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April began with Adrienne Frost's surprise 40th birthday part at Harry's Hideaway, in Disney-themed costumes. It was for the large part a great success, but not bereft of drama as Adrienne let slip to Jean Grey that she'd discovered X-Factor employees Jessica Jones and Warren Worthington had sex on her desk at the office. A funny story, except that Warren had been dating Jean at the time and she did not appreciate being two-timed and let Warren know about it. Warren, in an ugly mood, eventually ditched the party and went for something "more adult", Clinton Barton joining him for the ride. Everyone else had fun, however.

More new faces: Felicia Hardy, in over her head with a mutant-smuggling group, got rescued by X-Force and wound up with a job; Quentin Quire manifested his telepathy at his high school and was retrieved by Jean and Jennie Stavros; and teen pop star Alison Blaire, having ditched her tour, wound up on the doorstep after an invitation by Topaz for help with her powers. Two more prodigals - again believed dead - also returned, this time Rachel Kinross-Dayspring and David Haller from the astral plane where they'd wound up after the battle with the Dark Phoenix. Neither was unchanged by the experience, with Rachel appearing to have aged several years and having issues with her telepathy, and Haller not even close to his usual level of 'normal' and showing no signs of any of his previous personalities, including "Jim".

X-Factor received their first case when Julian Keller and his friend, Susan Storm, were attacked by an anti-mutant group seeking a USB stick Sue had previously stolen. Investigations revealed that the group was conducting experiments on mutants, grafting body parts onto their members in hopes of gaining powers. X-Force set up a trap for them and several members were arrested - they mysteriously all died in custody later.


Apr 1 - Xavin talks with Matt and is weirded out by the whole school and Generation X thing. Adrienne finds out with her powers that Warren and Jessica had sex in the X-Factor office (and on her desk) and he finds out she’s a mutant; Warren lets Jessica know what happened and they wind up making arrangements to hook up again. Adrienne lets Emma and Garrison know her powers are acting up and she can Read items through things she’s touching. Angel and Tandy go on a donut run and catch up with each other. Tabitha confesses to apparently everything. X-Force learns that the mutant smuggling ring is making a shipment and Artie goes undercover to smoke them out; Felicia has similar plans and winds up getting a save, courtesy of Wanda and North in police uniforms. Tandy drops by Amanda’s magic class and they catch up on the situation with the Dweller in the Dark, still trapped in its own dimension. Angelica leaves a souvenier t-shirt and poker chip for Jean from Vegas and Jean texts her to say thank you. Clarice complains about the field trip curse striking again and the need for retail therapy. Tandy tries to prank Adrienne by telling her she is having Loki’s baby, but Adrienne isn’t fooled. Gabriel and Warren run into each other in a grungy basement nightclub. Miles and Gabriel catch up after Miles has a Danger Room session and Miles invites Gabriel to Easter dinner at his parents’ house.

Apr 2 - Molly and Artie reunite in the kitchen, and in the process talk about the problems involved with the new world and the new people. Kevin and Wade talk about what being a spy involves. Cecilia is most unhappy at Wade for disappearing so abruptly and lets him know about it. Molly meets the new Matt and experiences the oddness of the ‘frankenberry’ people for herself. Tandy goes to talk to Doug about new ID for her older self, and they share stories about Asgard.

Apr 3 - Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know he has their costumes for Adrienne’s birthday party. North catches Felicia in his office and after holding her at gunpoint, they talk. Wade texts Scott to let him know he has food and to meet him at their usual spot. Felicia makes her first post to the journals. Jean and Warren go to Miami for a short vacation and in the process decide to go back to being friends. Molly seeks out Wade, since he’s not looking for her.

Apr 4 - Wanda and North take a break from work to have beer, Chinese food and chat. Molly posts about her return and her time in Asgard; Angelo goes to find her and there are Christmas songs and snacks. Alison Blaire posts a blog announcing that she is canceling all her future concerts and that she will be back on stage before long. Adrienne’s birthday party at Harry's Hideaway - the mansion adults attend in Disney costume and there is mostly fun and banter; Adrienne tells Jean about Warren and Jessica, and Jean tells Warren exactly what she thinks of him cheating on her; while cleaning up, Rogue kisses Logan, but he gently rebuffs her.

Apr 5 - Very early Sunday morning, Warren and Clint ditch the Harry’s party and go for something more their speed; waking very late Sunday, Warren takes Clint to his Easter Sunday dinner at his fathers’ house and Matt is unimpressed by what he hears - and smells; the adopted brothers have quality time with their family. Molly texts Angel about their surprise Easter egg hunt plan. Miles and Gabriel hang out after dinner at Miles’ family’s house. Tandy reflects that maybe Easter Sunday wasn’t the best day to tell her Catholic priest uncle that she isn’t dead any more. A hungover Felicia manages to beg breakfast from Wanda.

Apr 6 - Felicia can’t sleep and this time it’s Wade who gets to have a late-night chat. Roxy tells Angel about her progress with her powers and it’s decided she should be able to go to school soon. Felicia makes another Instagram crosspost, this time about decorating her new place. Angel gives Gabriel an after-Easter treat. Wade texts Adrienne, Marie-Ange and Doug for help after Weasel’s car has its windows shot out. Sue walks in on Warren and Jessica and spoils their plans for the evening.

Apr 7 - Kevin encounters Warren on the roof and is less than impressed and makes no attempt to hide it.

April 8 - Felicia texts Warren about redecorating her suite.

April 9 - Wade finds Gabriel in the gym and continues his recruitment of the speedster for X-Force. Felicia posts a picture of Warren and teases him for his lack of technological skills.

April 10 - Wade posts thanking everyone for voting for the Golden Girls Lego set. 21st Century Digital Boy - Quentin Quire manifests his telepathy in the middle of school after being harassed; a news story breaks about kids at Van Wyck Prepratory Academy collapsing; Jean and Jennie are dispatched to find out what's going on at the school, and discover Quentin; together they talk him down and get him out; Jean texts Scott to update him on what happened at the school. Matt and Clint label the food in the kitchen with Braille; Clint texts Scott after to make sure that was okay. Molly texts Jubilee a picture of a present she got for her. Marie-Ange and Laurie hang out, and Marie-Ange offers some advice.

April 11 - Laurie and Amanda spend some time reconnecting. Jubilee posts about feeling old. Haller and Rachel finally return from the astral plane, where they've been since the old universe was destroyed. Clarice posts about a dance party in the grad room. Topaz meets Clint outside, and is once again thrown by the appearance of a former friend.

April 12 - Kurt catches Topaz sneaking out far too early. Laurie emails Emma and Doug for help with a prosthetic. Doug meets Rachel and Haller early in the morning when they return to the mansion. Haller goes to see Charles and confirm that he is not a threat. Scott is surprised to find Haller waiting for him in his office after. Gabriel and Clint meet again - this time in the mansion. Case File: The Sting: Julian and Sue Storm are attacked in the city, and seek refuge at her apartment - they don't succeed; they escape to Xavier's, and Sue finally opens up about her past. Hope posts about going to Switzerland for a cultural diversity program, and emails Topaz to apologize for leaving. Gabriel posts asking for alcohol. Molly texts Gabriel to ask if he's okay.

April 13 - Case File: The Sting: Bobbi and Jessica dig their way through the paperwork Sue provided; Lorna, Jessica, and Arthur trail the mark to a warehouse. Quentin and Gabriel meet at the flyer's platform while smoking pot. Marie-Ange meets Quentin and finds him to be different, in a good way. Marie-Ange emails Doug about meeting Quentin and her thoughts on this frankenberrycat version of him. Felicia posts a Instagram picture of a swatch of different black paints. Warren emails Adrienne about his sexual conduct in the X-Factor office, both of them are on good terms again. Doug and Laurie talk about their relationship.

April 14 - Sooraya emails Angelo, John, Jean-Phillipe, Cecilia and Jean asking if there is anyone she should keep an eye out for while staying in Washington. Laurie texts Wade joking that she may have broken Doug and asks about the four of them watching a movie together. Case File: The Sting: X-Factor tries to figure out what and who they are dealing with; Sue and Warren come up with a plan on how to deal with the situation; Arthur and Bobbi put that plan into action; Arthur and Sue go to see what is up with the warehouse and are shocked by what they find. Tyrone posts that he needs to buy some nice suits. Tandy texts Julian asking where he is. Roxy texts Miles about what happened to Alison Blaire and hopes it isn’t rehab; Wade texts Jubilee about there being a younger Alison Blaire in this world. Miles interrupts Matt’s work out and Matt’s ipod suffers, they end up going to the Apple Store with Bobby.

April 15 - Tabitha mentions that pop musician Alison Blaire seems to have had a meltdown and cancelled her tour. Alison has a powers meltdown in the city and Topaz comes to the rescue. Rachel announces that she is back from the dead and that David is there too, also pleading for a much needed haircut after a disastrous attempt by Angelo. Kevin goes to the medlab for a medical exam and is cleared by Jean. Matt posts about how conversations at work are about regulating fiber intake. Marie-Ange leaves a small sunlamp, wine bottles with herbs and other magical type plants already planted, with a hand-lettered card stating she is the worst roommate and happy belated to birthday to Amanda. Warren texts Felicia asking her to tell him she loved him or something else equally unbelievable. Case File: The Sting: Warren, Lorna and Sue draw out the bad guys and almost they pin Lorna as a mutant, but thanks to Sue the results are negative; the anti-mutant group are arrested for trespass at Worthington Industries. Wade texts Doug with one word: polyamory. Marie-Ange texts Wade asking what he just asked Doug as she heard a loud squeak in the server room. Amanda texts Marie-Ange thanking her for the gift and when did she get so old. Bobby posts about hockey and that the Islanders were robbed of the scoring title. Adrienne leaves a birthday card and a knitted afghan for Amanda. Wade contrives to get Adrienne and North talking again with putt-putt golf and car theft.

April 16 - Rogue and Kurt talk about Logan and Jubilee and Kurt reveals his plans for proposing to Jubilee. Gabriel texts Wade asking why Clint was at the mansion.

April 17 - Matt and Tandy meet for the first time and Wade makes an awkward appearance. Miles posts about his enthusiasm about the new Star Wars trailer. Tandy posts about going home for a few days and asks if anyone would like to join her. Clint runs into Rachel and they have a nice chat. Matt meets Quentin on the roof and self proclaimed radical and reluctant corporate suit don’t get along. Matt texts Clint about having a massive case of the munchies. Jean emails Scott and Angelo about leaving for a few days due to a situation in Ireland. Alison Blaire arrives at the mansion and Wade is the one that meets her at the door. Wade texts Marie-Ange about the meeting with Alison. Alison has a meeting with Charles and officially becomes a student at the school. Tandy discovers Julian unpacking from a trip he is no longer taking and their relationship changes. Bobbi and Adrienne go to the gun range and then work on a stakeout together. Alison literally bumps into Tandy while exploring the mansion.

April 18 - Matt and Clint are sparring in the gym when Miles comes in and Clint and Miles meet. Gabriel texts Miles with the fuck? Tandy texts Adrienne and Julian that she is almost to her family house in Ohio. Scott bumps into Warren and they end up having a deep and meaningful conversation. Tabitha continues to traumatize everyone around her, this time namely Topaz.

April 19 - Laurie posts about something that makes her happy. Laurie texts Doug asking him to take her to his next Hellfire Club event. Laurie text Wade about her options of the gun she wants and asks if she could come over and they can look over it. Felicia posts on Instagram the fruits of her labor. Hope posts about her week in Switzerland, about her French and other classes she has to take. Laurie meets Clint and challenges him to an archery match.

April 20 - Warren texts Miles asking him to make Warren a Twitter account. Clarice posts that she is going to home-spa. Warren posts that he is finally on Twitter.

April 21 - Matt posts about his love of the city in the evening. Roxy asks Generation X if anyone wants to go watch the Lyrid meteor shower.

April 22 - Tandy sends Reese’s Peanut Butter cups to Doug to thank him for his help and express her excitement at learning languages from him. Adrienne texts Garrison to tell him she’s leaving for Ohio to help Tandy, and Tandy to ask her about having sex with Julian.

April 23 - Sue introduces herself on the journals. Laurie posts saying she is feeling creative but doesn’t know what to unleash her energies on. Hope emails Ty a link to an article about men’s suits. Rogue texts Adrienne, Angel, and Jessica pictures of Sesame Street characters as beefcakes. Rogue posts about a Say Yes To The Dress marathon and her confusion over lavish weddings.

April 24 - Matt emails the mansionites inviting them to a cookout at his apartment. Clint texts Matt telling Matt his vacation time was killed. Wade texts Doug about his conflict over going to Matt’s party versus having to see Matt. Felicia posts to announce that her suite renovations are finished. Tandy texts Julian telling him she’s back from Ohio. Clarice posts asking if anyone has a sledgehammer to help her redo her closet. Adrienne texts Garrison telling him she’s returned from Ohio but will be working at the office all weekend in preparation for the merger between her company and Tandy’s.

April 25 - Matt and Wade do a kata together in the gym without speaking. Clarice and Clint meet in the kitchen. Laurie texts Doug asking what to wear to a clothing optional Hellfire Club meeting. Warren messages Sue about her plans for Star Wars day. Wade leaves Kyle a VW Bug in his living room. Kyle posts about the car in his living room. Clint delivers equipment to the two Spider-Men, as agreed on.

April 26 - Rachel finds Clint to ask him a question about the flight-worthiness of a Hughes F-4 Hercules on long distances and Clint makes her eat and rest from overwork. Case File: The Sting: Bobbi lets X-Factor know that the suspects they brought into custody died while in custody. Cecilia posts asking for help to get her out of watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with mimosas in bed.

Apr 27 - Tabitha tries to prank Roxy with their suite’s fridge, but when it fails to get the desired result, the pair decide to prank Miles and Bobby instead; Miles is unimpressed by the pranking attempt. Tandy and Adrienne finalise the merger of Tandy’s mother’s company with Meridian Enterprises. Felicia Instagrams about her yoga session and the view. Bobby is unhappy with the Washington Capitals victory over the New York Islanders in the hockey playoffs. Alison meets Angel by the pool and they get on very well. Rachel has a check up with Cecilia after her time on the astral plane and reveals she’s having problems.

Apr 28 - Laurie posts from Matt’s BBQ, complimenting the chef; at the BBQ, Alison meets her host, Matt; later on, Rogue and Matt meet for the first time as well.

Apr 29 - Laurie goes to check on Haller, now that she knows he's back, and they both spectacularly fail at taking care of themselves while simultaneously trying to take care of someone else.

Apr 30 - Roxy posts a news story about a fox making its own sandwich and wonders if it could be a shape-shifting mutant. Topaz meets Quentin and neither is impressed. Adrienne asks for prom dress donations. Rachel approaches Haller about her brain being “too full”.


21st Century Digital Boy

Case File: The Sting

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