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Moment of Awesome: Topaz: Topaz issues one final threat to her father, in the failed aftermath of trying to bring her mother back to life.

Topaz wasn't paying attention to what anyone was saying. She still hadn't taken her eyes off the spot where she had watched the zombie - her mother - burn, not even after Wanda had covered it.

It was Taboo's sobbing which finally pulled her out of her reverie, and she turned her head almost mechanically, fixing her gaze on him. She had been prepared to let Amanda kill him - it had even been part of the plan, before that of course had gone straight to hell. And there was part of her that was still screaming to let Amanda do whatever she wanted. He didn't deserve to live. This was all his fault. But...

Topaz shrugged Amanda's hand off her shoulder, finally turning and walking slowly to the huddled form on the ground. Adam had done a number on him. It might have been kinder to put him out of his misery. She knelt down, one knee resting on the blood soaked ground, the other coming to her chest. "You know what," she said, locking eyes with him and speaking just loud enough for everyone to hear. "No one's going to kill you. Not today. Because that's what you want, isn't it?" She looked over her shoulder at Wanda's jacket, knowing what was under it, then back at Taboo. "You'd rather be dead than live without her. And why should you get what you want? Why should you be allowed to have peace when the rest of us have to live with the consequences of what you did? Why should you get away so easily? You don't deserve that. You can wake up every morning and remember the pain you put your wife through, just because you were too selfish to let her go. You can close your eyes every night and listen to her screaming echo in your head for the rest of your life, however long or short that may be. I'll tell you what, though."

She paused, reaching into Taboo's jacket pocket and extracting his cell phone. Somehow, it had survived. She pressed a button to bring the lock screen to life, holding it up so Taboo could see the picture of Clea and Stephen. "If you ever go near these two again, you won't have to worry about Amanda Sefton, and you won't have to worry about Adam Destine, because I will kill you." A spark of magic ran through the phone, frying the electronic pieces; there was noticeable pop as smoke started curling out of it. "No one threatens my kids.

"So here's the deal. Next time - if you're stupid enough to make there be a next time - this stays between you and me. No Winding Way, no Destines, no blackmailing me with people from the mansion. Just you and me, Dad. And then you can see what I've learned. Or, you can be smart, and never try to contact me again. Your choice. But I'm ready to end this whenever you are."

She stood, dropping the phone and crushing it under her foot for good measure. She held Taboo's gaze for a moment longer as she searched his eyes, trying to find some sign of the man she had once happily called her father. Had any of it been real, she wondered. Had he ever really loved her? Had Alice?

Had anyone?

The distant sound of police sirens broke the heavy silence, and Topaz turned away from Taboo at last, making her way back to Amanda, Wanda, and Billy.

Time to go home.

Today in XProject:

June 24 - Alison Blaire's birthday





2007: Sound of Silence: Yvette goes to say goodbye to Crystal, and finds her rather unfriendly. Jan leaves for a pre-arranged trip with her old school friends.

2008: Callisto meets Wanda and they bond at Harry's. Angelo arrives in Beaumont-les-Bains and Amanda makes a decision; Amanda posts to let people know she's much better. Nathan returns from Tel Aviv and Ororo collects him from Harry's. Zanne introduces herself on the journals.

2009: Unable to sleep, Dani goes to Jay's room and their shared nightmares. Mnemovore: Shiro emails Amanda to see if her researches have turned up anything; Nathan wanders the Ukraine, still confused as to where and when he is; Jean-Paul struggles to resist the reprogramming; Scott talks to Johnny about the situation.

2010: Crystal makes a post about the Street Fair happening at District X over the weekend.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Amanda posts about X-Force heading to London for a few days; Amanda, Marie-Ange and Cammie arrive in London to set a trap; Ororo and Jubilee head to Munich and Wanda and Doug receive a surprising tip. Callie posts about the legalization of gay marriage in New York.

2012: Jubilee goes to see Kurt, and to find out whether he really understands what being with someone who does the job she does means. Wade posts about there being a repeat of Taco Tuesday this Sunday. Maddie texts Layla and Sarah V. about going to Gay Pride and gets in a discussion with Layla. Adrienne leaves a T-shirt on Tandy’s door. Tandy texts, asking Adrienne if she left the T-shirt there. Wade compliments Lorna on a repeat of the tacocopter spectacle. Scott manages to get Jean to take a break from medlab.

2013: Yvette and Sooraya have a break and indulge in some girl talk.

2014: Lorna texts Angel and Haller about getting them tickets to Aladdin on Broadway in July and makes it clear they aren’t allowed to refuse.

2015: Domino and Kurt meet for the first time, where Kurt is friendly and furry while Dom is awkward. Alison makes a journal entry about being in a good mood today. Gabriel e-mails the prom chaperones with some concerns.

2016: Nica makes a journal post about it being Alison’s birthday. Angelo, Sooraya and Angel have lunch after Sooraya's naturalization ceremony.

2017: Pre-Pride, Quentin and Gabriel catch up and talk about Gabe’s employment prospects. Clarice expands the end of summer pool party into a mansion-wide celebration; Warren arrives in his speedo and Clarice is disapproving - for about 5 minutes; Tabitha emails Alison to come down and join in the fun; Rogue texts Wanda about Warren’s exhibitionism and Wanda decides to join the party; Warren posts a photo from the party; Maya decides it was a good day and tells Rahne not to worry about Xavin freaking her out on purpose.

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Spring Break: March 30-April 6.

Last Day of School: June 26.

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