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Jean-Phillipe "Bevatron" Colbert, cousin to Marie-Ange, arrived at the mansion for powers help, coinciding with the school trip to Japan. The Field Trip Curse reared its head again, with Julio forced to rechannel a major earthquake through himself to avoid a disaster. The effort nearly killed him, with Laurie and Nori reviving him. During this time the possibility Logan was Nori's great-grandfather was raised, leading to a DNA comparison. Jay and Kevin's relationship continued its rocky way, and both Shiro and Farouk were ill over a prolonged time. Unfortunately, Shiro's illness turned out to be withdrawals from Alex's powers, as the two had a rather ugly scene which ended with Alex leaving the school to go stay with Lorna for a time, and the relationship ending.

X-Force were led into an ambush by Swarm, barely escaping with their lives. In response to her own near-death experience, Wanda decided to start living more, sleeping with Cain, dragging Kurt out with her dancing and being to a dance contest. Mark met a new friend, Vic, a mutant working in a local bagel shop and regular at Silver.

Angelo, going through Irene Adler's diaries, uncovered a prophecy that convinced him he was going to be crucified, and no-one was able to reassure him otherwise. Nathan and Ororo rescued the visiting T'Challa from an assassination attempt by an escaped William Moses.

Doug and Forge got involved in an adventure, tracing the last invention of Nicola Tesla in a race against Fabian Cortez and Francisco Milan, who believed it would be a weapon they could use to curry favour with Magneto. Instead, the group discovered it was a 'copy' of Tesla's personality, and in the ensuing fight, Forge suffered almost-terminal powers overload, with Tesla sacrificing himself to revive him. In the aftermath, Forge began to realise that learning some kind of fighting skills was an inevitability, if he didn't want to continue being a victim.


Dec 1 - Nathan encounters Jean after the party and they plan to go out and get into trouble. Jay mentions not going to the party. Operation: Melittology: Marie-Ange obtains information in Prague about one of Von Strucker's accounts showing activity and X-Force begins digging. Jishin Da! The field trip group leaves for Japan

Dec 2 - Operation: Melittology: Sarah and Amanda trace a connection to a plane charter company; Doug and Illyana meet with a contact and get further information; Amanda and Sofia establish a previous client of the charter company were the smuggling ring from New York; Sarah and Marie-Ange go through the surveillance photos on the charter company; Remy sends Mark, Wanda and Illyana to Germany to spy on the owner of the charter company. Jean-Phillipe Colbert arrives at the mansion, seeking powers help.

Dec 3 - Scott announces Jean-Phillipe's arrival. Operation: Melittology: Mark and Wanda's work reveals there's a suspicious shipment coming in from China; Remy and Sofia track down the money trail through a family contact of Sofia's. Jishin Da! Crystal announces their safe arrival in Japan and Laurie is jetlagged. Monet asks Amanda to research Marius St. Croix and his background. Amanda emails Marie-Ange about her reaction to the news of her cousin arriving and asks Angelo to take care of Kurt's puppy whilst she's in Germany.

Dec 4 - Jishin Da! The students sightsee in various parts of Japan. Angelo is overwhelmed by puppy-ness. Operation: Melittology: Doug and Wanda catch sight of their target and plans are made; X-Force attacks the hanger, intent on rescuing the latest cargo, only to discover it's a trap set by Von Strucker's friend/experiment, Swarm; Wanda is stung and nearly dies, her powers going haywire, Amanda uses magic to save her, and Remy, Mark and Sofia combine to drive Swarm back whilst Marie-Ange shields everyone else; Wanda is taken to a local hospital. Forge mentions having issues getting Jean-Phillipe on the journals due to his powers.

Dec 5 - Rahne posts an amusing cartoon about eating liver, much to Jay's disgust. Operation: Melittology: Amanda lets the rest of the team know Wanda's condition, and that they'll be breaking out of the hospital that night; Sofia offers remedies for bee stings. Jay and Kevin let things get a little too hot and heavy, and Kevin has a panic attack. Scott's broken jaw is finally unwired. Jishin Da! Noriko takes Logan with her when she visits her family, and discovers he might be her great-grandfather when her great-grandmother recognises him; Laurie is propositioned by a Japanese man.

Dec 6 - Jishin Da!: Yvette learns a new origami shape; Jane is enthusiastic about the trip and she and Yvette visit a shrine together; Marius runs into Garrison and the two discuss the ethics of the X-Men and following Charles Xavier.

Dec 7 - Jishin Da! Laurie decides to drag Julio out sightseeing with herself and Noriko and emails accordingly; Julio runs into Kyle in the park; Angel and Jennie go for sushi and Angel gets a lesson in not being a spaz. Mark says hi to his new friend, a mutant by the name of Vic, as he buys breakfast at the cafe he works at.

Dec 8 - Jishin Da!: Angel runs into a still-sick Shiro; as Laurie and Nori collect Julio, he realises the city is about to be hit by a major earthquake and manages to use his powers to divert it, but not without stopping his heart; Noriko and Laurie resuscitate him; Marius mentions the tremors; Kyle mentions not being able to find Julio on the team comm and is told what happened; Kyle texts a hospital-bound Julio, who complains; Nate asks Lorna is there are any more details about Julio's exploits before he contacts Julio's father. Marie-Ange is confused about a WoW commercial. Angelo finds Forge going through Irene Adler's diaries and discovers a prophecy that could be about him; concerned, he asks to meet Marie-Ange. Jean-Phillipe introduces himself on the journals, to a mixed reception.

Dec 9 - Sofia's birthday, and Amanda leaves her a plant. Angelo and Marie-Ange meet, and she is unsuccessful in trying to reassure him about the death prophesied; Angelo goes out and gets extremely drunk. Jishin Da!: Kyle and Yvette have lunch and experiment with local food.

Dec 10 - Nathan takes Angelo's comms shift due to having to haul him home from Harry's the night before; Angelo is suitably hungover, and unresponsive when Amanda asks him what the drinking was about; after talking to Marie-Ange, Amanda is determined to disprove Irene's prophecy for Angelo; Marie-Ange emails Angelo's friends to appraise them on the situation from her perspective. At the mansion, Amanda's bad mood is relieved by a flight with Angel. Jishin Da!: The field trip comes home; Julio is disconcerted to find his father wants to visit to check on him. Laurie is random. Angelo and Monet chat and Monet finds herself interested in Elpis.

Dec 11 - Laurie is jetlagged. Amanda gets a message from Tante Mattie that she should know better than to use her powers thoughtlessly to uncover the truth about Angelo's 'death'; instead, Remy suggests she use her training to uncover potential culprits. V=IR: Forge meets Francisco Milan, another genius intent on winning the Tesla Club's Wardennclyffe prize and the two don't hit it off at all. Wanda gives Jennie her Christmas gift. Julio's father emails Nathan about wanting to come visit and the security issues involved. Lorna and Haller make sushi and prove they're both completely insane. Doug sends Forge an online comic link. Monet has a job interview with Nathan and is hired with Elpis.

Dec 12 - Sooraya posts a meme. Ororo discovers a CD missing, and finds Scott is holding certain personal items to ransom for his stolen rum balls; Remy mocks her for being an easy mark.

Dec 13 - Shiro's flu is finally better. Angel's father emails the staff about her surprise 16th birthday party at the fire station.

Dec 14 - V=IR: Forge discovers Milan wasn't lying about his coding device, despite the impossibility of it, and calls Doug in to help him check it out. Jean-Phillipe comes across Noriko and they utterly fail to communicate.

Dec 15 - Angel's sixteen birthday and the firefighters welcome her as an intern. Jay gets a lecture in eating properly from Lorna.

Dec 16 - V=IR: Forge and Doug examine Milan's machine and finds a) Milan is strangely absent, b) the machine doesn't work and c) that Milan has had access to coded documents written by Nikola Tesla.

Dec 17 - Monet and Jay catch up and Monet expresses her frustration with rehab. Yvette helps Nathan go over Serbian military records, looking for possible mutant teens being pressed into serving.

Dec 18 - V=IR: Doug cracks the code and he and Forge decide to chase up what Milan is up to, especially after discovering he has outstanding warrants in Italy; Doug and Forge announce their departure on a 'research trip'. Sooraya and Yvette talk about why they remain at the school.

Dec 19 - V=IR: In Vienna, Forge and Doug uncover another code from Tesla, leading them to Siberia.

Dec 20 - Forge emails Crystal to warn her that he may have had to name drop his position with the Attilan government, and to invite her to his family's New Year's celebration. Jane and Yvette go to the mall and have a run-in with bigots. Warumbe: Nathan and Ororo go to New York to meet with T'Challa and they foil an assassination attempt by William Moses, although not without taking a beating; T'Challa comes back to the mansion with them for safety. Dani is contemptuous of a group of Lakota Indians who are trying to create their own country.

Dec 21 - Jean announces that Farouk is unwell. Amanda asks about Christmas plans and Kurt invites people to the winter gathering of the clan; Kurt comes across Jane whilst walking Triscuit and invites her to come to his family gathering. Nathan lets the mansion inhabitants know they have a king in their midst; T'Challa comes by the Elpis offices and encounters Angelo and Juliette. Jane emails Yvette to invite her to make Christmas cookies before the trip to Germany. V=IR: Forge and Doug run into Milan and Cortez on the Trans-Siberian railway and have a confrontation that results in them having to cut their car loose to escape; making it to a village, they resort to horseback, much to Forge's disgust. Laurie is displeased at the loss of her leftovers. Yvette is moping about the mall, and Laurie comes to find her in the woods.

Dec 22 - Amanda and Laurie talk about the X-Men, and Laurie's issues with drinking. Angelo is gleeful about T'Challa meeting the Stepfords. V=IR: Forge and Doug arrive at the site of the Tunguska Event and realise it's just another part of the puzzle, leading them to Croatia. Wanda meets T'Challa and they discover they both attended Cambridge. Rahne gets a stuffed toy haggis from Reverend Craig. Laurie, staying overnight with her father, has a nightmare and tells him about being part of the X-Men.

Dec 23 - V=IR: Doug and Forge discover Tesla's machine in Croatia, but find Milan and Cortez have tracked them to the site; Forge activates the machine and it isn't a weapon - it's a storage device for Tesla's brainwave imprints, and the inventor is unhappy with Milan; a fight breaks out, and Forge is overwhelmed by Cortez and Milan's powers, almost dying of overload; Tesla expends his energy to revive Forge; Doug takes Forge back to Muir for treatment/observation and alerts the X-Men and X-Force as to what happened. Warumbe: T'Challa discovers agents within his own country were responsible for Moses' escape and returns to Wakanda.

Dec 24 -

Dec 25 - Christmas Day - Clarice, Laurie and Jennie all express their various Christmas wishes, with Clarice reminding Kyle he owes her a date.

Dec 26 -

Dec 27 - Forge returns and meets with Yvette and attempts to cheer her up by showing her a hologram of what she might look like without her mutation; it doesn't go well. Scott breaks into Kurt's room to drop off a Christmas gift, and discovers Kurt has been researching his father without telling anyone and consults Ororo. Jan offers cans of Whoop Ass to people as a Christmas gift.

Dec 28 - Kurt finds Yvette in the woods and talks to her about her powers and self-image. Alex returns from Christmas time away, to discover Shiro has become physically addicted to his powers; after an ugly scene, Alex leaves and goes to stay with Lorna after letting Scott and the rest of the school know he's leaving. Mr Pinstripe Suit: Wanda emails Kurt, back from Germany, and tells him they're going out dancing; afterwards, they're invited to join a local competition. Julio goes to confession and talks to the priest about San Diego for the first time. Amanda returns from her Christmas travels.

Dec 29 - Forge runs into Laurie in the kitchen and they talk about his fear of learning to fight, but the necessity of it after the events of V=IR. Alex and Lorna talk about what happened. Lorna asks for some therapeutically violent training. Tabitha is attacked by static in the library and Forge helps her out.

Dec 30 - Mr Pinstripe Suit: Wanda and Kurt go to the competition and meet with the organiser, Mr. Gregory Wilson; after the competition, the pair return to the brownstone, both exhausted; Remy finds Wanda collapsed and takes her for medical attention; Amanda is amused to find Kurt still passed out the next morning. Forge leaves for Texas and gets delayed. Nori and Kevin talk, but it doesn't go well; afterwards, Kevin finds Jay in the gym and gets comfort of the traditional boyfriend kind.

Dec 31 - Crystal e-mails birthday wishes to Medusa on her sister's new, legal date of birth.


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