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October 28


2003: Pete becomes the new Self Defense teacher. Jamie receives therapy and regains the use of his powers.

2004: Reclaimed: Colin MacInnis calls Nathan to tell him Mick Foley's conditioning has cracked as a result of Vermont; Nathan and Alison go to Belgium to retrieve him. Alex emails Moira about powers training in the wake of the attack on him and Scott.

2005: Clarice and Shiro take the next step in their relationship. X-Men Mission: Air Xavier: The Pack requests the X-Men's help after they rescue a number of children from a training camp in Chad; the team evacuates the Pack and the children, and then Scott outflies the Libyan airforce when they try to intervene. High Cost Of Living: Betsy comes to talk to Amanda and discovers her secret; Marie-Ange visits Remy and avoids the subject of what Amanda did.

2006: Mark makes Akira jokes on the journals, referring to the meat computer. Ororo and Nathan have a flying lesson, which ends with Ororo being tossed into the lake for laughing at him. The Gates: Elpis makes final preparations for Prague. Mommy Dearest Redux: Kurt's brother Stefan arrives at the mansion, to bring Kurt home to the caravan at his mother's behest. Marius undergoes the experimental procedure to 'cure' his maladaptive mutation. Crystal tells Kyle about the incident with Logan.

2007: Thirteen Days: Scott posts to x_journal, telling the students how proud their teachers are of them; the X-Men go into space, finding getting there is the easy part; the attack on the station is chaotic and messy, but Scott manages to destroy the laser controls before the station begins to fall apart; scattered X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants and cosmonauts crash to Earth, mostly in remote areas; Forge sounds the alert for the remaining team to help with search and rescue; Jean and Terry land in Siberia, fleeing Mystique, Katu and Kamal; Nathan, Angelo and Clarice wind up in Tibet with Toad and Senyaka; Garrison and Marie land in Japan with Magneto, and Garrison's throat is cut as he tries to apprehend the mutant terrorist; Amanda asks Marie-Ange for support when comms are lost; Ororo organises the recovery, using the trainees as well as the remaining X-Men; the evacuees have a movie night, and it's obvious things are tense; Nori uses her own methods to calm her powers; Jay discovers something startling about Kevin's powers. Doug mourns Colorado's loss of the World Series.

2008: Day Zero: Foxtrot and the human resistance presses forward despite resistance from Apocalypse's supporters; the search and rescue team is attacked by Famine whilst evacuating people, with Famine's arm being broken in the ensuing fight; Marie-Ange has a vision of an attack on Silver and warns everyone; Silver comes under seige from David Angar and friends, and Mark kills one of his supporters during the fight; the New Mutants run into an injured Famine, who nearly takes them all out before they drop an electrified billboard on her and run; with Doug acting as their Trojan Horse, Emma, Remy and Jubilee attack the NYSE and Pestilence/Ignatova and barely manage to break her hold on things before she flees back into the digital ether; Foxtrot finds themselves up against an insane religious man - Sebastian Madrias - and his cult of Apocalypse worshippers and Morgan kills him to end the fight; Karolina reflects on how quiet things are; Team Charlie in the sewers finds themselves in a running battle with meatspores all the way to the power station; Forge and Amanda realise turning off the power will effect Post's connection with the city as well, and do so despite the risk to Amanda herself; Yvette and Angel, taking point for the New Mutants, stumble on Marius and Kurt and after a moment of reassuring themselves that they are the X-Men, agree to go with them to the Citadel; Team Alpha discovers Agent Zero - a bomb-collared Sabretooth - and while Zanne and Adrienne try to disarm the neutron bomb, Sabretooth, Scott, Laurie, Zach Garrison and Kyle battle War; War is defeated, but Sabretooth manages to escape in the confusion; Team Charlie battles an enraged Post in Times Square, with Amanda using the trick she learned in London to get the jump on him and allow Sarah to kill him; Team Echo in Central Park take to a jeep to battle Apocalypse's supporters; Team Bravo take on the Citadel, with Nathan assisting, and Cain gives his power to Marie to achieve their goal, despite the fact it leaves him powerless and old; Death, Pete and Betsy battle each other in the Citadel, with Pete and Betsy resorting to recalling the assassination of Alphonso de la Rocha to shock Alison out of her mind controlled state; at the end, Apocalypse finds himself facing a mixed team of X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants and others and is defeated before Garrison arrests him and hands him over to SHIELD; Amanda posts about X-Force being homeless and having to stay at the mansion; Meggan, Kurt and Amanda have a family meal; Garrison announces Apocalypse's fate; Pete tries to regroup mentally; Haller announces Charles is out of his coma, although weak; Sofia asks about official relocation addresses; Forge complains about the sewers and mentions Jennie's non-death; Nori has a meltdown, reluctantly, on Julio; Betsy is brought back on the Blackbird and Haller takes care of her; Clarice's father arrives and is not happy with the situation.

2009: Garrison emails Marie with some information to follow up on the Alpha Flight ambush and Weapon X. Visting day for a stoned Dori: she flirts with Kyle, Marie tries to reassure her about Logan not being a threat, gets comics from Julian, accidentally tells Kurt about her grandfather's mutation and manages to talk Bobby into sneaking her ice cream; Monet amuses herself with the stoned squirrel girl. Marie gives Crystal - still without a trainee name - her first run in the Danger Room; Crystal posts a list of the offered names to x_team for her teammates to choose from. Laurie gets thrown in the pool by Kyle, but counts it as a win as she was able to drag him in with her; Jan emails Kyle about her underwear and Twitter. One Year On: A brawl breaks out at the rally when an ESU chapter of HeliX is announced. Doug returns from Russia to find Marie-Ange tries to cook for him and they decide to go out and replace the piercing lost when he recreated his body.

2010: X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?: Kane calls the team in for a briefing about a new mission; Piotr, Yvette, Laurie, Jan and Paige meet with Kane in the situation room and are told they will be heading to Chicago to deal with the rescue and pick up of a young mutant pyrokinetic; Yvette lets the students know that she will be out of the mansion until the weekend, and makes a request for Kyle and Amara to collect her school work; en route to Chicago on the Blackbird, Kane pulls Jean-Phillippe aside and warns him to be on his best behavior; Kane informs the team to start running down leads in the area as soon as they touch down. Vanessa hunts down Hank for information on Natalie Gleason's whereabouts.

2011: Adrienne reminds everyone about the World Series Game Seven on that evening. She and Garrison discuss baseball at Harry's before the game begins. Clarice catches up with Jean-Paul, who is making a millions brownies in the kitchen; Jean-Paul invites everyone to help themselves to his brownies. Yvette and Sam chat while on comms duty.

2012: Scott gives Jean a Kindle and a bag of gourmet coffee for her birthday. Wade leaves birthday gifts for Jean and Cammie.

2013: Cammie posts lamenting about not being able to spend a quiet birthday with Kurt. Tabitha texts Cammie about her lack of vibrator. Wade texts Marie-Ange about having a lovely bunch of coconuts. Matt posts a video about handicap accessibility in Germany.

2014: Adrienne posts a poll for opinions on how to dress up Garrison’s cat for Hallowe’en. Julian runs into Sue in the kitchen and they discuss Sue’s difficulty in coping with the paparazzi and Julian’s reputation. Amanda posts to Snow Valley about someone keeping watch over Arthur Centrino’s book signing that evening. Cecilia and Molly attend the book signing and are given the third degree by a store employee for bringing a copy of the book from home before meeting Centrino, who fails to remember his date with Cecilia, which prompts Cecilia to slap him, causing a power outage in the store and a starburst of light around his left eye. Molly texts Clint to tell him her whereabouts in the aftermath of the book signing being shut down and mentions Cecilia acting weird. Clint texts Doug to ask where Cecilia is because Molly mentioned she was acting weird. Cecilia texts Matt to ask that he makes sure Molly makes it home okay. Cecilia texts Clarice, Adrienne, and Jean to tell them about slapping Arthur. Jean posts a thank you about her birthday gifts. Molly texts Tandy to tell her about the light around Arthur’s eye, asking if Tandy and Arthur are related. Cecilia texts Marie-Ange to ask if she can stay at the Brownstone due to being too drunk to drive home. Doug posts a photomanip of Arthur and ethics in games journalism.


2015: Jean texts Wanda and Kitty asking them to help her keep an eye on her sister since more people are coming to her party than she planned. Jean texts Warren asking if he invited the majority of the mansion to her birthday. Amanda and Angelo hang out together and Amanda suggests Angelo involve himself more with the students. Wade posts to remind people of the Hallowe’en party on Saturday.

2016: Nica, Topaz, Clint, Rogue, Cecilia, Molly, Alex, and Maya all make journal entries about mysterious pumpkins that appeared out of nowhere.

2017: Molly and Topaz attend the local fall festival.


2019: John posts about finally regaining access to his journal after losing the password.