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XProject Announcements and News: <br /></h2></td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td>
XProject Announcements and News: <br /></h2></td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td>
'''Finals:''' June 12-20.
'''Last Day of School:''' June 20.
'''New School Year Starts:''' September 5.
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<li>''An Eye For An Eye:'' A seemingly innocuous investigation into magical shenanigans brings [[Topaz]] face to face with [[Destine Clan | Adam Destine]] once more.</li>
<li>''[[Generation X: Demon Bear]]:'' Something is stalking the halls of [[Bayville Charter High|Bayville High]], and it's not the hall monitors.</li>
<li>''Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum:'' [[Illyana Rasputin]] has a teleporting accident that brings herself and several people to Limbo. What could possibly go wrong?</li>
<li>''Operation: Mad Men:'' A decades old case comes back to haunt [[Kevin Sydney]].</li>
<li>''Sins of the Father:'' What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and [[Topaz]] is unknowingly at the center of it all.</li>
[[Image: Sotf poster.png|200 px|center]]
<li>''793.8 : 025 : 110 : 393:'' A trip to find a cure for [[Doug Ramsey|Doug Ramsey's]] blood curse goes awry when the [[Ancient One]] asks for help.</li>
<li>''[[:Category: Excalibur|eXcalibur]]: Isle of Glass:'' A favour for an old friend of [[Clinton Barton]] becomes much more complicated when other dimensions get involved.</li>
<li>''Operation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:'' [[X-Force]] gets involved in another of [[Kevin Sydney|Kevin Sydney's]] old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.</li>

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Featured Article:

MoA BW.png
Moment of Awesome - Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Trapped in a haunted house on Halloween, Natasha's past comes back to kill her... and Garrison Kane decides she is responsible for the deaths of those he cares about.

"Assassins." Kane said quietly, almost to himself. "That's what happened. No way it happened in a straight up fight. Some would get out. But they sent assassins..." He trailed off, a chilling cold under his tone.

"Go. Assassins want a second crack, let the fuckers try." He all but snarled the final words.

Natasha was right. The lights lifted and illuminated all around them were the faces of her childhood. The young girls Natasha had grown up with and watched turn into women. The ones that had slowly been culled from the program one by one. They were dressed identically in black tactical suits. Their hair pulled back to reveal their innocent faces but their blank eyes were a memorial to what the program had wrought.

They were severely outnumbered and while Natasha knew her companions could fight, were they prepared for the onslaught that was about to happen? She swallowed and stepped forward to face them. "Let them leave. You're here for me."

She desperately tried to remember what she'd left in this suit. Just her luck that she'd come unprepared. She knew better, but living at the mansion had gotten her soft. She drew her knife and the other one strapped to the inside of her boots then charged at the nearest woman. She disappeared into a flurry of movement and glinting steel as the Widows converged on her.

"You're one of them." Kane snapped the arm of a specter that swung at him. "A lucky friend."

"I left this life behind a long time ago," Natasha called out as she ducked and wove, stabbing bodies and slitting the throats of friends and foes from a long time ago. The rhythm of attack was familiar that she slipped into that state of mind where the goal of the mission was all that was important and the mission this time was to survive and distract the Widows from the rest of the group that had come here with her. She'd been something, someone else, so many long years ago.

Kane reached out and blocked Natasha's strike, twisting her arm back painfully and sending her sprawling with a kick to the stomach. "You would have been there, unsuspected. They never guessed you were there to kill them."

Before Strange or Jean could react, they found themselves yanked off their feet and sent sprawling from the room into the hallway. Before they could react, the doors slammed shut, leaving Natasha and Kane alone and locked in combat.

Today in XProject:

July 11 - Molly Hayes' birthday

2003: Haroun undergoes cybernetic repairs and regains the ability to walk and fly.

2004: Domino and Manuel spar.

2005: Haroun and Nathan experiment with mid-air training. Betsy has a confrontation with Manuel in the garage. Moira discovers that the baby is telepathic when Rachel starts singing the Marseillaise at her and Nathan announces this to the school at large; Manuel reacts aggressively to the request for consideration. Nathan and Betsy meet outside and talk about the baby and Manuel. Nathan asks for the nursery to be psi-shielded. Amanda gets Manuel out of the mansion for a while. X-Men Mission: Ricochet: Madelyn, on behalf of the FBI, brings the team in to help with Ricochet.

2006: The Rictor Effect: Kurt and Marie discuss the latter's problems with Magneto getting away again, Scott meets the president. Bleeding: Marius takes off, leaving notes for Forge, Kyle and Jennie; Forge meets Julio in the infirmary and discovers that Marius has left, and on his mad dash to find him, runs into Jennie, who is understandably upset.

2007: Marius posts about the Danger Room being broken and having to do fitness training on the lawn.

2008: Marie-Ange is confused about people dressed as cows for a fast food promotion. Amanda meets Adrienne at Harry's for chat and relaxation, and later they are joined by Morgan. Third Strike: Kurt wakes up in hospital to find a cordial Magneto watching over him; Amanda alerts the X-Men and X-Force leaders that Kurt hasn't checked in as arranged. Jay reconsiders and gives Mark more of his music.

2009: Morgan encounters an armless Jake and talk about their respective powers leads to a plan to swap powers. Doreen wakes Julian early to show him Avatar: The Last Airbender. Adrienne visits Jean-Paul and finds herself relaxing for the first time since the Hellfire Club. Looking for Scott, Sarah meets Sam instead. Laurie and Kevin clear the air and start afresh. Johnny goes to apologise to Nathan. Jean-Paul meets Sarah and finds out how homesick she is. Jeanne-Marie returns; Nathan intercepts her to make sure she isn't going to upset Jean-Paul; the first meeting goes shakily but Jean-Paul manages to rally and try again. Pas de Trois: Julian confronts Esme Stepford and discovers she's more upset about the whole thing than he is. Those Who Are Dead: The mock exorcism turns dangerous as Steven du Clos manifests and tries to kill Adrienne; Adrienne finds her inner strength and banishes him forever; still on a buzz from her victory, Adrienne calls Garrison over and they talk honestly.

2010: Angelo posts about Spain's soccer World Cup win. Crystal e-mails Cammie and Kevin to explain why she gave them the news about their mutations.

2011: Jubilee posts about kidnapping Doug and taking him to the Bahamas. Molly makes an entry about her birthday and liking Ron Weasley. Angelo and Sarah V. go for a drive with Joyita and talk about the mansion invasion. Kyle, Sarah V., and Yvette go to visit the foxes in the nearby woods, and lessons are discussed to improve Sarah's sneakiness.

2012: Molly posts about the gifts her parents sent her for her birthday; Wade gives her a butterfly hat, a gift voucher to a millinery store and a basket of candy; Wade texts Maddie about the slip ‘n’ slide being ready for the party; Tabitha posts re her superhero costume being actually comfortable; Meggan gives Molly several different hats; Matt wishes Molly a happy birthday and an IOU for a gift when he isn’t grounded. Scott announces on x_team that Sooraya is benched for health reasons; Sooraya posts from the medlab letting people know she’s okay and will be there a few days. At Molly’s birthday celebration, Meggan and Tandy talk once Tandy has helped to fix a problem with Meggan’s costume. A hyperactive Molly posts her thanks for her party.

2013: Doug leaves a birthday gift outside Molly’s door for her. Matt gives Molly a birthday gift.

2014: Topaz leaves a gift for Molly at her door. Tandy leaves a birthday note for Molly advising she’ll bring her a gift back from Europe and that there’s ice cream in the freezer for her. Sharon leaves Molly two presents and a card for her birthday. Dori finds Molly’s comics in the trash and texts Fred and Doug to help her move it into storage. Matt leaves Molly two presents and a birthday card at her door. Wade leaves Molly a gift at her door, as well as new wheels in the garage for her birthday. Namor leaves a birthday gift for Molly along with a card and $500.00. Hope leaves a birthday gift and a note for Molly. Molly makes a sugar fueled journal entry thanking everyone for their awesome gifts.

2015: Clarice posts about Magic Mike. Arthur posts about dangerous selfies. Jungbrunnen: Wade alerts Marie-Ange and Doug that David North has gone missing; CCTV footage reveals he has been abducted by Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter; plans are made and Gabriel is recruited to help.

2016: Kitty posts about catching a squirtle. Tandy posts about flying to France. Darcy posts about finding an abra on her chest when she woke up. Topaz puts up a sign on the library door pointing out that the library is for books, not Pokemon catching. Quentin posts about how people's priorities are about Pokemon, and not civil justice. Sharon helps mend Nina’s sprained ankle. Later that day, Sharon and Garrison have a sparring session. Jean and Bobbi finally meet while they’re both out for a run.

2017: Laurie shares a music video of Laura Marling’s “Rambling Man”. Marie-Ange shares information on how to get random art sent via text. Clarice shares an article regarding teleportation. Molly lets everyone know she had a good birthday celebration.

2018: Marie-Ange apologizes for a loud visitor. Rogue and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's brush with death.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Kyle reports to xp_teams that a local fight club is offering “the power of a god” as the prize for a special round of fights on Saturday.

XProject Announcements and News:

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  • An Eye For An Eye: A seemingly innocuous investigation into magical shenanigans brings Topaz face to face with Adam Destine once more.
  • 793.8 : 025 : 110 : 393: A trip to find a cure for Doug Ramsey's blood curse goes awry when the Ancient One asks for help.
  • Operation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: X-Force gets involved in another of Kevin Sydney's old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.

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