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Following their adventures under the sea, Jean Grey frees herself from the squid that was controlling her, with a little empathic and magical assistance.

Jean felt torn, rather literally. The human side of her wanted this damn thing off, while the creature buried deep inside knew something was amiss and started to fight back, ramming itself at the vestiges of her mental walls. Jean tried to find her focus, and help Topaz as much she could, lending her own emotions to help bury the influence down. She was reminded of a scene in the Alien series where they managed to jettison the Alien off into space.

For a moment, she thought of how easy it would be to let go, let the creature take back over, and kill them all..or at least, that was what she wanted the squid to think. Just when she had the squid's defenses lowered and ready to take back over....she hit the airlock doors, hammering it with a telepathic blast that stunned it.

It was now or never. Amanda pulled in as much power as she could from the city, tamping down the more frivolous urges it was giving her, and wove it into the spell. "Hold still," she told Jean as she approached the woman, hands glowing blue-white with magic. "This might pinch a little." And with that, she lay her hands on the squid.

Two weeks ago if you told Jean she was going to be in this situation she...probably would've believed you. Still, with all the weird/horrible things that had happened, this was pretty damn high up there. Did that help? Hell fucking no.

The brightness of Amanda's hands made Jean flinch and she was forced to close her eyes. As the magic flowed, she could feel something start to turn, like a key twisting in a lock. The squid's hold quickly loosened.

Of course, the break in the spell made the squid react in kind, and it started to squirm, it's tendrils lashing out violently and wrap itself around her neck, anything to stay right where it was. Jean began to choke, reaching up to grab the squid. She could feel it's cold, slick rubbery skin as she grabbed onto it.

The emotions coming from the creature came to a fever pitch...anger, desperation, even....fear, and Jean almost felt a faint swell of pity--almost. The main tendrils were longer than the smaller ones, and it took a few tries, but she was finally able to yank them all the way out, tossing the squid away, where it slammed against the side of the boat, then wriggled around looking for somewhere to go.

But Jean was more preoccupied with trying to breathe as she took in massive gulps of air in between coughing.

Today in XProject:

April 23

2004: Nathan takes Monet to task for her behaviour towards Manuel. Angelo finally visits Amanda and she assures him Manuel won't know his part in what happened with Rack.

2005: Remy finally gets a physical from Jean. Amanda tells Alex what she had to do to Selene last November. Hank and Dani discuss him adopting the baby. Madelyn reveals to Nate that Mistra had a copy of his birth certificate. Remy kidnaps Amanda to go clubbing.

2006: Mutant Fight Club: Kyle attends a ring fight and gets invited back as a participant. Not So Plain Jane: Illyana meets Jane.

2007: Nathan and Kurt watch Istvan Barath being voted Prime Minister on television; Budapest erupts into an enormous street party and Nathan and the group are caught up in celebrations; Blackagar Boltagon appears in Budapest by surprise and proposes to Medusa. Lorna forgets her paper and texts Marie and Haller to break into her room and retrieve it. Marius and Monet each find half of the knife Monet broke whilst drunk on their pillows and are suitably perturbed. Marie-Ange airs her concerns about Illyana to Remy.

2008: Crystal emails Scott, Ororo and Charles to let them know she will not be teaching in the new school year, instead remaining on Attilan.

2009: Nathan seeks out Ororo to ask her to put him back in training rotation - they talk about why he wants to get back to it, and agree he isn't quite broken down and busted yet. Scott notes his trip to a surgeon to get physio-therapy on his knee, there is much ribbing in the comments. Garrison and Inez talk about her reaction to what Jean-Paul did, and Garrison tries to explain the choices that Jean-Paul faced, and the price of those choices. Callie visits Doreen, who is having some trouble with geometry and offers to help, as well as giving Monkey Joe a welcome surprise. Lil makes a somewhat obscure remark on her journal, and her friends respond.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: The train starts moving but trouble begins when a group of mutants attack the train as it reaches close to the India-Pakistani border; John and Jean-Paul attempt to stop efforts to derail the train; Callisto and Yvette face the first invaders on the train, and Yvette nearly gets bested by Mini!Warstar before Kevin steps in; Kevin and Cammie rescues Farouk from a Templar ambush and together they fight off Pulsar; Angelo and Jean-Phillipe attempt to stop the attacks and impending riot on the train and come face to face with Neutron and Magique; Callisto faces the larger half of Warstar, who is trying to destory the engine.

2011: John emails Angelo and Amara, revealing that he'll soon be an uncle. Angelo posts to the journals about how John is becoming an uncle right now. Wade recruits Klara as his minion number three, she promises to make him banana nut bread. Wade leaves Meggan a basket of Easter eggs and texts Warren offering him some banana nut bread, only to discover that Warren is in Rome. Kyle posts about the wonders of his college-mandated yoga class.


2013: Sue texts Hope and Tandy about planning Maddie’s belated birthday party. Garrison and Walters get lunch together and talk about the mansion and its mission. Matt and Kurt train on the trapeze and discuss other circus-type tricks.

2014: Marie-Ange warns Wade that taco yogurt isn’t a good idea while Billy offers to make it happen.

2015: Sue introduces herself on the journals. Laurie posts saying she is feeling creative but doesn’t know what to unleash her energies on. Hope emails Ty a link to an article about men’s suits. Rogue texts Adrienne, Angel, and Jessica pictures of Sesame Street characters as beefcakes. Rogue posts about a Say Yes To The Dress marathon and her confusion over lavish weddings.

2016: Cecilia emails Sharon about her having acted well in the situation with Julian. Jean-Paul texts Gabriel about going somewhere warm. Darcy posts about strange creatures with tentacles.

2017: Laurie posts a link about dog names. Tabitha wants the world to stop hurting people. Maya mentions that she is involved in discussions about the assault in NYC in the Bayville chat room and invites others to join her. Alex texts Jean to ask about the assault victims and then posts asking for donations to provide for their healthcare.

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Spring Break: March 30-April 6.

Last Day of School: June 26.

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  • Tales of Magik: Illyana Rasputin has a teleporting accident that brings herself and several people to Limbo. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls: A distress call from Corsair sends a rescue group from the mansion on an adventure under the sea.

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  • Gen X - Demon Bear: Something is stalking the halls of Bayview High, and it's not the hall monitors.

  • Operation: Mad Men: A decades old case comes back to haunt Kevin Sydney.

  • Sins of the Father: What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and Topaz is unknowingly at the center of it all.
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