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Moment of Awesome: Laurie Collins/Wallflower: Having narrowly avoided Laurie's post-mission survey, Kyle Gibney gives her the in-person version while investigating her prosthetic arm.

"Dude, how about I tell you that you did fine, that we all know you're kinda weirdly clinical when you're in doctor mode, and nobody's gonna be accusing you of being any more than the like, seventeen percent robot you already are." Kyle answered. "Also yo, see, this is what I mean. I'd rather have a doctor who is like, able to joke about my butt, not one sending me a survey that asked me to rate the quality of my medical care on a one to ten scale." He paused. "Also I want that bag of my teeth back. The tooth fairy owes me twenty bucks."

“Well, technically I’m a cyborg, as a robot does not have any biological parts.” Laurie grinned at him, knowing his likely reaction to her correction. “Also, I have already disposed of your biological contaminants, you will just have to pull that many teeth again if you truly want the tooth fairy to visit. Although given our luck with mythological creatures, I would not suggest pushing your luck.”

"Yeah, then the tooth fairy owes me fifty bucks and they're even more in the hole." Kyle pointed out. "Eh, tooth fairy shows up here, ima fight them for my money. That's my entire plan for fairy shit, punch it until I get money. Leprechauns, teeth fairies, dwarves." He snagged a chair with his foot and plopped down on it backwards. "So, scoop me on the on-a-boat portion of that shitshow of a visit to the briny depths, because I was sleeping off dental work when you guys did the recap. Anything cool happen?"

“Sharks can jump really high, or possibly Sharknados are an actual thing.” Laurie’s head dropped slightly to the side, almost like a puppy as she thought about the battle on the ship, or was it a boat? She’d have to look up what the difference was. She was almost positive it had something to do with number of sails, or possibly the size. “Also, I think I tazed an octopus…or possibly a giant squid. Also the guy with the shadow type powers. Ty? I can’t remember his name, he ate crabs that were crawling on me.”

"Ty? Yo, I'll have to invite him to the shit I ate a live crab club. He did good emergency work getting people over to the ship in a pinch, even if Ev said he was like, distracted." Kyle said, thoughtfully. "So you finally got the Taser put in the arm?" He poked at Laurie's prosthetic with a claw out, and tapped against it's shell. "Which one of our resident nerds did you bribe into designing you a finger Taser, and do you gotta do finger guns to make it work, because if you don't, I am gonna fire you." He did not in fact have authorization to do that. Exactly.

"I think it was Doug that did the bribing, although I suppose Hank might have been the one to work out the miniaturization. We appear to have many, many people these days who like to do things just to prove they can, although I am also one of those people if a little more organically focused." Laurie mused, pulling the arm off after pushing in several fail safe buttons that attached it to the rest of her arm. She passed it to Kyle so he could take a closer look at the mechanism. "I still need to get someone to work on the amount of power it draws, I had to switch to a gun at the end. As to Ty, he might make a good addition to our team. We need more distance fighters that can also pass for heavy close up hitters if need be."

"I have no idea how this works and you didn't answer the finger guns question." Kyle actually knew three whole things about Laurie's arm. How to remove it safely, how to charge it for her, and how to release the fingers so he could move them around. Which is why the arm was now giving Laurie a thumbs up. "Okay, so Ty. Because he ate a crab?"

“Yes Ty because he ate a crab.” Laurie rolled her eyes at the thumbs up gesture but picked up a tube of cream she kept at her desk as took a closer look at the socket on what was left of her arm. She tried to make sure she took extra special care of it in case of friction or sores. “He seemed to keep his cool under pressure and a new situation, which is not completely unwanted in what we will be doing. Also, he thought I was weird, which is almost a prerequisite for dealing with any of the scientists on this team. He and Darcy will get along just fine.”

Today in XProject:

October 19


2004: Nathan agrees to train Amanda in her TK spell. Scott takes Manuel on a driving lesson. Angelo gets his birthday tattoo. Madelyn and Alison accidentally break Haroun's brain with Synthsilk. Jubilee agrees to let Manuel use her to practice his empathy. Kurt emails Moira about further powers training for the teleportation.

2005: Jubilee visits Forge in his room and tries to cheer him up. Forge and Paige achieve some resolution, but his future at the school is in doubt as he decides to return home. Before Forge leaves, he and Jay make their peace.

2006: Angelo reassures Yvette about her impending trip home. Vitiation: Yvette encounters Marius in the kitchen and he is acting very strangely; she tells Jennie, who goes looking for him and when she encounters him, he attacks and feeds on her; Jennie drops a tree on Marius and is rescued at the last minute by Lorna, Cain and Kyle; Moira and Amelia discover Marius has been effected by Infectia's 'gift' to Hank; Charles brings Marius out of his pit of self-loathing. Terry and Laurie meet. Angel goes to the Snow Valley brownstone and meets Doug; he agrees to help her learn to speak Dari for Sooraya. Marie reacts badly to the situation with Logan and Angelo calms her down; Ororo explains to Kyle about Logan and Crystal. Scott announces the new self-defence teachers. Logan and Sarah spar.

2007: Forge helps Kevin with his glitter problem and gives him a key to the machine room for his art projects. Doug is randomly amused. Marius and Jennie train in the Danger Room. Jay is not happy about Eddie, the new 'roommate', and incurs the wrath of various people. Nathan decides to go to Muir Island Research Facility for the weekend as his week has been unfruitful.

2008: Betsy trains Julio in his powers-related 'sonar'. Here Comes Tomorrow: On the way home, the group encounters a landslide and helps clear it to provide access to a small mountain town. Crystal announces the birth of Medusa's son, born the previous day.

2009: Sneaking into Adrienne's office to play with the clothes, Wanda lets Adrienne read a necklace she was given by her grandmother. Kevin takes Yvette to the Waffle House and she informs him of her new trainee name, asking him if he's even remotely interested in joining the team. He declines, saying he has no interest and is busy enough. When their food is brought, Kevin asks for a new server because the other one is obviously reacting to Yvette's physical mutation. The new sever Craig comes and offers Yvette strawberries to accompany her chocolate chip waffles. Tabitha asks through her journal what the pros and cons are of buying a condo or a house as she's thinking of moving. Megan Gwynn makes her introduction post in her journal which covers a lot of her likes and dislikes, highlighting the fact she does not like to be called Meg. Nico Minoru arrives at the mansion in spectacular form, using her magic in attempt to send herself 'somewhere safe' and landing on Julian in the rec room, where Catseye and Dori are just arriving; Amanda's wards warn her of Nico's arrival so she gets Kurt to teleport her to the mansion so she can confront the girl, who is defended by Catseye and who is known by Julian and Dori from California. That night, Catseye visits Nico in her new room to try and convince the girl to stay at the mansion and to give its inhabitants a chance at proving she fits in with them. While practicing flying, Megan meets Yvette and they talk about accents, school and powers.

2010: Vanessa updates on x_factoragency about their findings in regards to Nick; Vanessa emails Kurt to find out if he wants them to keep looking, which he does.

2011: Wade invites Meggan, Matt, Korvus, Molly and Artie to the movies with himself and Marie Ange to take their minds off Parents' Weekend. Kyle sends blood samples to Moira MacTaggart to have his paternity and relationship to Wade tested. Yvette posts about Parents' Weekend and people's definitions of family. Amara sends muffins to the X-Factor offices. Jean-Phillipe gives Kyle fashion advice to help with job interviews.

2012: Wade texts Doug about the death of Larry Sloan. Dori posts about losing her squirrel. Kyle and Dori have a discussion about money while going to get post-coital waffles. Warren visits Jennifer Walters, his partner at the law firm, to explain his long absence.

2013: Kyle complains about the Tigers blowing it again. Adrienne gets excited about the upcoming Red Sox game.

2014: Clint texts Gabriel apologizing for taking his shirt after their night together. Clint and Tandy discuss "Bowler," and Clint voices his concerns.

2015: Alex interviews with Adrienne about a job with X-Factor. Lorna texts Alex asking how his interview went. Alison texts Tabitha to stop ignoring her or she is going to hide a speaker in the room that blasts Bieber music at 3am. Topaz and Maya meet for the first time and it goes well.

2016: Sharon posts an update on the First Aid courses she’s running. Laurie reflects on how easy it is to fall into a research hole while reading about the Salem Witch Trials.

2017: Sue leaves package for Darcy. Bobbi and Jean hang out at the local mall, and plans are made for a potential party.

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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Family Reunion: Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

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