Scott have an email discussion about when and how a leader should intervene in a situation. Kitty posts a story about a friend whose funeral was picketed by the Church of Humanity.