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Moment of Awesome - Callisto: Meeting with Barbara Morse for an intel exchange, Callisto becomes a victim of Adam Destine's curse.

"Well, I got some more intel on those kids," Callisto replied around a mouthful of hotdog. She reached into an inside pocket and pulled out a couple of pieces of paper, folded into quarters and a little rumpled but marked with her weirdly neat handwriting. "I think we were wrong before. I don't think there is a pattern. One turned back up, safe. The others... there's nothing connecting them. Sucks that there'd be that many unconnected missing cases but..." She trailed off with a shrug.

Bobby examined the papers as Callisto spoke, flipping through them as she listened. "Huh, yeah, it seems that way, doesn't it?" Callisto was right, it was unusual to see so many unconnected events but that just might have been the case. "So, what do we do now?" she asked, more rhetorically than anything.

A shrug. "Beats me. I'll follow up the leads I've got - can you check the records for the one who's gone into the sys-..."

Callisto had stopped talking, her brow furrowing. Her one eye blinked a few times in... irritation? Confusion? She put her hotdog aside - with what seemed like a truly incongruous level of calm given her next action was to cough up a mouthful of blood onto the piece of paper in front of her.

The coughing got Bobbi's attention, thinking it was ketchup at first but then realizing what it really was. "Oh shit, are you ok?" Stupid question but it was her first instinct, and she moved to give assistance should Callisto need any.

She shook her head, lifted a hand up as though to reassure Bobbi that everything was fine even though it patently wasn't. There was a gurgling from her throat as she sucked in air, and when she exhaled it came with more blood. She pushed to her feet, knocking the long, heavy picnic table bench over backwards and then staggering back over it, clutching at her gut, her chest.

Bobbi had never seen Callisto panic before.

The only thing she knew to do was to bring her back to the mansion. She wasn't sure what was going on with Callisto but something told Bobbi she'd be much better off bringing her there than to a hospital, and the mansion was probably just as close if not closer. As Bobbi put an arm around her and tried to steady her fellow mutant, she just hoped she had enough time.

Today in XProject:

April 26

2004: Amanda goes to see Manuel but he refuses to believe she's really her. Nathan gets permission to help Manuel with the link, and does, at some cost to himself. Moira is inadvertently dragged into Nathan's dreamscape, and a memory of his wife and son's deaths.

2005: Nathan and Alex discuss the 'poltergeist' and Shiro joining the X-Men. Haroun trains hand-to-hand with Alison.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Jay encounters Jane and finds out she is with the Hellfire Club; Scott goes into the city to find Jane, and ends up meeting with Sebastian Shaw; back at the mansion, a plan to bring Jean home is formed.

2007: Kyle talks to Forge about his issues with being seen as frightening, and Forge manages to be slightly comforting and very honest. Tabitha's unusual library help continues, and she inadvertently incurs the ire of several people by asking how to thank 'it'. Turf War: Amanda and Angelo return to the gang, prepared to get Alejandra out during the police raid, but discover their cover is blown; a full-on gang war erupts when Miguel and his boys assist; the LAPD and the X-Men manage to calm things down, whilst Angelo faces his past in a rather literal way and eventually convinces Miguel and Alejandra to return to New York where she can get help. Crystal asks Monet's help for a prank involving Forge's car. Terry asks for a test audience for a new song. Jennie and Crystal bond over coffee.

2008: Tabitha invites Jane to go running with her. Kevin reminds everyone of the Met trip on Sunday. Kurt stops by to visit Wanda and he spooks her a bit.

2009: Yvette returns from the West Coast Annex. The Mummies' Return: Monet suggests a trip to Egypt for herself and Kurt, inviting Laurie and Crystal to join them.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: Lilandra is announced as India's new leader, the military use of mutants is disavowed, and India is voted into the UN Security Council, part of the deal to bring India to peace; Remy tells the Snow Valley staff they have until Wednesday off work; Amanda is still high from New Delhi, much to the amusement of the journals; Laura complains about her broken shoulder and gets no sympathy from Jean-Paul, causing Kevin to remove his laptop; Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about having a human pillow in the form of Kevin; Laurie asks Hank about doing the rounds of those injured who have been allowed to return to their rooms. Kevin emails Laura and explains about him and Jean-Paul. Jean-Phillipe complains about Laurie's insistence on feeding him. Laurie also feeds Vanessa and they talk about the dangers of Vanessa's lifestyle.

2011: Jubilee grumbles about the morning and the sun, and later emails Wanda about being sick of Marie-Ange's attitude towards her. Vanessa texts Doug about Jubilee and Marie-Ange bickering, while he's busy trying to ignore it. Vanessa posts to X-Factor about getting a job working security detail for a strip club. Kevin drops by to keep Wade company after his treatment, and they discuss movies and Marie-Ange, amongst other things. Matt emails Wade to thank him for the book he gave him.

2012: Kyle and Angelo meet early in the morning and discuss being responsible adults. Sooraya posts on the x-team asking for a trainee name. Amanda posts congratulations to Meggan on getting into Empire State University. Wade leaves Meggan a t-shirt and a giftcard to downtown bakery.

2013: Sarah V posts this. Billy texts Maddie about asking the boy he has been crushing on out and ask how LA is. Clint texts Billy about not texting him and if he is acting weird again. Frank visits Sue, finds Maddie and in the course of things finds about the girls’ relationship.

2014: Jean and Angelo have a DR session involving a kidnapped boy in Madripoor. The session is completed but not without some problems.

2015: Rachel finds Clint to ask him a question about the flight-worthiness of a Hughes F-4 Hercules on long distances and Clint makes her eat and rest from overwork. Case File: The Sting: Bobbi lets X-Factor know that the suspects they brought into custody died while in custody. Cecilia posts asking for help to get her out of watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with mimosas in bed.


2017: Bobbi and Warren have a morning talk about future plans and present statuses.

2018: Amanda wonders what Clea is doing at X-Force, Clea proceeds to point out that XF really needs her to function and not die of eating fast food and a man abusing their elevator. Miles invites Bobby to a party at his dorm. Tandy lets people know that the District X food bank will be opening on Monday and letting people she’ll be hosting a thank you party.

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Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • Sins of the Father: What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and Topaz is unknowingly at the center of it all.

  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

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