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Moment of Awesome - Kevin Sydney/Changeling : An old jaded spy talks to a younger frustrated spy about the job and what it demands.

"Out late" she noted, something to say, rather than because she felt he needed to be informed of the time. "What would your mother say?"

"No idea. She died long before I started to drink." Kevin said blandly. "Although, in my experience, mothers usually tell me 'oh god', 'more more' and in one interesting night, 'my sister first'."

"You do that a lot, ya know," Jubilee said, wrinkling her nose slightly after taking a drink of her beer. Not her normal drink, but she hadn't wanted to go out and Kurt kept a supply in the suite fridge. "That whole bringing everything back to sex. Always wondered if that was just like, a tick of yours, or something operational?"

"You're a spy. You should know better. The simplest answer is that I like sex a lot and I'm too old to care what people think. Small talk, my dear, is for the young and optimistic. Cynical perversity is for the jaded, world weary alcoholic."

"Sit down and keep me company then, old man." Jubilee said with a laugh, pushing herself over to give him space. "Sometimes I like not being a spy when I'm here. I'm not sure it's a good idea to always think that way, even when you're home."

"This..." Kevin indicated around them. "Isn't home. You think you have the luxury of being about to not be a spy. I know better."

Jubilee took another drink and cracked her neck before her mouth twisted in what could only be described as the difference between a real smile, and what wanted to be a frown.

"It wasn't like this before, you know."

"What, the mansion or the job?"

"Both," Jubilee said, her tone almost a snap from her certainty. "That fucking event. It wasn't just that nobody can go a foot now without someone falling over themselves to condemn mutants. It's that we had more people, more time to think through everything. Maybe it was just that our bosses were workaholics who tended to deal with all the really difficult shit themselves. I'd whine more but it's not like he didn't give me the whole 'this is your life now, be certain' speech before I even started."

"Ah, the mysterious former heads of Snow Valley." Kevin shook his head. "M-Day changed the circumstances. In 1945, we dropped two bombs that changed the global socio-political landscape and redefined how nation states operated for the next half century. That was the deaths of a quarter of a million people. Almost ten million died as a result of M-Day, and they still don't have the slightest clue why it happened and whether or not it could happen again. You're going to be an old lady before you see that change. So that, Jubilation Lee, is why I drink constantly and talk about fucking a lot. Because I've become an old man living through this once, and staring at doing it again, sex and booze are far more attractive focuses."

Today in XProject:

December 15th - Angelica Jones' birthday

2003: Jono passes out whilst talking to a group of children in Mexico. It turns out to be due to Leech and Alison begins moves to bring him back to the school.

2004: Shattered: The Professor informs Nathan that what he did burned away the scar tissue in his mind, allowing a chance of healing; Alison wakes up completely healed, and Haroun is there to calm her down. Shiro and Alex meet outside so Shiro can show off and Alex can test a theory. Catseye accidentally pushes Forge down the stairs, then mortifies him by turning into a naked teenage girl.

2005: When Nathan and Rachel go to take a look at the fish in the pet store, Moira goes shopping by herself. Unfortunately, her luck is proving rotten enough for her to have an 'unexpected' family reunion with one of the last men she wanted to have it with - Gideon Faraday. After the verbal sparring and a warning from her, she goes to retrieve and get her family out of the mall as soon as possible. Nathan is attacked by a static-furred Catseye, along with half the mansion. Marius retaliates by launching a watergun battle. Jamie loses a pair of pyjama pants and mysteriously acquires a different pair. Haroun emails Alison to ask about their plans for the holiday. Jubilee moves out of the mansion into NYC. Forge panics on realizing he and Kyle both missed Jay's birthday and drags Kyle into planning something last-minute. Kyle then emails Jay to invite him to the choir recital.

2006: Living Pele: Red X members are requested to go to Hawaii to help with the evacuation; the X-Men agree to sit back until evacuation is complete, to avoid harming civilians or causing escalation; Lorna reacts badly to Garrison suggesting he use his position with the FBI to gain more information. Mark has a pest control problem and it's suggested he move into the brownstone. Laurie emails Charles and Haller about Yvette before she leaves for Hawaii.

2007: Angel's sixteenth birthday and the firefighters welcome her as an intern.

2008: Laurie comments on her unpleasant wake up call the day before. Jubilee treats people to the Hot Tamale Song. Mark emails Forge, Paige and Sam with mixes of Jay's music they were working on. Leo thanks the volunteers for their help at the clinic. Morgan comes across Nathan and Rachel, returning from the vet after the sudden death of Bella the parrot. A male Morgan and a drunken Jean-Paul return from dinner. Morgan runs across Bishop at the pool, and there is flirting before she invites him to crash on the suite couch for the night. Bishop and Manuel work out instead of playing chess and Manuel lets on he can read more about Bishop than the man realised.

2009: Amanda meets Amara for coffee and goes over as much of her findings about Nova Roma as Amara can stand to hear, which isn't much. Yvette wishes Angel a happy 18th birthday. Doug amuses himself with nerdy cardboard cut-outs. Jan reminds everyone of the Winter Ball coming up; Julian emails Angel to ask her to go to the ball with him. Tabitha announces her Christmas plan with an open call post; Amara asks Bishop to go with her. Nick talks to Catseye about why Christmas is upsetting him this year and they make their own plans.

2010: Upon dropping off a letter from Lil to Jean-Paul, Garrison winds up talking about the precarious state of the Flight program and Jean-Paul offers his help in discovering who killed the Alpha Flight team. Yvette asks about people's plans for the holiday.

2011: Yvette asks people to wish Angelica a happy birthday. Jean-Paul and Amanda catch up over Chinese. Jan announces National Cupcake Day, as well as other food-related 'days' coming up. Garrison offers an angry Vanessa advice on dealing with her trauma and she actually listens. Sooraya gives Angel a birthday gift.

2012: Laurie reflects on the possibility of living forever. Lorna texts Angel to wish her a happy birthday and to come get her gifts; Angel is gleeful about her two new pet ferrets; Sue gives Angel a voucher for a candy store. Clarice offers to buy lunch for someone helping her with her mall shopping trip. Tandy has a bad dream and Topaz discovers that when she uses someone’s emotions to fuel a spell, she drains that emotion. Maddie finds Clint contemplating his foster fathers' desire to adopt him, and gives him a dose of sensibility.

2013: Doug stumbles across Sue in the middle of a hallway and stops to help her with a problem with her robots. Yvette posts to wish Angel a happy birthday. Amanda contacts Billy and Topaz about having Doctor Strange for class. Operation: One Night In Madripoor: Marie-Ange contacts Wade about a mission in Madripoor; once in Madripoor, the team goes over the mission specs.

2014: Arthur posts about if there are other options for mansion-wear besides the classic “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” sweatshirts and sweatpants. Angel asks what is the best birthday present and answers with handing her final project and being done with school, and not being attacked by demons. Wade leaves Angel a box of Almond-Cherry Cupcakes and the keys to a rusted-out 1966 Jaguar E-Type. Angel texts Wade with her thanks.

2015: Jean-Paul texts Gabriel asking him to go to a BC ski resort after Christmas. Sooraya leaves Angel a gift for her birthday. Clint texts Matt to solicit Ferris Wheel advice. Angel makes a journal entry thanking Sooraya for her gift, detailing her date with Clint, and inviting people to cake, ice cream, and alcohol in the third floor rec room to celebrate her birthday.

2016: Marie-Ange, Namor and Kitty meetup to discuss Ancient Atlantis’ history.

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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Family Reunion: Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

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