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Checking on Kyle Gibney, Wade Wilson discovered that his mother’s memorial service had already been held, with no announcement from Kyle to anyone, an indication of his lack of coping. Clint Barton and Gabriel Cohuelo became an actual couple after a moment of confusion during Clint’s birthday celebration at Silver, and Sooraya Qadir was made a full X-Man.

Arthur Centino appeared to have died in a train crash in Tahoe City, but several days later called Cecilia Reyes, obviously confused and suffering some kind of memory issues. She raised the alarm and the X-Men went to retrieve him from Nevada, but they ran into more trouble than they expected with Spiral and some goons trying to capture their missing reality star and prompting a massive bad luck snap as his powers fully emerged. With Wanda Maximoff and Jennie Stavros intervening, Arthur was eventually brought to the mansion, where he received help with his memory – the result of too many memory wipes by his employers – and status as a mutant.

A series of mysterious shooting attacks on various individuals were eventually linked to Wade, but too late as he was overpowered and taken by Bullseye, a mercenary intent on cashing in on the bounty still on Wade’s head. Rogue and Carmilla Black were just in time to save Wade from losing his head – literally.

Namor Mazur returned post-Christmas from Attilan, his usual snarky self. Rogue, in an attempt to lighten the mood of recent months, orchestrated an elaborate Yeti prank on the school grounds, with mysterious giant footprints raising questions about big-footed mutant monsters and prompting Yeti hunts. And finally Adrienne Frost won “best Christmas present” by reintroducing Rogue to her skin-coating solution, allowing the Southerner to be able to touch people with more freedom than before.


Dec 1 -

Dec 2 - Lorna posts asking how many people there will be at the mansion this Christmas.

Dec 3 - Wade discovers the brilliant idea of eating tacos while using a tortilla as a plate. Wade texts Kyle to find out about the memorial for his mother, only to find out it had already happened. Clint invites Cecilia to Christmas dinner at his parents house.

Dec 4 - Sue posts a formula which when entered into google creates a revolving human heart. Gabriel meets Rogue at the boathouse and the two chat about art and adulthood.

Dec 5 - Impossible Odds: The news reports a train crash in Tahoe City which involved Arthur Centino; Both Gabriel and Ty comment on it eliciting mixed reactions from the mansion crowd; Wade asks Doug asking if Arthur is really dead. Scott announces that Sooraya has graduated to full X-Man. Angel posts wondering if she can find a Turpigducken, leading to several being located and cooked at the mansion.

Dec 6 - Adrienne posts reminding people that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Tuesday and inviting people to watch with her. Sue drags Clint to Silver for his birthday where he sees Gabriel dancing with another man, leading to an awkward conversation and the two becoming an actual couple. Cecilia leaves Clint a water bottle for his birthday. Gabriel txts Namor informing him that his debt is repaid. Sue texts Clint telling him she saw him with Gabriel at Silver and congratulating him.

Dec 7 - Clint posts that he’s in a relationship on Facebook. God is a Gun Marie-Ange and Doug are attacked while they’re at lunch; Amanda posts to inform X-Force that Doug and M-A were attacked; Amanda also sends an email to Charles, Scott and Jean letting them know about the attack on Doug and Marie-Ange; Wade takes Molly out to buy a comic but they are also attacked; Angel posts to x_team telling them what happened; Kurt and Scott head into the city to pick up Molly and Wade; Wade texts Marie-Ange asking her about Doug; Cecilia assures the medical staff Wade is ok, but asks someone to check on Molly; Clint texts Cecilia to ask her what’s going on; Jean texts Clint to find out where he is; Clint texts Clarice asking for a ride back to the mansion; Wade texts Doug to check in on him. Impossible Odds: Cecilia receives a phone call from the supposedly dead Arthur Centino. Cecilia texts Scott and Jean about the phonecall and asks someone to go to Nevada to pick up Arthur.

Dec. 8 - Impossible Odds: Spiral finds Arthur in Nevada; the X-Men arrive to help Arthur; the team faces a spiral of bad luck while trying to rescue Arthur; Wanda and Jennie do their best to restore reality and fix Arthur's power issue; Arthur is brought back to the mansion. God is a Gun: Jubilee and Kurt are attacked while out in the city; Tabitha posts to let everyone know about Jubilee's and Kurt's injuries; Amanda posts to the X-Force comm wondering what's going on and telling the others to take precautions. Tandy posts asking for a ride because she accidentally crashed into a fence. Cecilia texts Wade to find out about Arthur. Wade texts Marie-Ange asking who Mojo is.

Dec. 9 - Wade delivers an iPad to Arthur with an IM asking if he's alive. Arthur and Haller explore the gaps in Arthur's memories. Matt leaves Clint an iTunes gift card as a late birthday present. Clarice posts a picture of her decorated suite. Gabriel posts about how things have been crazy. God is a Gun: Molly discovers a hole in her hat and takes it the adults; Wade is taken out by Bullseye and kidnapped; Scott texts Marie-Ange saying he thinks Molly was the actual target, and finds out he's wrong; Marie-Ange goes to see Doug at the clinic, and they realize they've been making wrong assumptions; Bullseye gives Wade his version of a last supper before they get started, Rogue and Cammie interrupt the party just in time to keep Wade from losing his head. Literally.

Dec. 10 - Ty posts, jubilant about finishing his shopping and about how the almost-famous guy (Arthur) isn't actually dead. Rogue posts about an ugly bad guy in her head. Rogue texts Scott asking if he wants to shoot stuff with her. Angel brings Arthur food and welcomes him to Xavier's. Jubilee and Kurt get cute while convalescing from being shot.

Dec. 11 - Jubilee posts complaining about guns. Laurie emails Doug to find out if she can see him. Arthur posts introducing himself. Rogue emails Garrison and Adrienne to thank them for letting her stay in their suite - among other things. Matt posts happy about a no-class study day. Cecilia goes to see Arthur. Wade texts Gabriel asking him to take something to the Brownstone.

Dec. 12 - Matt goes to visit Arthur. Cecilia posts wondering why people can't spell her name. Molly visits Arthur in his new room.

Dec. 13 - Matt sends Arthur a balloon animal.

Dec. 14 - Jubilee posts asking for entertainment.

Dec. 15 - Arthur posts asking if there are other options for mansion-wear besides the classic “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” sweatshirts and sweatpants. Angel asks what is the best birthday present and answers with handing her final project and being done with school, and not being attacked by demons. Wade leaves Angel a box of Almond-Cherry Cupcakes and the keys to a rusted-out 1966 Jaguar E-Type. Angel texts Wade with her thanks.

Dec. 16 - Rogue leaves Arthur a care package of different types of clothing from his early posts about having the lack of clothing available. Arthur texts Rogue with his thanks of the amount of clothing she had gotten him.

Dec. 17 - Adrienne texts Rogue asking help to cure her boredom. Gabriel texts Clint asking him how many more days until Winter break.

Dec. 18 - Sue posts about seeing huge footsteps leading into the woods and asks if people forgot to mention if there is a mutant living here they forgot to tell her about. Logan posts asking which one of the residents is leaving behind the footprints out in the woods.

Dec. 19 - Wade also posts about the footprints and says that they might have a Yeti or finding a Bigfoot that he is going to call him Harvey. Gabriel says there is something in the woods as he also say the footprints and some broken branches. Jessica also makes a comment about the footprints in the woods and says she is going to stay inside. Rogue texts Molly saying she has a mission for her and would she like to accept it.

Dec. 20 - Molly texts Logan and asks if he would like to watch Frozen with her and Rogue and if she can have one of his cigars. Logan texts Rogue asking about a Logan Snowman. MA posts why no one told her about the Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards. Gabriel and Clint go ice skating. Cecilia leaves Arthur a gift outside his door.

Dec. 21 - Clint leaves four tickets to Interstellar on Billy’s pillow. Clint texts Gabriel asking if he is working tonight. Wades ponders if someone got the twelve days of Christmas backwards as they left eight bobble-headed table dancers, seven packs of redman, six cans of spam, five flannel shirts, four big mud tires, three shot gun shells, two plush hunting dogs, and some parts to a Mustang GT in his and Clarice’s common room.

Dec. 22 - Marie-Ange takes Arthur shopping for clothes. Wanda and Jennie hold an undergrad seminar on probability mechanics for Arthur.

Dec. 23 - Adrienne emails Rogue about how to end the Yeti prank. Amanda leaves a necklace for Meggan for her birthday. Cecilia texts Wade to tell him his Christmas present won’t arrive in time for Christmas and that she doesn’t know why. Laurie posts asking people what their Christmas plans are. Laurie emails Doug to ask if she should invite him to her mom’s for dinner. Rogue texts Jubilee asking for help with the Yeti endgame. Laurie emails Wade asking if he and Marie-Ange can come to her mom’s for Christmas dinner.

Dec. 24 - Jubilee posts mentioning that if a telepath put the song "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" in her head there will be repercussions. Wade texts North to tell him he’s kidnapping North for Christmas. Rachel texts Clint to ask if ‘the thingy’ is on tonight. Jean posts about Scott taking her to Italy for Christmas. Rogue posts asking people which power they would choose to have if they didn’t have their own.

Dec. 25 - Miles posts wishing everyone a merry Christmas. Logan leaves a matching set of emerald necklace and pair of earrings for Rogue. Logan leaves a set of jeweled handgun and knife for Wade. Rogue texts Logan about her Christmas present. Matt post about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Christmas. Wade texts Logan to tell him Logan is awesome. Clint texts Gabriel about heading out.

Dec. 26 -

Dec. 27 -

Dec. 28 -

Dec 29 -

Dec 30 - Gabriel asks Namor about his New Year’s Eve plans. Namor announces his return from Attilan and notes the mansion should have received a fruit basket for Christmas. Doug posts about the infamous Play-Doh dildo.

Dec 31 - Clint texts Gabriel about recording the ball drop for him. Adrienne discovers Rogue has no knowledge of Forge’s special skin coating solution and inadvertently gives her the best Christmas present ever.


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